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October 27, 2012

Shorties (Junot Diaz and Michael Chabon Talk Writing, A Musician Gives His Music Away for One Day, and more)

Junot Diaz and Michael Chabon discuss writing with the National Post.

"We seem to think that things are changing because the people with privilege dabble across the board," says Diaz, growing more animated. "I've noticed that genre fiction writers are more isolated than they've ever been. I think that they're less likely to win any prizes. Listen, we'll talk about Justin Cronin all day, and I could trot out 12 other novelists who’ve been writing zombie novels, but because they're genre writers, they're not going to get a f–king profile in The New York Times.

"We're willing to talk about how one side is benefitting, how one side is taking these experiments, but this other side has been doing this for so long, and nobody wants to give them any love," he continues. "I'm sorry, I don’t give a f–k what the f–k my side of the equation is doing. … It doesn't stop us from getting MacArthurs. I want somebody who's writing the Fantastic Four to get a MacArthur, get a Guggenheim."

At Hypebot, one musician shares his experience of making his music free for one day.

"Now you're probably wondering about how this panned out in terms of money. I was anticipating a drop in revenue, because that's usually what you expect when you start giving things away for free. But what happened was that in a single day I made more than 2x what I normally do on music sales in an ENTIRE MONTH. Yes, you read that right. More in a day than in two months of regular sales."

All Things Considered interviews Emma Donoghue about her new short story collection, Astray.

On where she found inspiration for the stories in Astray

"I just keep an eye out for these things. I read social history. I, you know, in art galleries, I read the little captions underneath the paintings. I listen to the radio and just keep my ears open. I think the only difference between me and other people is that when I hear of an interesting historical incident, I immediately write it down and Google it. I'm just a very persistent researcher and I find things all the time. I would say the 14 stories in Astray come from about more like 40 different incidents that I came across."

BBC News gets fans and musicians' responses to the high prices of Rolling Stones concert tickets.

The Millions recommends scary books for young readers.

Sea Wolf visits The Current studio for an interview and live performance.

The A.V. Club interviews author Daniel Handler, who also shares a crime film soundtrack.

At Drowned in Sound, Interpol frontman Paul Banks discusses his new solo album, Banks, track-by-track.

The Huffington Post interviews poet Philip Levine about his reading habits.

Frank Chimero examines the different ways we deal with streaming and purchased music.

Nightmare Magazine interviews author Peter Straub. (via)

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