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November 4, 2013

Online "Best of 2013" Book Lists (J - Z)

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2013' Book Lists

For the sixth straight year, I am aggregating every online "best of 2013" book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online year-end book list collections.

A - I

J-TWO-O (favorite books)
J.W. Wartwick (best books)
Jackie Cangro (books)
Jackie Writes (favorite cookbooks)
James Duncan (top books)
James L. Thane (favorite books)
Jamey Stegmaier (favorite books)
Jamie's Rabbits (best books)
Jane St. Anthony (favorite books)
Janet Somerville (favourite books)
January Magazine (best books)
Jasmine the Nerd (top books)
Jeff Kinney (favorite books)
Jeff Smith (favorite comics)
Jen Ryland (favorite books)
Jennifer Lyn King (best books)
Jennifer Melzer (best books)
Jennyinneverland (top books)
Jessica Thompson Books (favourite books)
Jessy's Book Club (favorite books)
Jesus, You, and Me (best books)
JettisonCocoon (best books)
Jewish Daily Forward (best Jewish cookbooks)
The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California (best Jewish books)
The Jewish Voice (best Jewish books)
Joetrinkle (books) (best Jewish books)
John Green (favorite books)
John Green (favorite YA books)
John Irving (favorite books)
Joseph Romeo (favorite books)
Joshua Reich (best books)
Josh Teis (best books)
Journey Mercies (best books)
Joyful Whimsy (best books)
Judy Berman (books)
Julianne Moore (favorite books)
Julie DeGuia (top middle grade books)
Just a Guy That Likes to Read (best books)
Justin Buzzard (best books)

K-Books (top contemporary books)
Kami McArthur (best books)
Kansas City Star (top books)
Kate Atkinson (favorite books)
Kate Lansing (best books)
Kathryn Holmes (top books)
Katie at the Kitchen Door (top cookbooks)
Katie's Book Blog (blogger lists)
Katy Renz (best books)
Kelly Stickel (top books)
Kempt (best menswear books)
Kenton County Public Library (best young adult books)
Ketch's Book Nook (best books)
Kevin Kruse (best books)
Khaled Hosseini (favorite books)
Kid Lit Reviews (best books)
Kim Manley Ort (favorite photography books)
The Kind of Face You Hate (best books)
Kingdom People (favorite books)
King's High School Library Blog (best books)
Kings River Life Magazine (favorite books)
Kirkus (best books)
KMUW (best music books)
Knit and Nosh (favorite cookbooks)
The Koala Bear Writer (best books)
Kotaku (comics)
KPCC (best children's books)
Kristen Otte (favorite books)
KyusiReader (favorite books)

