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April 17, 2013

Atomic Books Comics Preview - April 17, 2013

In the weekly Atomic Books Comics Preview, Benn Ray highlights notable new comics and graphic novels.

Benn Ray is the owner of Atomic Books, an independent bookstore in Baltimore. The Mobtown Shank is his blog, and his comic Said What? is syndicated weekly in the Baltimore Sun's B-Paper.

Atomic Books has been named one of Bizarre Magazine's 51 geekiest places on the planet, as well as one of Flavorwire's 10 greatest comic and graphic novel stores in America.

'Dial H Volume 1: Into You

Dial H Volume 1: Into You
by China Mieville / Mateus Santolouco

China Mieville's excellent take on a ridiculous DC Comics hero team proves the theory that if you take a good non-comics writer and give them a weirdo character to revamp, the results can be unexpectedly great. Nelson and Roxie have these old-fashioned telephone-style dials that, when dialed, changes them into unpredictable and unusual superheroes. Dial H is one of the unquestionable successes of DC Comics' New 52 revamp.

'Happy Volume 1

Happy Volume 1
by Grant Morrison / Darick Robertson

This new modern Yuletide classic about a drunk, corrupt cop turned hitman who has to work with a little girl's imaginary blue horse to save her from a pedophile/killer in a Santa suit reunites the classic Transmetropolitan team of Morrison and Robinson.

'Marble Season

Marble Season
by Gilbert Hernandez

With an atypical, straightforward story, Hernandez delivers a touching and resonant semi-autobiographical coming of age/all-ages story of a middle child who loves reading comics and playing marbles.

'Suspect Device #3

Suspect Device #3
by Josh Bayer

Sadly, there are very few comics today that show up on the shelves that I get excited about like the days when Dan Clowes' Eightball, Pete Bagge's Hate, Joe Matt's Peepshow or Julie Doucet's Dirty Plotte used to come out on a regular basis. Josh Bayer's comic strip cut-up/parody Suspect Device rekindles that classic underground comics excitement. See beloved comic strip characters like Nancy, Garfield, Popeye and Little Orphan Annie do bizarre and horrible things or have bizarre and horrible things happen to them - at the hands of artists like Pat Aulisio, Jesse Jacobs, Otto Splotch, Raymond Pettibon, Johnny Ryan, Derf, Jimmy Giegerich, Marc Bell, Max Clotfelter, Julia Gfrorer, Lizz Hickey, Gabby Schulz, Box Brown, Noah Van Sciver, and many more! Suspect Device is the reigning king of anthology comics.

'War + Penis

War + Penis
by Johnny Ryan / Frederic Fleury

For several months, Ryan and Fleury were involved in an ongoing comics insult battle on their respective Facebook walls. The results are crude, offensive, and hilarious. Ryan is an American, Fleury is French - War + Penis is an international war of disturbed cartoonists. This book is limited and imported from Italy - which makes it all the more special.

Questions, concerns, comments or gripes – e-mail If there’s a comic I should know about, send it my way at Atomic, c/o Atomic Books 3620 Falls Rd., Baltimore, MD 21211.

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