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July 8, 2013

Shorties (A Rare Recording of Virginia Woolf, 2013's Hottest Songs, and more)

Flavorwire points our a rare recording of Virginia Woolf.

BBC6 Music discusses the hottest songs of 2013 so far.

The Millions lists the most anticipated books of 2013's second half.

SF Station interviews Zach Rogue about the new Rogue Wave album, baseball, and movies.

Mark Kurlansky talks to All Things Considered about his new book Ready For a Brand New Beat: How "Dancing in the Street" Became the Anthem for a Changing America.

PopMatters interviews Big Star drummer Jody Stephens about the new documentary about the band, Nothing Can Hurt Me.

Numero Cinq interviews Ethan Rtherfford about his new short story collection The Peripatetic Coffin, and the similarities between writing fiction and music.

BW: In addition to writing, you play guitar in the band Pennyroyal. Do you find that your work in one medium influences the other? Have you written songs that become stories, and vice versa?

ER: The crossover has only happened once, between the story "The Saint Anna" and a song called "Captain," which opens: "Captain, the ice it won't break on its own / and we can't brook the expanse all alone. / By your brow I can see you're unhappy now. / The leads have stitched and there’s no going home." What a chart-topper! Other than that, music and writing rarely intersect for me. I find when I write fiction, the pleasure comes from inhabiting the lives of others, and trying to bring color to experiences I've never had. When writing music, it tends to be more confessional, more personal, more of a direct unburdening. What I love about writing—that you are responsible for creating your own tiny universe—is the exact opposite of what I love about playing music, which is that when things are moving well, and everyone is playing and really listening to each other, what is created is always a bit of a happy surprise. You know immediately if something is working or not; whereas with writing, it might take you months to figure out you've hit a sour note, or were playing in the wrong key all along.

NPR Music is streaming former Titus Andronicus guitarist Andrew Cedermark's new solo album, Home Life.

Kevin Barry discusses his novel City of Bohane with the Irish Examiner.

"There is a kind of Mediterranean and western seaboard of Europe influence on the west coast of Ireland, which goes back centuries. I was imagining Bohane with that as a very pronounced influence," says Barry. "It's a dark, rundown, almost Mediterranean port town. A lot of the physical geography in the book is basically stolen from Porto — I was in Porto on holiday when I started writing it — almost as if a Mediterranean country had floated up a few hundred miles. It's just playing. Mostly what I was trying to do in writing the book was to entertain myself."

NPR Music is streaming Chris Schlarb's new album Psychic Temple II.

The Guardian lists the top 10 works of literature that feature characters with a disability.

Paste lists the 13 best musical guests on the children's television series Yo Gabba Gabba!

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