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November 19, 2012

2012 Year-End Online Music Lists (M - Z)

As "best of 2012" year-end music lists appear online I will aggregate them in this post as I have in past years, updating the list daily.

If you post or see an online 2012 music list on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the lists for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, 2000-2009 (best of the decade lists), 2010, and 2011.


M-A Bear News (best albums)
M-EDIA (top albums, EPs, and songs)
The Mad Archivists' Club (best albums)
The Mad Mackerel (favourite albums)
The Mad Mackerel (favorite songs)
Madd Loves Media (favorite songs)
Magnet (best albums)
Magnet (best electronic albums)
Magnet (best hard rock albums)
Magnet (best hip hop albums)
Magnet (best indie/roots albums)
Magnet (best jazz/improv albums)
Magnet (best metal albums)
Magnet (best noise albums)
Magnet (best punk/hardcore albums)
Magnet (best reissues)
Magnet (best singer-songwriter albums)
Magnet (best world music albums)
The Mahmoud Nama (top albums)
The Maine Campus (top albums)
The Maine Campus (best songs)
MalloryMakesThings (favorite albums)
Manik Music (best albums)
Mapped By What Surrounded Them (favorite albums)
Marx the Spot (best albums)
Mascara Snake (top albums)
Mashable (top songs)
Matt Perrault (top albums)
Matt Tauber (favorite albums)
The Max (best albums)
Max Jones (best songs)
Max's Reviews and Thoughts (best rap albums)
MCKBook (top albums)
mcked001 (best albums)
me, and all my life (favorite albums)
Meadowlake Street (top albums)
Mechanic Street House Concerts (favorite albums)
mediaeater (best albums)
mediaeater (top EPs)
Mediapocalypse (albums)
Men of the Round (top albums)
Meowfie (top songs)
Mermaids Under the Wharf - Joshua (favorite albums)
Mermaids Under the Wharf - Marc (top albums)
Merritt Herald (albums)
Metacritic (best reviewed albums)
Metal Bastard (best albums)
Metal Injection (best albums)
A Metal State of Mind (top albums)
Metal Sucks (metal album lists)
Metal Sucks (metal musicians' best metal albums)
Metro Weekly (best albums)
Metrojolt (top dance songs)
Metrojolt (top hip-hop producers)
Metrojolt (top hip-hop tracks)
Metrojolt (top samples)
Mezzic (top albums)
MG (top albums and tracks)
MiB Reviews (best songs)
Michael Abayomi (favorite songs)
Michelle's Hobby Bloggy (favorite albums)
The Michigan Daily (best albums)
The Middle Eight (top songs)
Midlife Crisis Crossover (best albums)
The Misanthrope's Music Guide (best songs)
Misfit Minded (top albums)
Mishka Bloglin (favorite dark and otherworldly albums)
Miss V's Voice (best songs)
Missoulian (albums)
Mixmag (best albums)
Mixmag (best songs)
Mixtape Marathon (favorite albums)
Mixtape Marathon (top songs)
Mixtapes for Hookers (best songs)
The Modern Life (best albums/mixtapes)
Modest Mao(s) (top albums)
MOJO (best albums)
Montreal Gazette (favourite albums)
The Mood of Music (top albums)
Morning Star (albums)
The Mostess (top songs)
Mostly Junk Food (top songs)
Mother Jones (best albums)
Mouth for War (favorite albums)
Movie Murmurs (top albums)
mp3 hugger (top songs)
MPC (favorite albums)
Mr. Brame's Blog (best albums)
Mr. Douglas Anderson (albums)
Msongo's Blogspot (top songs)
MTT (top albums)
MTV (best albums)
MTV (best songs)
MTV Hive (best indie-soul albums)
MTV Hive (best music memes)
MuchMusic (top albums)
Muruch (top albums)
Muse of Odin (top albums)
The Music and the Art (favorite albums)
Music and the Queen City (best albums)
Music Box (best albums)
Music City Post (favourite albums)
Music Collision 2.0 (top albums)
Music Emissions (top albums)
Music Fans Mic (songs)
Music, Film, Poetics (favorite albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (best songs)
The Music Hideout (favorite albums)
Music Insanity! (albums)
Music Is My Oxygen (indie albums)
Music Liberation (top albums)
Music Makes the World Go Round (best songs)
Music Maniac (best rap albums)
Music Mix (best and worst in country music)
Music Mix (best comedy albums)
Music Mix (best songs)
Music Mix (best songs)
Music Mix (lyrics)
Music News Nashville (albums)
The Music Rag (best albums)
Music, Rants, and Ramblings (favorite songs and albums)
Music Ruined My Life (best albums)
Music Savage (top albums)
Music Savage (favorite albums)
Music Savage (top albums)
Music Soulmate (best albums)
Music That Isn't Bad (favorite EPs)
Music That Isn't Bad (best hip-hop albums)
Music That Isn't Bad (best Minnesota albums)
Music That Isn't Bad (best video game songs)
Music To Die For (top songs by UK artists)
Music Under Fire (best albums)
Music Under Fire (best songs)
The Music's Over (top albums)
Musical Chairs Is a Contact Sport (top albums)
Musical Musings (top albums)
Musically Promiscuous (top albums)
MusicNerdClub (best albums)'
musicscramble (top albums)
Muso's Guide (top albums)
Muso's Guide (top songs)
mutt R. (albums)
MuuMuse (top albums)
MuuMuse (top singles)
My Blog (best albums)
My Blog Cliche (albums)
My Ears Are on Fire (favorite albums and songs)
My Effin Life (top albums)
My Kind of Country (top albums)
My Kind of Country (top songs)
My Kind of Country (worst country songs)
My Life in One Place (best albums)
My Musical Perspective (top albums)
My Poproks (best albums)
My Poproks (best songs)
My Social List (albums)
My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull (albums)
My World (top albums)
mylifeasfran (best albums)
Mynabirds (top albums)

