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November 1, 2016

Online "Best of 2016" Book Lists (K - Z)

The Largehearted Boy List of Online 'Best of 2016' Book Lists

For the ninth straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Daily updates to the master list of online "best books of 2016 lists.

Revisit previous years' collections of year-end book lists: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade).

Online Year-end "Best of 2016" Book Lists:

(A - J)

Kara Lydon (healthy cookbooks)
Karen's World (top books)
Kathryn Knight (favorite books)
Katy Huth Jones (best books)
Kayla Dean (must-read writing books)
Kelly's Book Corner (top books)
Kerrie Le Lievre (best books)
Kevin D. Hendricks (top fiction)
Kevin D. Hendricks (top nonfiction books)
The Kind of Face You Hate (best books)
King County Library System (top books)
Kings River Life (favorite books)
Kirkus (best biographies)
Kirkus Reviews (aggregated best science fiction and fantasy books)
Kirkus (best book club fiction)
Kirkus (best books about artists)
Kirkus (best books about science and technology)
Kirkus (best books about shocking tales of injustice)
Kirkus (best books for lovers of the literary arts)
Kirkus (best books to explain current politics)
Kirkus (best books with truly inspirational characters)
Kirkus (best debut fiction)
Kirkus (best fiction)
KIrkus (best fiction for armchair travel)
Kirkus (best funny middle-grade books)
Kirkus (best heartrending nonfiction)
Kirkus (best historical fiction)
Kirkus (best history books)
Kirkus (best indie books)
Kirkus (best literary fiction)
Kirkus (best memoirs)
Kirkus (best memorable characters)
Kirkus (best middle-grade family stories)
Kirkus (best middle-grade historical fiction)
Kirkus (best middle-grade mystery & adventure stories)
Kirkus (best middle-grade nonfiction)
Kirkus (best middle-grade school stories)
Kirkus (best middle-grade science fiction & fantasy)
Kirkus (best middle-grade verse)
Kirkus (best mysteries and thrillers)
Kirkus (best informational picture books)
Kirkus (best picture books)
Kirkus (best picture books about family)
Kirkus (best picture books about friends and community)
Kirkus (best picture books for animal lovers)
Kirkus (best picture books that may surprise you)
Kirkus (best picture books to get kids laughing)
Kirkus (best picture books to get kids thinking)
Kirkus (best popular fiction)
Kirkus (best romance fiction)
Kirkus (best science fiction and fantasy)
Kirkus (best sports and entertainment books)
Kirkus (best teen books)
The Koala Mom (best books)
Kong Tsung-gan (best human rights books)
Kottke (best books)
Kristan Hoffman (favorite books)
Kristen Reads Too Much (best books)
Ksenia Anske (best books)
The Kyx Brothers (best books)

