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December 5, 2014

Atomic Books Comics Preview - December 5, 2014

In the weekly Atomic Books Comics Preview, Benn Ray highlights notable new comics and graphic novels.

Benn Ray is the owner of Atomic Books, an independent bookstore in Baltimore. The Mobtown Shank is his blog, and his comic Said What? is syndicated weekly in the Baltimore Sun's B-Paper.

Atomic Books has been named one of BuzzFeed's Great American Bookstores, as well as one of Flavorwire's 10 greatest comic and graphic novel stores in America.

Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1

Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1
by Kieron Gillen / Marguerite Bennett / Phil Jimenez / Stephanie Hans

What the hell is a Spawn character doing in the Marvel Universe? Long, funny story, that is. In fact, it might make for an interesting comic if it didn't involve drawn-out legal battles over the Miracleman (AKA Marvelman) character. The Neil Gaiman/Todd McFarlane co-created character, an angel who isn't an angel - is now a wayward Asgardian in a Marvel comic as fallout from the crossover series The Age of Ultron, and her adventures begin here.

Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Volume 1

Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Volume 1
by Jiro Kuwata

Compiling Batman comics that ran in a Japanese comics magazine during the height of the 1960s tv show's popularity. Batmanga is a manga, Batman, pop art gem.

Crossed + 100 #1

Crossed + 100 #1
by Alan Moore / Gabriel Andrade

Alan Moore is a rather unpredictable fellow. Arguably he could write for any comic series he wanted, but given his understandable feelings toward the big, corporate publishers, this limits him to the smaller presses and the indie comics realm. But even considering that, his choice of titles to return to regular monthly comics publishing is rather surprising - Avatar's gruesome post-Apocalyptic Crossed series. Moore's story takes place 100 years after the epidemic destroyed the Earth. The remainder of humanity might just start to put itself back together again if harsh weather, packs of wolves, and remaining bands of the infected don't get them first. Oh yeah, and evidently, after 100 years without society, the English language seems to break down a bit too which can make for some more cautious reading. But hey, it's Alan Moore - I trust he knows what he's doing.

Escape From New York #1

Escape From New York #1
by Christopher Sebela / Diego Barreto

This new comic series isn't so much a sequel of the John Carpenter cult fave Escape from New York, it's a continuation of the story, picking up right where the movie leaves off. If you want to know what happens next, or if the phrase "Snake's back" excites you, then you'll really want to see what happens next.

Shaft #1

Shaft #1
by David Walker / Bilquis Evely

This is an inspired choice of a licensed title for Dynamite to pick up. And Walker's story and Evely's art make it a solid choice too. Based on the '70s blaxploitation flick of the same name, the comic series starts with some Shaft backstory. Cool, two-fisted retro comics fun!

Shaolin Cowboy

Shaolin Cowboy
by Geof Darrow

This volume collects the original, long out of print, Burlyman Comics series of Shaolin Cowboy. It is pure, over-the-top action mixed with some of the best comic art you've ever seen. As the title suggests, it's a weird culture/genre - mash-up. And you'll spend more time looking at the art than actually reading the pages.

Complete ZAP Comix

Complete ZAP Comix
by Victor Moscoso (designer) / Eric Reynolds (editor) / various

Is it possible for something to be too good? If so, this deluxe set of complete Zap Comix might just be it. This is the most important comics collection to be released in years - bringing together the complete run of the Robert Crumb-created underground comix version of MAD Magazine. It features comics by Crumb as well as S. Clay Wilson, Robert Williams, Gilbert Shelton, Spain Rodriguez, Rick Griffin and so many others. This set is worth every penny of its price tag.

Questions, concerns, comments or gripes – e-mail If there’s a comic I should know about, send it my way at Atomic, c/o Atomic Books 3620 Falls Rd., Baltimore, MD 21211.

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