Nashville Scene (best Nashville albums)
A Nasty Surprise (best albums)
A Nasty Surprise (top cover songs)
A Nasty Surprise (top music videos)
National Post (favourite albums)
The Needle Drop (top music videos)
Needs More Noise Gate (top albums)
NELIPOTT (top albums)
Neon Limelight (favorite albums)
The Nerdy Girlie (best albums)
Nerdy Pop (best albums)
Nerdy Pop (best songs)
The Nervous Breakdown (albums and music)
Never Mind, I'm the Bollocks (top albums)
Never Nervous (best albums)
New Age Music World (best new age music albums)
A New Band a Day (best new bands)
New Music Collaborative (albums for mom)
New on My Playlist (favorite songs)
New York Magazine (top albums)
New York Times (boxed sets)
New York Times (classical albums, DVDs, and books)
New York Times (holiday albums)
New York Times (music books)
New York Times - Ben Ratliff (top albums)
New York Times - Jon Caramanica (top albums)
New York Times - Jon Pareles (top albums)
New York Times - Nate Chinen (top albums)
New Yorker (notable classical albums)
New Zealand Herald (best albums)
Newark Star-Ledger (best albums)
Newsday (best indie albums)
Nialler9 (albums)
Nialler9 (best new artists)
Nialler9 (best remixes)
Nialler9 (top songs)
Nibbishment (top albums)
Nicholas Coombs (top songs)
The Nicsperiment (top albums)
Night of the Living Trev (favorite albums)
Night Owl (top albums)
Nightbang (favorite songs)
Nina Nina Music Eater (songs) (favorite albums)
Nine Bullets - Charles Hale (best albums)
njfix6's Blog (top rap songs)
NME (best albums)
NME (musical artists' favorite albums)
NMN (albums)
NO-CORE blog (best albums)
No Exchange (best albums)
No More Blood from a Clone (top albums)
No One Serves Coffee, No One Wakes Up (favorite albums)
No Ripcord (top songs)
Noisecreep (best progressive albums)
Noisey (hip-hop albums) (favorite albums)
Noosa News (best pop and rock albums)
Norman Records (top albums)
Now I've Heard Everything (best albums)
Now I've Heard Everything (top songs)
NPR (artists you should have known)
NPR (box sets)
NPR (top jazz albums)
NPR (readers' favorite albums)
NPR (top electronic dance tracks)
NPR (top Latin alternative albums)
NPR (top metal albums)
NPR (music videos)
NPR (top outer sound albums)
NPR - Ann Powers (top albums and songs)
NPR - Bob Boilen (top albums)
NPR - Robin Hilton (top albums)
NPR - Stephen Thompson (top albums)
NPR Music (favorite albums)
NPR Music (favorite songs)
NPR Music (public radio's top songs)
NPR Music (top classical albums)
NPR Music - Ken Tucker (top albums)
Nut Suite (top albums)
Nylon (best albums)
NYU Local (most prolific musicians)