The Ladies Finger (favourite books by women)
Lafayette Public Library (best picture books)
Lafayette Public Library (top teen books)
Lake Forest Book Store (staff favorite books)
Lake Forest High School Library (top books)
Lakeside Musing (favorite books)
Lane Robins (top books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite nonfiction)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite short story collections)
Laura Noakes (top books)
Layne Joy (favorite books)
Lazygamer (best comic books)
Leadership Compound (favorite books)
Lesa's Book Critiques (favorite books)
Leite's Culinaria (best cookbooks)
Less Reality, More Books (top books)
Let's Talk Picture Books (best picture books)
Let's Talk Picture Books (best winter picture books)
LGBTQ Reads (LGBTQ books)
Liam's Library (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Alyssa (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Benjamin (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Daphne (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Helen (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Henrika (favourite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Julie (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Kate (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Lucie (best books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Saelan (favorite books)
Librairie Drawn and Quarterly - Rebecca (favourite books)
Librietlibertas (top YA books)
Library Journal (best genre fiction)
Library Journal (best graphic novels)
Library Journal (best nonfiction)
Library Journal (best poetry books)
Library Journal (top books)
Library of Michigan (Michigan books)
LibraryReads (favorite books)
LID (best books)
Life as Leels (best young adult books)
Life of Adela (books)
Life's an Art (books)
lifeisfinewhine (favorite books)
Lilli Lost in a Book (favorite books)
Linda's Book Bag (favourite books)
Linda Funnell (top books)
Lindsay Tucker (top books)
The Lineup (best true crime books)
The Lineup (scariest books)
Lisa Notes (top books)
Liss' Little Book Corner (favourite books)
Literary Apothecary (top books)
The Literary Cat (top books)
Literary Hub (best book covers)
Literary Hub (best books)
Literary Hub (booksellers' overlooked books)
Literary Hub (overlooked books by women)
Literary Marie (top book covers)
A Literary Vacation (top books)
LitReactor (best books)
Litstack (favorite books)
The Little Book Affair (books)
Little Bookness Lane (top books)
The Little Localista (favorite books)
Little Moon Dragon (top books)
The Little Red Reviewer (best books)
Little Red's Reviews (favorite books)
A Little Word Garden (favourite books)
The Littlest Record (books)
Live Food Laugh Food (favorite books)
Live One Day @ a Time (favorite books)
Locoforbooks (best books)
Lola's Reviews (best books)
London Evening Standard (best art books)
London Evening Standard (best books)
London Evening Standard (best books about London)
London Evening Standard (best gardening books)
London Evening Standard (best music books)
London Evening Standard (funniest books)
London Historians' Blog (best books)
London Review Bookshop (poetry books)
London Theatre (top theatre books)
Lonesome Reader (favorite books)
Longreads (under-recognized books)
Los Angeles Times (favorite cookbooks)
Los Angeles Times (most important books)
Lost in a Library (favourite books)
Lost in Fitness (best books)
Love and Renovations (best books)
Love Thy Self (best books)
The Lovely Wife (favorite cookbooks)
Lowell Sun (best books)
Lu-Lu-May Online (top books)
Lucky Peach (best cookbooks)
Lucky Peach (cookbooks)
Lucy's Literature (best books)
Luna Luna (books)
Lutheran Confessions (best books)
Lynn O'Connacht (favourite books)

M.L.S. Weech (top books) (best books)
Madeleine D'Este (favourite books)
Magiverse (most memorable books)
Make Wealth History (books)
Making It Up as I Go Along (top books)
Malty Mates (best whisky books)
Manchester University Press - Tom Dark (favourite university press books of 2016 on the theme ‘community’)
Marginal Revolution (best fiction)
Marginal Revolution (best non-fiction books)
Marin Academy Library (top books)
Martha Reynolds Writes (favorite books)
Maryse's Book Blog (favorite books)
Mashable (favorite books)
Mashable (best YA books)
Math = Love (books)
Matilda Whitworth (favorite books)
Matt Mitchell (best books)
Matt's Fat Blog (best books)
Matxi Reads Books (best books)
Me and My Books (favourite books)
Melinda's Education Blog (favourite books)
Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf (best books)
Melissa's Musings (top books)
Memoranda (favourite books)
Men's Journal (best books)
Mental Floss (most interesting comics)
Meredith Schorr (favorite books)
Meriah Nichols - Sandy Ho (top fiction books)
Mervi's Book Reviews (best books)
Metal and the Geek (top books)
Metrowest Daily News (best books)
Mic (best cookbooks)
Michael Magras (favorite books)
Michael Matuzak (favorite books)
Michael Patrick Hicks (best books)
Michael Reads (favourite books)
Michael Roberts (best books on economics)
Michaela Kathleen (top books)
Midasplace (top books)
Midlife Mixtape (music books)
Military Times (best books)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Carole E. Barrowman (best books)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Jim Higgins (best books)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Mike Fisher (best books)
Mind Body Green (healthy and inspiring cookbooks)
Mind of Luxe (favorite books)
Ministry Musings (best fiction)
Minnesota Pubic Radio (poets' favorite poetry collections)
Minnesota Public Radio (best fiction)
Minnesota Public Radio (best nonfiction)
Minnesota Public Radio (best sci-fi and fantasy books)
Minnesota Public Radio (best young adult books)
Minnesota Public Radio (favorite books)
Minnesota Public Radio (overlooked books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (best books)
Mirabile Dictu (favorite books)
Mischief and Miscellany (best books)
The Mission (best books)
Missoula Independent (best books)
The Misstery (best books)
Misti's Corner (best books)
MIT Technology Review (best books)
mmmookie (best books)
Mockingbird (top theology books)
Mockplus (books for UX designers)
Molly's Musings (best books)
Momma Blogs a Lot (favorite books)
Modern Mrs. Darcy (favorite books)
The Monogrammed Mountaineer (favorite books)
Mortification of Spin (favorite books)
Mother Jones (favorite books)
Mother Jones (notable books)
Mother Jones (photo books)
Motherwell (favorite parenting books)
Mrs. Disciple (favorite books)
Mrs. Leif's Two Fangs About It (top books)
Mrs. Q Book Addict (best books)
Much Ado About Books (best books)
Muddy Colors (best books)
Multnomah County Library (best books)
Munchies (best cookbooks)
Music Is My Sanctuary (best music books)
My Byrd Life (top nonfiction books)
My Dad Reads Too Many Books (top books)
My Life with Books (favourite books)
My Media Moo (favourite books)
My Midnight Musing (favourite books)
My Parisian Books (top books)
My San Antonio (diverse books not about diversity)
My 20-Something Blog (favorite books)
My Wandering Heart (top books)
My Weekly (best books)
mybookcastle (favourite books)
mychestnutreadingtree (favourite book covers)

