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July 11, 2013

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Books of the Week - July 11, 2013

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly

In the weekly Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Books of the Week, the Montreal bookstore recommends several new works of fiction, art books, and comics.

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly is one of Montreal's premiere independent bookstores.

Every week, Montreal's Librairie Drawn & Quarterly bookstore recommends a selection of new books, including fiction, art books, magazines, and comics.

Nobrow 8

Nobrow 8

The latest hypersaturated issue of the London biannual features its regular assortment of impeccably-curated cartoonists and illustrators. Crammed between covers by Karine Bernadou and Max, contributors take on the theme of "Hysteria" as a collective writhing mass of clashing hues and strenuous compositions: definite eye candy, but with an edge.

New School

New School
by Dash Shaw

Dash Shaw delivers on the hum of anticipation for his first non-serialized release since 2008's Bottomless Belly Button. New School, like previous work, is drenched in pseudo-Biblical mischief and malaise, but the drawing and colours have reached new heights of emotionality: Sharpie’d linework that doesn’t even pretend to contain the pages' moodily nauseous swathes of paint.


by Anouk Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud

This beautiful new pop-up book from French kid’s book publisher Hélium follows the voyage of a ship named Océano as it travels through calm and stormy waters. The pages are dotted with exquisitely detailed little paper boats, walruses, and underwater creatures, opening up to reveal breathtaking three-dimensional seascapes.

Guillotine Series #4: Punk

Guillotine Series #4: Punk
by Mimi Nguyen and Golnar Nikpour

Another worthy installment in Guillotine Press' series of "erratically published chapbooks focused on revolutionary nonfiction," this handsomely minimalist hand-made volume is a commentary on the ever-evolving impact of punk subculture, unfolding as a dialogue between its co-authors, academics and long-time punk zinesters themselves.

Monsters & Legends

Monsters & Legends
by Davide Cali and Gabriella Giandelli

A compendium of our favourite magical creatures that aims to reverse-debunk the classic myths usually regarded as total bunk: isn't it KIND OF reasonable to call lycanthropy upon first encountering hypertrichosis? Though the vocabulary can get tricky, Giandelli's perfectly-rendered monsters will keep kids in a thrall, even as Cali's very funny writing sneaks a little education in.

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