Obscure or Otherwise Music (top albums)
Obscure Sound (top albums)
Ocean Pedestrians (top albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best songs)
Ocean of Noise (favorite albums)
An Ocean of Noise (worst albums)
The Occasionalist (best albums)
Occupy the Airwaves (top albums)
Oddness/Weirdness (top songs)
The OFC (favorite albums)
Off Key with Eric D. (top albums)
Off Season Commish (favorite songs)
Off the Record (best albums and singles)
Oh My Rockness (top songs)
Oh No. It's Emily! (top albums)
Oh So Fresh (top albums)
Oh So Fresh! Music (top music blogs)
Ohmpark (top music videos)
Oklahoma Daily (top albums)
Old to the New (best albums and EPs)
Olive Music (favorite albums)
Omaha World-Herald (best holiday albums)
Omar's Tumblr (favorite albums)
The Omelette Chronicles (notable albums)
On That Note (top albums)
On the Danforth Online (top Canadian albums)
Ondes de Rock (best albums)
One for the People (best songs)
One in Ten Words (best albums)
One in Ten Words (top Canadian songs)
One in Ten Words (top songs)
Only the Tip (top rap albums)
The Open Neck Shirt (top albums)
opbmusic (DJs' favorite albums)
Open Arms (favorite albums)
Operavore (best and worst opera) (favorite songs)
Orange County Register (best albums)
Orange Juice, etc. (top songs)
oscarberkhout (best hip-hop/rap mixtapes)
Other Music (best albums and reissues) (top EPs)
The Other Paper (best albums)
The Other Press (top albums)
Otter Limits (top albums)
Our Rising Sound (best albums)
Owl and Bear (best albums)
The Owl Mag (best albums)
Oxford Music Blog (albums)
The Oxford Student (best albums)