Naijabookworm (best books)
Nana's Whimsies (favorite books)
Nantucket Magazine (top books)
National Post (best books)
National Review (best books)
The Nature of Things (favorite books)
Nelson Lowhim (best books)
The Nerdgirl Review (top books)
Nerdonomics NZ (favourite books)
Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together (top books)
Nerdy Book Club (favorite fiction books)
NetGalley UK (books of the year)
The New Daily (best sports books)
New Humanist (books of the year)
New in Books (best books)
A New Look Through Old Eyes (favourite audiobooks)
New Statesman (authors' favourite books)
New Stateman (children's books)
New Statesman (politicians' favourite books)
New Worlder (best food & travel books)
New York Observer (best music books)
New York Post (best books)
New York Public Library (best books for kids and teens)
New York Theater (theater books)
New York Times (authors' favorite books)
New York Times (best baking cookbooks)
New York Times (best book covers)
New York Times (best books)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable children's books)
New York Times (top books)
New York Times Magazine (best photobooks)
New Yorker (best books of poetry)
New Yorker (books)
New Yorker - James Wood (favorite books)
Newinbooks (best mystery books) (best books)
Newsday (best books)
Newsday (top books)
Newsday (best children's books)
Newsday (best cookbooks)
Newsweek (favorite books)
The Next Chapter (favorite books)
Nikki Needs To Read (best and worst books)
Nina Badzin (best books)
Nishita's Rants and Raves (top books)
No Depression (best music books)
No Space for Milk (favourite self-improvement books)
Noise (top Baltimore Books)
Noise (top non-Baltimore books)
Nomadic Matt (favorite travel books)
Northern Crime (top crime books)
Not Without My Bowler Hat (top books)
Note to Selph (top books)
Notes by Brianne (favorite books)
Notes from the Train (top books)
Nothing But Comics (best new comics series)
Novel Novice (best young adult books)
Novels and Necklaces (top books)
NPR (best books)
NPR Books (best books in translation)
NSTA (best STEM books for K-12 students)
The Nutmeg Iluminado (best books)
NY1 (best books)
Nylon (best books)

O Magazine (best books)
Observer (best art books)
Observer (best biographies)
Observer (best fiction)
Observer (best food books)
Observer (best graphic books)
Observer (best poetry books)
Observer (best science books)
Observer (favourite sports books)
The Obsessive Bookseller (top books)
OC Weekly (best books about Chicanos and Mexicans)
Ockham national book awards (New Zealand books)
Of Dragons and Hearts (best books)
The Oklahoman (best graphic novels)
Olivia Cleans Green (best vegan cookbooks)
Oliver Gajek (top books)
Omnivoracious (best children's books)
Omivoracious (romance writers' favorite books)
Omnivoracious (romance writers' favorite sexy books)
On a Sci-fictional Mission (books)
On Food and Film (best books)
On Point (best books)
On Stage & Screen (favorite books)
On the Corner (notable sports books)
One Catholic Life (favorite books)
One Less Lonely Blog (best books)
One Lit Chick (best books)
ONTD (must-read queer books)
openDemocracy (books for radicals)
Operation Actually Read Bible (favorite books)
Orange Marmalade (best books)
Oregon Daily Emerald (best books)
Orlando Weekly (best cookbooks)
Ottawa Citizen (best cookbooks)
Our Daily Read (best children's books)
Our Daily Read (best history books)
Outgoing Signals (best books)
Outlandish Books (weirdest books)
Overdrive (favorite books)
The Overflowing Library (books)