The L Magazine (best books)
Land of the Ninja (best books)
Lara's Book Club (top books)
Largehearted Boy (best fiction)
Largehearted Boy (best food and drink books)
Largehearted Boy (best nonfiction)
Largehearted Boy (favorite short story collections)
Las Vegas Weekly (best books)
The Last Book I Read (best books)
Late Night Library (fiction, nonfiction, poetry)
Latina Lista (Latino children’s literature top book lists)
Laura Fraser (favorite books)
Laura Kreuger Photography (favorite books)
Laura's Corner (top books)
Lauren's Loquacious Literature (top books)
Laxre (best books)
Leading Blog (top leadership books)
Leafing Through Life (best books)
Learning to Live (top books)
Lesa's Book Critiques (favorite books)
Leslie Beslie (books)
Letters from Hill Farm (favorite books)
Lexie Dache (favorite books) (top Libertarian and Christian books)
Liberty Falls Down (best books)
A Librarian's Lists and Letters (best books)
Library Journal (best books)
The Library Ninja! (best children's picture books)
Library of Clean Reads (best books)
The Library Privateer (favorite books)
Life and Building (top books)
Life and Lims (favorite books)
Life in Present Tense (best books)
Life Is Too Short To Read Bad Books (best books)
Life:Merging (best books)
Life of (best books)
Life of Riles (top books)
Lifebythebooks (best books)
LifeNotes (top books)
Like an Open Book (favorite books)
Lili Lost in a Book (best books)
Lindsay's Library (best books)
Lindy Jones (top books)
Lisa's Book Blog (best books)
The List (top books)
Literal Life (best books)
Literalab (best books)
Literary Ames (best books)
The Literary Bunny (books)
Literary Martie's Precision Reviews (top books)
Literary Relish (top books)
The Literary Stew (best books)
LitReactor (best books)
The Little Kitchen (favorite cookbooks)
Little Mrs. Married (favorite books)
The Little Reader Library (favorite books)
The Little Red Reviewer (best books)
Little Stories (top nonfiction books)
Litzy Ditz (best books)
Living 2 Read (favorite books)
Living Dangerously (best books)
Living Read Girl (best books)
Lola's Reviews (best books)
The London Diaries (top books)
London Evening Standard (books)
Londonist (best London books)
Longview Daily News (best books)
Looking to the Stars (top books)
Looking Up at the Stars
Los Angeles, I'm Yours (favorite books)
Los Angeles Public Library (best books)
Los Angeles Review of Books - Woody Haut (best crime novels)
Los Angeles Times - David Ulin (best books)
Louisa's Reviews (best books)
Love Laura, XO (favourite books)
LoveCats Down Under (favourite books)
Lowy Institute (books)
Lutheran Confessions (favorite books)
Lyra's Musings (top books)

Mab Is Mab (best books) (top books)
Madam Mayo (top books)
Mademoiselle Le Sphinx (best books)
Maggie Madly Writing (best books)
Magic Lanterns (best books)
Magnificent Book Fixation (favorite books)
Mail and Guardian (best books)
Maisonneuve (best books)
Maji Bookshelf (top books)
Make (notable Maker books)
Make Mine Mystery (favorite books)
Make Your Ideas Art (top creativity books)
Make Your Ideas Art (top photography books)
Making All Things New (favorite books)
Mal Warwick's Blog on Books (favorite books)
The Man of Words (books)
Management Today (top business books)
mandylynncarpenter (top books)
Many Media Musings (favorite books)
Marginal Revolution (best fiction books)
Marginal Revolution (best non-fiction books)
Margot McGovern (top books)
Marie Claire (best books)
Markus Zusak (favorite books)
Martha's Vineyard Times (favorite Martha's Vineyard books)
Maryse's Book Blog (favourite books)
Mashable (best YA books)
Matt Compton (favorite books)
Maureen Corrigan (favorite books)
Me and My Big Mouth (books)
Me on Books (underrated YA books)
Meg Wolitzer (favorite books)
Megan Haskell (favorite books)
Mel Sherratt (top books)
Melody Words (best books)
Men's Journal (best books for men)
Mendo (best books)
MensXP (most impactful Indian books)
Meridian Magazine (best books)
Meridian Magazine (children's fiction)
Merry Farmer (top books)
The Messy Baker (cookbooks)
Metro (best books for children)
Metro (best kids' books)
Metro (best non-fiction books)
Metro Pulse (best books)
Metropolis (top architecture and design books)
Michael Magras's Blog (favorite books)
Michael Patrick Brady (favorite books)
Michelle Mossey (favorite books)
Midlife Blvd. (best books)
Midlife Mixtape (favorite music books)
The Migrant Bookclub (best books for expats, immigrants, and other vagrants)
Mike Monson (favorite books)
mil gracias (best books)
Milk and Honey Living (favorite books)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (best books)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (best books)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (favorite mysteries)
MindBodyGreen (best books)
Mindless Philosopher (best books)
Mindy's Musings (top books)
Mingling with Words (favorite kids books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (art books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (biography)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (critics' top books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (fiction)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (memoir)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (Minnesota books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (nonfiction books)
Minnesota Nice (best books)
The Minnesota Review (best books)
The Minnesota Review (best poetry collections)
MinOnline (books for print people)
Miscellaneous Mum (best nonfiction books)
Miss Page-Turner's City of Books (best books)
The Missouri Review (favorite poetry books)
The Mistake Bank (best books)
Mockingbird (top theology books)
Modern Art Notes (best books)
The Modern M.A.G.E. (top comic books)
Modern Mrs. Darcy (favorite books)
Money Saving Mom (favorite books)
Monkey Poop (favorite books)
Mosaic Literary Magazine (best books)
Mother Daughter Book Club (best books)
Mother Jones (best books)
Mother Jones (best cookbooks)
Mother Jones (best photobooks)
Ms. (feminist books)
Multiversity (comic writers' and artists' favorite books)
Muruch (top books)
Musings, Mutterings, and Acts of Mental Mayhem (favorite books)
Mustard Ampersand (books)
My Friends Are Fiction (best books)
My Gluten-free Kitchen (best gluten-free books and cookbooks)
My Left Breast (favorite books)
My Life as a Comic Book Reader (best books)
My Life in Books (top books)
My Life with Books and Boys (top books)
My Little Cosy Corner (favorite books)
My Name Is Not Bob (favorite books)
My Not So Real Life (top books)
My Shelf Confessions (best books)
My Two Innings (best books)
Mythli G. Rao (favorite books)