Padraicino (favorite albums)
Pampelmousse (best albums)
Pampelmousse (best songs)
Panic Manual (top albums)
Panic Manual (favorite albums and songs)
Partly Porpoise (albums)
Passion of the Weiss (top albums)
Passion of the Weiss (best hip-hop songs)
Paste (best album covers)
Paste (best albums)
Paste (best cover songs)
Paste (best EPs)
Paste (best live acts)
Paste (best music documentaries)
Paste (best music videos)
Paste (best new bands)
Paste (best reissues and box sets)
Paste (best songs)
Paul's Weekly Listen (favorite albums)
Paws Music (albums)
Pay for the Piano (best albums)
Paz Is Peace (best albums)
Pearls Go with Everything (top songs)
Peenko (albums)
Peenko (albums)
penguinorchestra (best songs)
Penny Lane (top albums)
People's World (top albums)
Percussion Deconstruction (best albums)
Perfectly Adapted to a Music Hall (favorite albums)
Perfectly Adapted to a Music Hall (favorite songs)
Perfume Genius (top albums)
A Personal Miscellany (favorite albums)
pH balanced (top albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (top pop albums)
Philip Brasor (best albums)
PhotogMusic (best Canadian albums)
Piccadilly Records (top albums)
Piccadilly Records (top compilations)
Piccadilly Records (top reissues)
Pigeons and Planes (best songs)
Pillowfights and Boxing Tuesday (top albums)
Pip's Blog (top albums)
Pique (top albums)
Pitchfork (top albums)
Pitchfork (top songs)
Pithy Title Here (best albums)
Planet Arbitrary (favorite albums)
Planned Obsolescence (top albums)
Plastic Sax (best albums)
Platform (albums)
Playback:stl (top albums)
PLAYBACK:stl (top love songs)
The Polaris Effect (top albums)
Pop and Hiss (favorite albums)
Pop Break (best albums)
Pop Candy - Sean McCarthy (top albums)
The Pop Cop (best albums)
Pop Culture Beast (top albums)
Pop Headwound (albums)
Pop Headwound (best songs)
Pop Press International (best albums)
Pop Trash Addicts (best albums)
Popblerd (best albums)
PopBytes (favorite albums)
Popcorn Noises (favorite albums)
PopCrush (top songs)
Popdose (best pop and rock albums)
Popdose - Michael Forte (favorite music)
Popdose - Rob Smith (favorite music)
Popdose - A Fan's Notes (favorite albums)
PopGoesTheArts (top songs)
PopMatters (best albums)
PopMatters (best Americana albums)
PopMatters (best bluegrass albums)
PopMatters (best Canadian albums)
PopMatters (best country albums)
PopMatters (best electronic albums)
PopMatters (best hip-hop albums)
PopMatters (best indie rock albums)
PopMatters (best indie-pop albums)
PopMatters (best jazz albums)
PopMatters (best metal albums)
PopMatters (best music books)
PopMatters (best musical gifts)
PopMatters (best pop singles)
PopMatters (metal albums)
PopMatters (best pop-punk albums)
PopMatters (best progressive rock albums)
PopMatters (best R&B albums)
PopMatters (best reissues)
PopMatters (best songs)
PopMatters (bet world music albums)
PopMatters (indie rock trends)
PopMatters (musical artists)
PopMatters (best noise-rock albums)
PopMatters (most disappointing albums)
PopMatters (top overlooked albums)
PopMatters (top songs)
Popservations (top albums)
Popservations (top cover songs)
Popservations (top remixes)
Popservations (top songs)
Porky Prime Cuts (albums)
Postcards from Anferny (best songs)
Potholes in My Blog (best album art)
Potholes in My Blog (best albums)
Potholes in My Blog (best EPs)
Potholes in My Blog (best remixes)
Power Popaholic (top power pop albums)
Prairie Nerds (best indie albums and songs)
Pratt Tribune (top albums and singles)
Predictably Me (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing (best mixtapes and EPs)
Pretty Much Amazing (best songs)
Prinpi (songs)
The Professional Human (top albums)
Prog Archives (top prog rock albums)
Progarchy (top albums)
Protestant Blog Ethic (best albums)
Public Transportation Snob (top albums)
Pullen My Blog (favorite albums)
Punk Aesthetic (top punk albums)
Pwelbs (top albums)

Q Magazine (best albums)
Quick Before It Melts (albums)
The Quietus (albums)
The Quotesponge (top albums)

