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April 22, 2016

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Books of the Week - April 22, 2016

In the weekly Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Books of the Week, the Montreal bookstore recommends several new works of fiction, art books, periodicals, and comics.

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly is one of Montreal's premiere independent bookstores.


by Blutch (Translated by Edward Gauvin)

Hailed as a master of contemporary cartooning, Blutch (the pseudonym of French cartoonist Christian Hinker) returns with Peplum: his second book translated into English, and arguably his most stunning graphic novel to date. Translated by Edward Gauvin, Peplum is a hallucinatory black-and-white epic that fuses Shakespeare and Satyricon with Blutch’s own, otherworldly view of the ancient roman empire. Involving an imposter who falls in love with a “goddess” encased in ice, Peplum is a brilliant, visceral tale of where the mind wanders when the world is ripe with destruction and despair.

Saving Montgomery Sole

Saving Montgomery Sole
by Mariko Tamaki

Montgomery Sole (or “Monty” as she tells us) is not an ordinary girl. Armed with a magic crystal that she bought off the internet, a Mystery Club comprised of her two best friends Thomas and Naoki, and the help of her not one, but two moms, Montgomery tackles the strange universe of bigots, ghosts, and religious fanatics. Written by celebrated Canadian artist and writer Mariko Tamaki, Saving Montgomery Sole is a beautiful young adult novel that aims to prove that all problems can be solved by a healthy dose of frozen yogurt and a heart full of determination.

Hilda and the Midnight Giant

Hilda and the Midnight Giant
by Luke Pearson

Full of rich colours and fantastic creatures, Luke Pearson’s follow up to Hilda and The Troll delves even further into Hilda’s magical and mountainous world. Unlike most other female protagonists found in children’s stories, Hilda is an autonomous, headstrong girl who doesn’t let herself be defined solely by 'girlishness.' Unapologetically complex, Hilda—with the help of her mother and pet deerfox Twig—aim to prove that adventure is all around them, and that the mountains hold many secrets, both big and small, that only they can see.

Pretentiousness: Why It Matters

Pretentiousness: Why It Matters
by Dan Fox

For a judgmental culture such as ours, Dan Fox’s essay on the polarizing term of ‘pretentiousness’ comes in as an unwarranted but necessary evaluation. With the aim of unpacking the the term and explaining it through a variety of theories and cultural movements (from vogueing balls in Harlem, to Bowie, to the fashion sense of normcore) Pretentious: Why It Matters argues why it’s an essential mechanism to thrive as an artistic, and inquisitive society. Lucidly written and ultimately enlightening, Dan Fox’s essay is a must-read.

Tokyo Cult Recipes

Tokyo Cult Recipes
by Maori Murota

Written by renowned, self-taught chef Maori Murota, Tokyo Cult Recipes is a cookbook filled with dozens of step-by-step guides that attempt to demystify the daunting task of cooking authentic Japanese cuisine. Filled with Murota’s own takes on miso, sushi, soba noodles, bentos, rice, desserts, cakes, and Japanese sweets, Tokyo Cult Recipes is a stunning, approachable book that is great for beginners and experts alike.

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