National Book Awards (books)
National Journal (best political books)
National Journal (national security books)
National Post (favourite books)
The Nature of Things (favorite books)
Near Emmaus (top books)
Nelson Lowhim (best books)
The Nerd's Blog (best books)
Nerdy Book Club (children's and young books)
Never Stop Reading (best books)
New Pittsburgh Courier (best books)
The New Rebellion (top books)
New Republic (art books)
New Republic (best books)
New Scientist (best science books)
New York Magazine (best books)
The New York School of Interior Design Library Blog (best design books)
New York Times (best bathroom books)
New York Times (best book covers)
New York Times (best books)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable children's books)
New York Times - Dwight Garner (favorite books)
New York Times - Janet Maslin (favorite books)
New York Times - Michiku Kakutani (favorite books)
New Yorker (contributors' favorite books)
New Yorker (literary feuds)
New Yorker - James Wood (favorite books)
New Zealand Herald (best books)
New Zealand Listener (best children's books)
Newark Star-Ledger (best fashion books)
Newark Star-Ledger (top food books)
Newsday (top books)
Newsday (books for drink lovers)
Newtek (best books for the well-rounded technologist)
The Next 50 (favourite books)
Nextiva (best small business books)
New Republic (favorite books)
News of the Worlds (best books)
Newsday (top children's books)
Newsday (top cookbooks)
NME (music books)
Nomadreader (best books)
The Nonfiction Detectives (best nonfiction books)
Noodleroux (favorite books)
North Adams Transcript (top graphic novels)
North Carolina Book Awards (books by North Carolina authors) (best books)
Not Enough Bookshelves (best books)
Not Without My Bowler Hat (top books)
Nota Beauty (books)
Nouvella (favorite books)
Novel Escapes (favourite books)
Novel Ideas (favorite books)
The Novel Novice (best YA books)
NPR (best books)
Nurse Fancy Pants (top books)
NW Wines (best wine books)

The Observer (best art books)
The Observer (best biographies books)
The Observer (best cookbook)
The Observer (best history books)
The Observer (best fiction)
The Observer (best fiction for 8- to 12-yearolds)
The Observer (best fiction for teenagers)
The Observer (best food books)
The Observer (best history books)
The Observer (best picture books for children)
The Observer (best psychology books)
The Observer (best science books)
The Observer (books of the year)
The Odd Theologian (top books)
OEBooks Blog (top books)
The Oklahoman (favorite books)
Omnivoracious (best arts and photography books)
Omnivoracious (best biographies and memoirs)
Omnivoracious (best business and investing books)
Omnivoracious (best children's books)
Omnivoracious (best comics and graphic novels)
Omnivoracious (best humor and entertainment books)
Omnivoracious (best literary fiction)
Omnivoracious (best mystery, thriller, and suspense books)
Omnivoracious (best nonfiction)
Omnivoracious (best romance books)
Omnivoracious (best science fiction, fantasy, and horror)
Omnivoracious (best YA books)
On a Grahampage (best books)
On Books! (top books)
On Point (favorite books)
One Busy Momma! (top books)
One Literature Nut (best books)
One More Chapter (favorite books)
One Reader - A Thousand Lives (best debuts) (best books)
The Oregonian (best cookbooks)
The Oregonian (gift books)
OUPblog (best international law books)
OUPblog - Ellie Collins (top books)
Out in Print (best books)
outofthebackground (best books)
Outright Geekery (best comics)
Oxford Times (bets books by Oxfordshire authors)