RA (albums)
RA (top DJs)
RA (top live acts)
RA (top mixes and compilations)
Radio Free Raytown (favorite albums)
Radio Hype (best albums)
Radio Magnetic (top songs)
Radio Sweetheart Indie (best albums)
Radish White Icicle (best albums)
Raging Against the Dying Light (best hip hop and R&B albums)
Raging Against the Dying Light (top albums)
Rage Against the Dying Light (top songs)
Rambling Fox (top songs)
Ramblings from DJP (best songs)
Ramen Water (favorite albums) (best albums) (best songs)
Randall Metting (top albums)
The Rant King (top albums)
Ranting About Music! (favorite albums)
Raptor Pastor (top albums)
Rawkblog (favorite albums)
Reading Eagle (top box sets)
Readings (best classical albums)
Readings (top pop albums)
realmikeclark (albums)
The Recommender (best music blogs)
Reconciliation (top albums)
The Red Light Was My Mind (favorite albums)
Red Marketer (top albums)
The Red Notebook (best albums)
Red Moon Cafe (favorite jazz albums)
Refinery29 (best songs)
Reggaemani (top reggae albums)
Regina Leader-Post (albums)
Refinery29 (music videos)
The Relevancy Group Blog (top albums)
Republic of One (favourite albums)
Resident (best albums)
Reverb (best songs)
ReverbNation (best albums and songs)
Review Stalker (top albums)
Revolver (best and worst metal album covers)
Revolver (musical artists' favorite albums of the year)
RFTmusic (most absurd pop songs)
Rhapsody (best albums and songs)
The Rhythm Room (best albums)
Rich Addicks (favorite albums)
Richmond Playlist (best albums)
Richmond Playlist (Richmond albums)
Ride the Tempo (top Canadian albums)
Ride the Tempo (favourite Canadian videos)
Riffs Speak Louder Than Words (favorite albums)
Right Track, Wrong Speed (best albums)
River Cities' Reader (favorite songs)
Rob Sheffield (best albums)
Rob's Wall of Music (top albums)
Rocco's Modern Life (favorite albums)
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (top albums)
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (best jazz albums)
The Rock and Metal Blog (top albums)
Rock and Roll Can Never Die (best albums)
Rock Candy (best albums)
Rock City (best Australian albums)
Rock Guitar Daily (top albums)
Rock Music Reviews by Jake (top albums)
Rock 'n' Roll Truth (favorite albums)
Rock NYC (best albums)
Rock Sound (best albums)
The Rock Station 99X (top rock albums)
Rocks Off (Texas albums)
Rocman Design (best album cover art)
Rocman Design (top songs)
Rodney Boles Photography (favorite albums)
Rolling Out (best hip-hop albums)
Rolling Stone (albums)
Rolling Stone (best songs)
Rolling Stone (top songs)
Rolling Stone (readers' favorite albums)
Rollo and Grady (top albums)
Rollo and Grady (top songs)
Rottin' in Denmark (best headphone songs)
Rough Trade (top albums)
RoundLetters (favourite songs)
Row 3 (top albums)
Rox Fontaine (top indie albums)
Rubyhornet (top Chicago rappers)
The Ruckus (best music videos)
The Ruckus (best songs)
The Ruckus (top albums)
Rumors on the Internets (best albums)
Running to Standstill (favorite albums)
Ryan's Blog (top albums)
Ryan's Smashing Life (best albums)

