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June 20, 2012

Atomic Books Comics Preview - June 20th, 2012

In the weekly Atomic Books Comics Preview, Benn Ray highlights notable new comics and graphic novels.

Benn Ray is the owner of Atomic Books, an independent bookstore in Baltimore. The Mobtown Shank is his blog, and his comic Said What? is syndicated weekly in the Baltimore Sun's B-Paper.

Atomic Books has been named one of Bizarre Magazine's 51 geekiest places on the planet, as well as one of Flavorwire's 10 greatest comic and graphic novel stores in America.

Angel And Faith Volume 1: Live Through This
by Christos Gage / Rebekah Isaacs / Phil Noto

If you can't get enough of Joss Whedon's Buffyverse, this book collects the first 5 issues of the ongoing Buffy spin-off, Angel & Faith.

Challengers Of The Unknown Omnibus
by Jack Kirby / Dave Wood / various

Jack Kirby created this cult favorite in the 1950s. If you're looking for death-defying adventures, told in that classic Kirby style, it's time to venture into the Unknown.

First Wave
by Brian Azzarello / Rags Morales

Superhero continuity can be messy business. Whole universeses, hell, whole MULTI-verses have been destroyed to try to make timelines make sense. Here, DC resurrects some legendary adventurers/vigilantes - The Spirit and Doc Savage, with an assist by Batman, to introduce them to new readers.

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Volume 1: War Monsters
by Jeff Lemire / Dan DiDio / Alberto Ponticelli

Another interesting result of DC Comics' New 52 is Jeff Lemire's Frankenstein. When I was a kid, I loved the Creature Commandos - an elite military unit enlisted to fight for the US. Because when you're killing Nazis, why not have a vampire and a werewolf? Here, Lemire brings the team back and gives the thing a fresh Hellboy/BPRD-type vibe.

Lost Dogs
by Jeff Lemire

And speaking of Lemire, his first work, Lost Dogs, has been out of print for years. Until now. Top Shelf has brought the book back into print and it's a remarkable showing of the creator of Sweet Tooth and Essex County's early talents.

New York Mon Amour
by Jacques Tardi

Collecting Tardi's RAW Magazine story, introducing him to an American audience, along with several other, New York-related tales. (Comics tip - RAW Magazine pedigree is almost always a flawless indicator of quality.)

Trinity: A Graphic History of the First Atomic Bomb
by Michael Gallagher / Jonathan Fetter-Vorm

Trinity is a graphic historical (my preferred phrase for "Graphic History") which tells the story the development of the atomic bomb. This is the rare non-fiction comic that is as well-researched as it is drawn.

Questions, concerns, comments or gripes – e-mail If there’s a comic I should know about, send it my way at Atomic, c/o Atomic Books 3620 Falls Rd., Baltimore, MD 21211.

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