Pagan Spirits (best books)
The Page-Turner (favourite books)
Pages Electric (top book reviews)
Pages Left Unturned (top books)
Palo Alto Online (fiction)
Pam Richter (top books)
Paper Cuts (best books)
Paper Riot (favorite books)
Paperback Pirate (favorite books)
Paperplanes x Wildflowers (favorite books)
Parents (best children's books)
Parents (top books)
The Passionate Foodie (favorite fiction)
Paste (best book covers)
Paste (best fiction)
Paste (best comics)
Pastor Matt (best books)
A Pastor's Pensees (favorite books)
Patheos (top books)
Paul Jolicoeur (top books)
The Peak Oil Dynamic (favorite books)
Pete Lit (books)
Peter Donegan Landscaping (outdoor garden books)
Philip Alder (best bridge books)
Phillip Meyer (favorite books)
Philippine Daily Inquirer (top books)
PhysicsWorld (books)
Pickle Me This (top books)
Pirate Penguin's Reads (best books)
The Pitch (favorite books)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (baseball books)
PJ Media (best conservative books)
Poe's Deadly Daughters (favorite books)
Poetry Genius (editors' best books)
poetteop (best poetry books)
Polari Magazine (favourite books)
PolicyMic (best books for 20-somethings)
Pop Crush (best young adult books)
PopSugar (best books for women)
Portland Monthly (favorite cookbooks)
Posting for Now (best books)
Powells Books (staff top books)
Prairie Rose's Garden (favorite books)
Presidential History Geeks (best books for PotUS geeks)
Pretty in Fiction (best books)
Princess Nebraska (best books)
The Prosers (favorite books)
The Prosers (favorite books)
Psychobabble (best music books)
The Psycopathology of Everyday Life (favourite books)
The Public Archive (books)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best children's fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best children's nonfiction books)
Publishers Weekly (best children's picture books)
Publishers Weekly (best comics)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (best mystery/thriller)
Publishers Weekly (best nonfiction)
Publishers Weekly (best poetry)
Publishers Weekly (best religion books)
Publishers Weekly (best romance)
Publishers Weekly (best science fiction / fantasy / horror)
Pumpjack Press (books)
Punk Domestics (best DIY food books)
PWxyz (Publishers Weekly staff favorite books)

The Quarterly Conversation (contributors' favorite books)
Queer Book and Movie Club (Singapore) (favorite books)
Quiet Poetic (top books)
Quill and Quire (best books)
The Quivering Pen (best first lines)
Quixotic Magpie (favorite books)