Sabotage Times (top albums)
Sabotage Times (top hip-hop albums)
Safer in the Dark (overlooked/underrated albums)
Said the Gramophone (best songs)
Salacious Sound (best albums)
Salad Days Music (top albums)
Salt Lake City Weekly (top albums)
Salt Lake Magazine (favorite albums)
Salt Lake Tribune (top albums)
Sam's Stuff (favourite albums)
San Diego CityBeat (favorite albums)
San Francisco Examiner (top pop albums)
Sanford Parker (top albums)
Sangeet "Sunny" Khemlani (favorite albums)
Sante Sangre Redux (best albums)
Sarah Mac (best albums)
Sarah's (favourite songs) (best albums)
Science of Sound (best albums)
Scientists of Sound (top albums)
Scooter McGavin's Ninth Green (best albums)
Scott's Breakaway (top albums)
Screen of Distance (favorite albums)
Seahorse Seahell (albums)
Sean in Tumblr (favourite albums)
Seaside in the City (top albums)
Seattle Weekly (best Seattle albums)
Secretly-Important (best albums)
Seemingly Jaded (best albums)
Seen Your Video (top music videos)
Segarini (best albums)
Self-Titled Daily (top albums)
Sentient Developments (best albums)
Sentient Developments (best songs)
Seoulbeats (best albums)
A Separate State of Mind (top songs)
Session Bloggers (songs)
Seth Horan (top albums)
Seth Saith (best albums)
Sex, Drugs, and Manuscripts (best songs)
SFCritic (best album lists)
Shakenstir (best albums)
Shamus Sillar (favourite albums)
The Shape of Rock (favorite albums)
She Really Does Love Books (top books)
She's Got Everything (albums)
The Shields Gazette (top albums)
The Shins Will Change Your Life (top albums)
[sic] Magazine (albums)
Sick Mouthy (non-2012 albums)
Sid Smith's Postcards from the Yellow Room (best albums)
Side One Track One (top albums)
Side One Track One (top Austin albums)
Side One Track One (top hip-hop albums)
Side One Track One (top metal albums)
Side One Track One (top songs)
The Sight of Sound (songs)
Signs and Wonders (top albums)
The Silver Tongue (top albums)
Sirens of Decay (favorite songs)
Skate Sound Style (albums)
Skatterbrain! (favorite songs)
Skirl (best albums)
Skull Fracturing Metal Zine (top metal albums)
Slak's Index (favorite albums)
Slant (best albums)
Slant (best songs)
SLCene (favorite albums)
Slicing Up Eyeballs (best albums, songs, and reissues)
Sloucher (best albums)
Small Town Romance (favorite albums)
The Smoking Section (best album covers)
Snob's Music (music)
Soft Signal (albums)
Soft Signal (songs)
Softsynth (best electronic albums)
Some Velvet Blog (best albums)
Something Else! (top avant garde jazz albums)
Something Else! (top country and southern rock albums)
Something Else! (top hard rock albums)
Something Else! (top fusion jazz albums)
Something Else! (top jazz and improvised music albums)
Something Else! (top pop and rock albums)
Sondre Lerche (top albums and songs)
Songs for the Day (favorite albums)
Songs for the Day (favorite songs)
Songs for the Day (favorite videos)
Songs for the Nerdy (top Australian albums)
Songs for the Nerdy (top songs)
Songs Save Lives (albums)
Sorbo Speaks? (top albums)
Soul in Stereo (top albums)
Soul Surmise (albums)
SoulBounce (best albums)
Sound Advice (best albums)
Sound Bites (best songs)
Sound Check (albums)
The Sound of Confusion (top songs)
The Sound of Philly (top songs)
Sound of the City (best metal albums)
Sound Vat (top Canadian albums)
Soundblab (albums and songs)
Soundcheck (top albums)
Soundlogik (deep house songs) (top songs)
Sounds Better with Reverb (best dream pop albums)
Sounds Better with Reverb (best shoegaze albums)
The Soundtrack of My Life (favorite albums)
The Soundtrack of My Life (best songs)
Southern Gospel Blog (top albums)
Spaced Out Radio (favorite albums)
Spacelab (best albums)
Spartan Chronicle - Toussaint (top albums and songs)
Spartan Daily - David Wong (top albums)
Spartanburg Herald-Journal (top albums)
Speakers in Code (best albums)
Speakers in Code (best North Carolina albums)
Speakers in Code (best songs)
Speed, Glue and Music (top albums)
Spin (best albums)
Spin (best music books)
Spin (best dance albums)
Spin (best songs)
Spinner (best cover songs)
Splice Today (top hip hop albums)
Spoon and the City (best albums)
The Spoonster Sprouts (albums)
Spotify (most streamed songs and albums)
Spray Paint and Glitter Flake (favorite songs)
SSG Music (top albums)
Stadiums and Shrines (albums)
The Stage Is Not a Pedestal (favorite albums)
Stairwell Baby (favorite albums)
The Standard (best albums)
Starchpress (best albums)
Stargazing in Winter (top albums)
Stars and Slights (top albums)
Starting a Finish (top albums)
State (albums)
State (top songs)
Stefflike (top albums)
Stereo Subversion (top albums)
Stereoboard (top metal albums)
Stereogum (best new bands)
Stereogum (readers poll top songs)
Stereogum (top EDM songs)
Stereogum (top metal albums)
Stockton Record (best albums)
Stories of Evolution (top songs and albums)
Stronger Now (songs)
Stuart in Chicago (best albums)
Stuff N Such (best albums)
Sub Meditation Music (albums)
Subject to Blog (albums)
Sudden Little Drops (albums)
Sung J. Woo (top songs)
Sunset in the Rearview (best albums)
Sunset in the Rearview (top EPs and Mixtapes)
Surfing on Steam (favorite albums)
Surfing on Steam (favorite songs)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
Swan Fungus (top reissues)
Sydney Morning News (best albums and songs)

