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August 1, 2013

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Books of the Week - August 1, 2013

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly

In the weekly Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Books of the Week, the Montreal bookstore recommends several new works of fiction, art books, and comics.

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly is one of Montreal's premiere independent bookstores.

Every week, Montreal's Librairie Drawn & Quarterly bookstore recommends a selection of new books, including fiction, art books, magazines, and comics.

Anna and Froga: I Dunno... What Do You Want To Do?

Anna and Froga: I Dunno... What Do You Want To Do?
by Anouk Ricard

D&Q has just come out with a new English volume of the French cartoonist's singularly hilarious comics series for children. It’s the familiar mix of brightly sardonic shorts and gorgeous full-page spreads of gags: there's a guide to dance moves, trick Polaroids, a classic "don't know what to watch so let’s shoot our own movie" storyline that is guaranteed to get some giggles from grown-ups, too.

The Daniel Clowes Reader

The Daniel Clowes Reader
edited by Ken Parille

A master of the comics form finally gets the in-depth consideration his work deserves: close-readings and contextual analysis do wonders to flesh out the distinctly Clowesian universe showcased by the key works collected and examined here. Required reading not only for über fans, but anyone who’s ever failed to fit in (i.e. maybe everyone). Bonus: six never-before-reprinted stories.

Love & Rockets Companion

Love & Rockets Companion
edited by Marc Sobel and Kristy Valenti

No one is going to tell you it's easy to get into Love & Rockets after thirty solid years of world-building by the Bros. Hernandez, but this collection of interviews, character guides, and tree diagrams definitely makes it less intimidating to immerse yourself in the series' sophisticated mass of time- and storylines. Even long-time fans will find this thoughtful guide to be worth a gander.

Hobo Magazine No. 15

Hobo Magazine No. 15

Featuring a cheeky Terry Richardson cover shot of Harmony Korine, Hobo remains the perfect answer to your typical glossies. No. 15 also contains the third volume of Hobo Poetry, a collection of bleeding-edge contemporary verse slipped in with their reliably compelling fashion spreads and probing interviews (Korine, Rodney Graham, Aaron Rose and more).


by Charles Forsman

The collected edition of the mini-comics series showcases Forsman's special aptitude for pacing: though the crime-and-getaway plot has some highly dramatic twists, the main draw is his Schulz-ian eye for small human moments. Think Peanuts if Charlie Brown were a sociopathic 17-year-old on the run from the law.

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