RA for All (best books)
Rabid Reads (best books)
The Radar Report (favorite books)
Radio New Zealand (best books)
Ragdoll Books Blog (best books)
Rage Against the Minivan (best books)
Raincoast Books (favourite books)
Random Book Muses (favorite books)
Random House (best book lists)
Random Musings of a Bibliophile (best children's picture books)
Random Things in Action (best books)
Read and Repeat (favourite books)
Read It or Weep (books)
Read My Breath Away (top books)
Read, Write, Roam (best YA books)
Read. Write. Whine. (top books)
The Reader Bee (best books)
The Reader of Books (top books)
Readers Confession (best books)
Readers Live a Thousand Lives (best books)
A Reader's Place (favorite books)
Readers' Salon (best books)
Reading and Coffee (top books)
Reading Envy (best books)
Reading Graphic Novels (best books)
Reading Shoes (top books)
Reading the Alphabet (favorite books)
Reading Through Life (favorite books)
Reading to Know (best books)
Reading with ABC (top books)
Reading with Analysis (best books)
Reading, Writing and the 'Rhythmatic of Life' (best books)
readingpowergear (favorite books)
Readings (Australian short story collections)
Readings (best art and design books)
Readings (best book covers)
Readings (best children's picture books)
Readings (best crime fiction)
Readings (best fiction)
Readings (best food and garden books)
Readings (best non-fiction)
Readings (best young adult books)
Readings (graphic novels)
Readings - Mark Rubbo (best books)
ReadKiddoRead (children's books)
Recipes from an Autistic Chef (top cookbooks)
Red Letter Day (favorite books)
Redeemed Reader (favorite children's picture books)
Ree Drummond (favorite books)
Reed Reads Book Reviews (best books)
Reformed Libertarian (best books)
Reformedish (top books)
Religion Dispatches (great books on religion)
Religion News Service (best religion books)
Reluctant Habits (best books)
Remain in His Love (best books)
The Remainder Table (favorite books)
Rescu (best books)
Retcon Punch (best comics)
Rhode Island Public Radio - Scott MacKay (favorite books)
Rich Writes Down Things (top books)
Richard Bowker (best books)
Richmond Times Dispatch - Doug Childers (favorite books)
Richmond Times Dispatch - Jay Strafford (favorite books)
Rick Riordan (favorite books)
RicMac (favorite books)
River City Reading (best books)
The Road Is You (favorite books)
Rob Lowe (favorite books)
Robot 6 (favorite comics)
Rochelle Hurt (best books by women)
Romance Around the Corner (favorite books)
Rosiebooks (favourite books)
Rott-I-Tude (favorite books)
RT Book Reviews (books)
Rudy Max World (best blogger cookbooks)
Running with Tweezers (favorite cookbooks)
Russia and India Report (best books from Russia)

S.J.A. Turney (top books)
Sab The Book Eater (best books)
Salmon and Souvlaki (favorite fiction)
Salon (authors' favorite books)
Salon (best superhero comics)
Salon (critics' best books)
Salon (graphic novels)
Salon (most underrated books)
Salty Ink (best poetry books)
San Francisco Chronicle (architecture books)
San Francisco Chronicle (favorite books)
San Jose Mercury News (wine books)
Sandusky Register (best books)
Sara Crawford's Writing Blog (young adult books)
Sarah Wood (top books)
Sarah's Book Shelves (best books)
Satin Sheets Romance (favorite books)
The Saucy Wenches' Book Club (top books)
Schaeffer's Ghost (best books)
The Scholarly Kitchen (chefs' best books)
School Library Journal (best books)
ScienceBlogs (science book lists)
The Scotsman (best Scottish sports books)
The Scotsman (Scottish writers' favorite books)
The Scotsman (Scottish critics' and writers' best books)
Scott Berkun (best books)
Scratch That (top books)
Scribbles and Wanderlust (top books)
Scribblings (top books)
Sean M. Clark (best books)
Season of Rain (top books)
Seattle Times (best books)
Seattle Times (best mysteries)
A Serious Bunburyist (best cookbooks)
Serious Eats (favorite cookbooks)
Shane Blackshear (top books)
Shannon Hayes (best books)
Shari Speaks (best books)
She Reads Novels (best books)
Shelf Awareness (best books)
Shelf Inflicted (favorite books)
Shelfspace Needed (best books)
Shell's Stories (top books)
The Sheridan Press (best books)
Shonette Reed (top books)
Shropshire Star (best garden books)
Simple Bites (cookbooks)
A Simple Haven (favorite books)
Simple Ranger (best books)
Simply Clean Living (favorite books)
A Sista's Journey (best books)
Sister Outlaw (best books)
The Site That Should Not Be (best books)
Slate (best books)
Slatebreakers (favorite young adult books)
Slaughterhouse 90210 (favorite books)
The Small Press Network (most underrated book)
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (YA Romance)
Smart Football (favorite books)
Smexy Books (favorite books)
Soccer Wire (books for soccer coached and parents)
Social Conscience Education (favorite books)
Social Enterprise (top co-operative business books)
Sojourn in the Shadowlands (top books)
Soli Deo Gloria (favorite books) (best books)
Sophisticated Dorkiness (favorite fiction)
Soul (o) Mamma (top books)
A Soul Unsung (favorite books)
Soundview (best business books)
Spectator (children's books)
The Spectator (writers' book choices)
Spectrum Culture (best books)
Speed of Light (favorite books)
Spencer Daily Reporter (best books)
Spin (best music books)
Sports, Ink (best sports books)
St. George Independent (best books)
St. James's Episcopal Church (favorite books)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (best books)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (best coffee table books)
St. Louis Public Library (staff's best kids' books)
Stainless Steel Droppings (favorite books)
Starless Favorites (top books)
STB's Weekly Blog (best books)
Step Into Fiction (best books)
Stephanie Nikopoulos (best books)
Stevereads (best reprints)
Stevereads (debut fiction)
Stevil (favorite books)
Stories with Ms. Jenna (best children's picture books)
Stories with Ms. Jenna (best middle grade books)
Story Notions (best books)
Story Treasury (best books)
Strakul's Thoughts (favorite books)
Strategy + Business (best business books)
Stuck in a Book (top books) (best books)
StyleCaster (novels)
Stylist (best books)
Stylist Magazine (cult books)
Summer Edward (top children's and YA books)
The Sun (best books)
The Sunday Times (writers' top books)
Susanna Fraser (favorite books)
Sydney Morning Herald (Australian authors' favorite books)