Taco Press (top albums)
The Take Hold (top albums)
taks listens to songs (top albums)
Tales of a 28 Year Old Nothing (top albums)
Tales of a High-Functioning Nerd (favorite albums)
Tales of a Transplanted Mets Fan (top albums)
The Techno Kittens (top albums)
Technojournee (albums)
Ted Gioia (best albums)
Teddy Bear Wants to Tell a Story (top songs)
Tedknows (top albums)
Teen Link (top indie bands)
Telegraph (roots albums)
Tempe Carnivore (top albums)
Terrible Certainty (best metal albums)
The411Hub (favorite songs)
thebootlog (favorite albums)
thecoldcomposure (best albums)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (favorite albums)
Their Bated Breath (best albums)
Their Bated Breath (best EPs)
Their Bated Breath (best songs)
Them Blue Midnights (best albums)
TheMikeDubose (top albums)
themusicedition (favorite albums)
themusicexperiment (top albums)
theNOISE (best albums)
thepostculture (top albums)
There Stands the Glass (best albums and songs)
theshrimpbiscuit (top albums)
theskysgoneout (top albums)
Think Muzik (top albums)
The Thirty Sixth Chamber (favorite albums)
This Is American Music (albums)
This Is My Tumblr (favorite albums)
This Is My Tumblr (favorite songs)
This Is That Song (top albums)
This Mortal Life (favorite albums)
This Song Slaps (favourite albums)
This Thing Called Music (albums)
This Was Now (best albums)
Thisblogneedswub (top songs)
thisweaknessbeingmine (top albums)
Thomas J Richards (albums)
Thought Porridge (top albums)
Thrash Hits (albums)
Three Percent (favorite albums)
Three Tha Hard Way (favorite albums)
thethrillofitall (best albums)
TIME (top albums)
TIME (top songs)
Time Out London (best albums)
Time to Play B-Sides (top albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (favorite album covers)
Tiny Mix Tapes (favorite albums)
Tom Lane's Music Blog (top albums)
Tom Lane's Music Blog (top singles)
Tommy Triggers' Outlaw Hideout (top albums)
Tony D (top electronic songs)
Too Much Rock (top songs)
Toonari Post (albums)
Toronto Star (best songs)
Total Darkness vs. Blinding Light (top albums)
Totally Unauthorized (albums)
Tracasseur (best songs)
Tracesofwaste (best albums)
Traxsource (top tracks)
Treble (top songs)
A Tribe Called X (favorite albums)
Try This Album (top albums)
Trying to Find a Balance (favorite albums)
Tube Magazine (best albums)
Tuned In (top country albums)
Turn Back Now (top albums)
Turn off the Radio (top albums)
Turnitup! (best albums)
Turntable Kitchen (top 7" vinyl singles)
Turntable Kitchen (top albums)
Twang Nation (best Americana and roots music albums)
Two Ways to Live (favorite albums)
Type in Stereo (best albums)
TZEEEAC (top albums)
TZEEEAC (favorite albums)

UCLARadio (top albums)
Ultimate Christruction (top albums)
Ultimate Classic Rock (best songs)
Ultimate Classic Rock (top albums)
Uncle E's Musical Nightmares (best reissues)
Uncut (albums)
Under the Hoodie (favorite songs) (favourite albums)
Underground Bee (best albums)
Underground Music in Rain City (top Vancouver albums)
Ungow (top albums)
UnitedMonkee (favorite albums)
Universe Number Five (best metal albums)
University of California, Riverside Highlander (best albums)
unprogrammedminds (favorite albums) (albums)
Untitled*United (favorite albums)
Up on the Sun (top Phoenix albums)
Uproxx (best albums)