Pagan Tama (top pagan books)
Pages of Pearl (top books)
Paleo Plan (best paleo books)
Pamelibrarian (top YA books)
Pamreader (top books)
Panorama of the Mountains (favorite books)
Paperbackphoenix (best books)
Parade (top cookbooks)
Parade - John O'Leary (favorite books)
Parents (best children's books)
Paris Review (contributors' favorite books)
Passerbuys (best books)
The Passionate Foodie (favorite fiction)
Past Offences (favourite crime books)
Paste (best book covers)
Paste (best comic artists)
Paste (best comic book reprints)
Paste (best comics)
Paste (best kids comics)
Paste (best nonfiction)
Paste (best novels)
Paste (best new novels translated into English)
Paste (best young adult books)
Paul Sohn (best books)
Paula Hawkins (favorite books)
PCTELA (top books)
PDN (notable photo books)
Peace, Love & Oats (favorite books)
Peaceful Restlessness (best books)
Peak Performance (favorite books)
Pedrol (best books)
Penguin UK (staff's favorite books)
People (best books)
A Perfection Called Books (best books)
Pernille Ripp (favorite chapter books)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best books)
Photo-Eye (best photobooks)
Personal Growth (notable nonfiction books)
Phern's Perspective (favorite books)
Phil Price (books)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best books for vegans)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best cookbooks)
Picking Up the Pen (top books)
Picture Book Corner (best books)
Pierce County Library System (best books)
Pierina Reads (best books)
Pints and Cupcakes (best books)
Plate (best books for chefs and bartenders)
Playbill (theatre books)
Pompoms and Sunshine (favorite books)
Pop Culture Nerd (favorite books)
A Pop of Jess (top books)
PopCrush (best young adult books)
Popsugar (best books)
Popsugar (best books for women)
Popsugar (top cookbooks)
Popsugar (best YA books)
Popsugar (children's books)
Popsugar (best YA romance books)
Popular Mechanics (science, technology, space, and pop culture books)
The Portable Infinite (best books)
Portland Mercury (Portland writers' favorite books)
POSTmatter (best books)
Powell's Books (best cookbooks)
Powell's Books (best kids books)
Powell's Books (best YA books)
Power Line (best books)
Prime Minister's Literary Awards (best Australian books)
Print (best design books)
Print (best graphic novels and books about comics)
The Progressive (favorite books)
Publishers Weekly (authors' favorite books)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best comics)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (best middle grade books)
Publishers Weekly (best mystery/thriller)
Publishers Weekly (best nonfiction)
Publishers Weekly (best picture books)
Publishers Weekly (best poetry)
Publishers Weekly (best religion books)
Publishers Weekly (best romance)
Publishers Weekly (best SF/Fantasy/Horror)
Publishers Weekly (best middle grade books)
Publishers Weekly (staff best books)
Pucks and Paperbacks (best young adult books)
Pulp Curry (top books)
Pulse (favourite Nigerian books)
Purple Pancake Blog (top books)
PureWow (best books)

Quartz (best books)
Queering the Nation (top LGBTQ+ books)
The Quiet Knitter (best books)
QSpirit (top LGBTQ Christian books)
Quill & Quire (books of the year)
Quill's Corner (top books)