Tablet (best Jewish children's books)
Tampa Bay Times (best fiction)
Tampa Bay Times (best nonfiction)
Tangled in Pages (best books)
Tara Hanks (best books)
TATAL (top books)
TBR 313 (favorite books)
TD Canadian Children's Literature Award (Canadian children's books)
Teaching Authors (favorite children's picture books)
Teaching Biology (top science books)
Teaching for Change (favorite books)
Tech Liberation (important cyberlaw and info-tech policy books)
Teen Librarian Toolbox (top books)
Telegraph (best books)
Telegraph (best young children's books)
Telegraph (books for gardeners)
Telegraph (top YA books)
Television Without Pity (best TV books)
Temple University Press (books)
Tesscatiful (favourite books)
Texas Association of Authors (best book by Texas authors)
Text Publishing ("best of 2013" lists)
Tez Says (best books)
TheTaylorJanae (best books)
Things I Can't Say (best books)
Things That Inspire (favorite design and architecture books)
theKitchn (best cookbooks you probably won't cook from)
Theresa Rhyne (favorite nonfiction books)
theRibz (top books)
These Little Words (best books)
Thin Places (favorite books)
Thinking About Poetry (books)
A Thinking Reed (favorite books)
ThinkProgress (best and worst books)
This Cage Is Worms (fiction)
This Is My World (best books)
This Mortal Life (favorite books)
This Translation (best books)
Thomas Keller (favorite books)
The Thoughts of a Nerd Girl (best books)
Thoughts on Books (great books)
The Thousander Club (best fiction)
Three Guys One Book (favorite books)
Through the Mists of Time (top books)
Tia Bach (best books)
The Ticker (best books)
Tim Hoiland (best books)
Times Higher Education (best books)
Times Literary Supplement (books)
Times Live (best books)
The Times-Picayune (top New Orleans books)
Tin House (favorite novels)
Tiny Library (best books)
TNBBC's The Next Best Book Blog (authors' top books)
Tobi's Blog (top design books)
Tolle Lege (best books)
Tony Black's Pulp Pusher (best books)
Too Fond of Books (favorite books)
The Top Shelf (best books)
Topeka Capitol-Journal (best books) (best books)
Totallytrueadventure (favorite books)
Tottenville Review (best books)
Trafalgar Square Books Blog (best horse books)
Travel Spot (best books)
The Traveling Type (best books for travelers)
Traveling with T (best books)
Twenties - Collective (best books)