Vague Space (albums)
Vague Visions (albums)
Val's Glorious Galaxy (favorite songs)
Vallejo Nocturno (best albums)
Vancouver Sun (best albums)
Vandals on the Wall (best Filipino albums)
Velvet Owl Gig Collective (best albums)
Ventvox (top albums)
VH1 (best albums)
VH1 (best songs)
VHC Worship Resources (top albums)
VICE (albums)
Victoria Times-Colonist (favourite albums)
The View from the Pew (top albums)
View from the Potting Shed (albums)
The View from Yoorp (albums)
Vinylspinning (best albums)
Violent Success (music videos)
Virgo Gumbo (favorite songs)
Vix, Discs and Flix (top Hindi songs)
Vocals on Top (top albums)
Void Drops (best songs)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn - Tobias Carroll (favorite albums)
Volantes de Privados (best albums)
VOXXI (best pop albums and songs)
VVN Music (best albums)

Wait...WHAT? (favorite albums)
Wall Street Journal (top albums)
Waller Not Weller (best albums)
Wandering Thoughts (favorite albums)
wax'n'grooves (top albums)
WDGAB (best gospel albums)
WDPK (top songs)
WDPK (top remixes)
We All Want Someone to Shout for (best albums)
We All Want Someone To Shout For (best songs)
We Listen for You (best albums)
We Listen for You - Hank (best albums)
We Listen for You - Ryan (best albums)
We Listen for You - Zach (best albums)
Wedding Fanatic (top wedding songs)
Weekend Catchup (favorite songs)
Weekender (top albums)
Weekly Tape Deck (favorite albums)
WFIT (top albums)
WFNY Podcast (top albums)
Whats the Story Morning Glory (favorite albums)
When You Motor Away... (top albums)
White Noise (best albums)
The Whiteboard (best rap/hop-hop albums)
The Whiteboard (best rock albums)
Whiz Capone (top Dirty South rap songs)
Will Work for Music (favorite albums)
WKNC (best albums)

XLR8TR (record labels)

Waegook Tom (top K-Pop songs)
Waking Ideas (best albums)
Waldo's Life (top hard rock songs)
Wandering Star (favorite albums)
warrenlburrito (best albums)
Washington City Paper (best albums and songs)
Washington Post (best pop albums)
Washington Post (best Australian indie rock songs)
Waterloo Records (best albums)
WATM Magazine (best albums)
WATM Magazine (best music videos)
Waubgeshig Rice (top albums)
Way Too Indie (best albums)
Web Pen Blog (favorite albums)
Wesleyan Argus - Dan Fuchs (top albums)
The West Australian (best albums)
West Coast Sound (best country albums)
West Coast Sound (top Los Angeles metal albums)
The Westovar(ian) (albums)
WFMU's Beware of the Blog (favorite music)
What I Listened to Today (top songs)
What Slagg Likes (favorite albums)
What the Kids (Are Into) (top albums)
When the Gramophne Rings (best albums)
Where? Wear? Ware? House (top albums)
White Noise (best labels)
The Whiteboard (best metal albums)
Why Are There So Many Records in My Life? (favorite albums)
The Wild Honey Pie (top albums)
The Wild Honey Pie (top EPs/7"'s)
The Wild Honey Pie (top songs)
Winnie Cooper (top albums)
The Wire (top albums)
Within the Whiteness of the Womb (best albums)
Wolf Prints (favorite albums)
World Cafe - David Dye (favorite songs)
The Wounded Jukebox (best albums)
The Wounded Jukebox (best music videos)
Write to the Beat (best albums)
Writings from the Dirt Road (favorite albums)
WXDU (best albums)

xhippieboy music (top albums)
XLR8R (best albums)
XLR8R (overrated releases)

Yankee Review (best songs)
The Yankee Review (favorite albums)
YAWP! (favorite albums)
Yes I Am (best albums)
The Yorker (best songs)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite albums)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite songs)
You're Making Your SELF Angry (best albums and EPs and comedy albums)
Your Personal Opinion Is Wrong (top albums)

Zambri (top albums)
Zeeni's Blog (top songs)
Zoiks! (best albums)

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