Un Passagio (favorite books)
Untitled*United (favorite books)
Updated Priors (favorite books)
Ups and Downs and InBetweens (favorite books)
The Upstairs Window (best books)
The Urban List (best books)
The Urban News (best books)
UrbanReviewSTL (urban planning books)
USA Today (best graphic novels)
USA Today (books)
USA Today (comics)
USA Today (romance authors' favorite books)
A Utah Mom's Life (favorite books)
Utter Biblio (top books)

Vail Daily (top books)
Valancourt Books (top books)
Valerie R Lawson (favorite books)
ValueWalk (favorite finance books)
Vampire (and Other Paranormal Things) Queen (favorite books)
Vampire Book Club (best books)
Vancouver Sun (best cookbooks)
Veggie Girl (favorite cookbooks)
Veritas Et Lux (favorite books)
Veronica Roth (favorite books)
Vice (best books)
Victorian Premier's Literary Awards (Australian books)
Village Voice (favorite books)
Vishy's Blog (favourite books)
Visible Suns (top books)
The Visitor (top celebrity cookbooks)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn (authors' favorite books)
Vol. 1 Brooklyn (contributors' favorite books)
Vulpes Libris (favorite books)

Waco Today (garden books)
Waiting for a Guide (top five books)
Wales Online (books)
Walk the Ridgepole (favorite children's picture books)
Wall Street Journal (best books for life after 50)
Wall Street Journal (best children's books)
Wall Street Journal (best cocktail books)
Wandering on Purpose (best books)
Wanderlust and Words (favorite books)
Washington Post (best audiobooks)
Washington Post (best cookbooks)
Washington Post (best graphic novels)
Washington Post (best photography books)
Washington Post (best wine books)
Washington Post (biggest literary news)
Washington Post (most intriguing religion books)
Washington Post (notable fiction)
Washington Post (notable nonfiction)
Washington Post (top books)
Waterloo Record (hockey books)
We Heart This (best books)
We Love This Book (best books)
Weavings (favorite books)
Wee Hermione (favorite books)
The Week (best books)
The Well-Read Redhead (best books)
Wendy on the Web (best books)
The Wertzone (best books)
Westfield Comics Blog (best comics)
What a Nerd Girl Says (favorite books)
What Do We Do All Day? (favorite picture books)
Whatifknits (best books)
Whisky and Woodsmoke (favourite books)
White Noise of Everyday Life (best books)
Why So Blu? (best comics)
Wildcat Librarian (favorite books)
Wit and Sin (best books)
WNOL (best books)
The Wohlgemuts on Willow Bay (best books)
Woman. Legend. Blog. (favorite books)
Woodland Creature (best books)
A Word Child (best books)
Word of Mouth (best overlooked books)
Word on Fire (favorite books)
Word Sharpeners (favorite books)
Word Spelunking (best books)
Word Spelunking (top middle grade books)
Work in Progress (best science books)
Work-in-Progress (best books)
World Literature Today (notable translations)
World Music Central (music books)
A Worn Path (best books)
WRampage (top books)
The Wrap (favorite books)
The Wright Place (favorite books)
Writability (favorite books)
Writer Tamago (top books)
writerkristophfischer (top books)
Writers' Chasm (favorite books)
The Writing Coach Is In (top indie books)
Writing Through Rose Tinted Glasses (favorite books)
Wuthering Expectations (best books)

Yet Another Crime Fiction Blog (best books)
Yotam Ottolenghi (favorite books)
You Book Me All Night Long (best books)
You Have To Read This Book!! (favorite books)
Young Adult Books - What We're Reading Now (best YA books)
Young at Heart (favorite books)

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