R & R…Readers and Reference (favourite books)
RA for All (best books)
Rabid Reader (best books)
Rachael Richardson Bullock (favourite books)
Rachel Neumeier (best books)
Rachel Poli (top books)
Rachel Reads Ravenously (best books)
Rae of Books (favorite books)
Raleigh News and Observer - Susie Wilde (best children's books)
Ramblings of A(nother) Frustrated Writer (top books)
ramblingsofafangirl (favourite books)
Random (But Not Really) (mystery books)
randombookgirl (top books)
The Rat's Den (favorite books)
Read. Write. Repeat. (best books)
The Reader's Room (top books)
Readers Live a Thousand Lives (best books)
Reading Away the Days (best adult books)
The Reading Fangirl (top books)
Reading Matters (favourite books)
Reading My Way Through Life (favourite books)
Reading Rachel (top books)
Reading Reality (best books)
A Reading Red Sox (best books)
Reading the Days Away (best books)
Reading the Markets (best books)
Reading with Jenna (top books)
Reading with Robin (favorite books)
Readingatdewitt (best books)
Readings (best art and design books)
Readings (best cookbooks)
Readings (best crime books)
Readings (best crossover YA books)
Readings (best fiction books)
Readings (best junior fiction books)
Readings (best middle fiction)
Readings (best non-fiction books)
Readings (best picture books)
Readings (best young adult books)
Readings (comics and graphic novels)
Readings (favourite book covers)
Readings (great books by Australian women)
Readings (top American novels)
Reads and Dreams (top books)
Reads To Live (top books)
readingwrites (top books)
Reads and Treats (top books)
Reason (best books)
Rebekah Gillian (best and worst books)
The Red Crested Writer (best books)
Red Violet (best books)
Redbook (best books)
Refinery29 (favourite books)
Reflections of a Reader (top books)
Reformedish (top books)
Religion Dispatches (best books on race and religion in American history)
Remezcla (best books by Latin US and Latin American authors)
Remodelista (best cookbooks)
Renaissance Nerd (books for leaders)
Resolved for Christ (top books)
RET - Sinead Crowley (favourite books)
Retirement 2.0 (best books)
Revolution2047 (best books by Indian authors)
Rhett Snell (books)
Rhian's Recipes (best cookbooks)
Rhode Island Public Radio - Scott Mackay (favorite books)
Rhodes of Reading (top books)
Richard Branson (favorite books)
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Doug Childer (favorite books)
Richmond Times-Dispatch - Jay Strafford (favorite books)
Rick O'Shea (books)
Rick Theule (books)
Rissponsible Reading (best books)
The Riveter (favorite books)
Rolling Stone (best music books)
Romance & Smut (best contemporary romance books)
Romance & Smut (best historical romance books)
Romancing the Readers (favorite books)
The Root (best books by black authors)
Roxane Gay (books)
RT Book Reviews - Elissa (best books)
RT Book Reviews - Kristin (best books)
The Rumpus (best poetry books)
Run Spot Run (best books)
Rural School Library (top books)
Russ on Reading (best educational books)
Russell Moore (top books)

S D Morrison (best books)
S Reads Books (top books)
Salesforce (best books)
Samstillreading (books)
San Antonio Current (best cookbooks)
San Francisco Chronicle (best books)
San Francisco Chronicle (favorite books)
San Francisco Chronicle (recommended books)
San Francisco Chronicle (top rock biographies)
San Francisco Chronicle Style (favorite books)
San Jose Mercury (best boozy books)
Sarah's Book Shelves (best books)
Sarah's Book Shelves (best debuts)
Sarah in Zombieland (top books)
Sary Yang (top business books)
Saved By Grace (top books)
Saveur (best cookbooks)
Savidge Reads (favourite books)
SBS (must-read queer books)
SCC English (list of book lists)
The Scholarly Kitchen (chefs' best books)
School Library Journal (best adult books for teens)
School Library Journal (top audiobooks)
School Library Journal (best chapter books)
School Library Journal (best LatinX books)
School Library Journal (best middle grade books)
School Library Journal (best nonfiction for young readers)
School Library Journal (best picture books)
School Library Journal (best young adult books)
School Library Journal (great board books)
School Library Journal (nonfiction chapter books for kids)
School Library Journal (top graphic novels)
Schools Week (best books for teachers and school leaders)
Science Friday (best science books)
Science News (favorite books)
Science of Running (books)
Science of Us (best science books)
Scots Whay Hae! (best books)
Scotsman (best travel books)
Scottish Book Trust (Scottish books)
Seattle Book Mama (best books)
Seattle Times (best books)
Seattle Times - Adam Woog (best mysteries)
Secular Cinephile (favorite books)
Self (best books)
Semicolon (best adult fiction)
Seminary Co-op (favorite books)
A Serious Bunburyist (best cookbooks)
SFF Book Reviews (favorite books)
The SFF Bookshelf (favourite books)
Shadow of the Stream (best books)
Shakespeare and Company (favourite books)
Shane O'Leary (favourite books)
ShansBookshelf (top books)
She Made Me Do It (favorite books)
She Missions (best books)
She Treads Softly (best books)
Shelf Awareness (best books)
Shelf Awareness (best children's and teen books)
Shelf Control (books)
The Shelf of Unread Books (best books)
Shelf Pickings (best books)
Sheridan Press (best books)
Side Trek . NYC (best books)
Signature (overlooked books)
Signs of Life (favorite books)
Simple Bites (favourite cookbooks)
Sincerely Stacie (favorite books)
Singing & Slaying (favorite books)
Sit Tableside (favorite books)
The Skinny (books)
A Skinseller's Workshop (top books)
skirtdiary21 writes (favorite books)
Sky's Reading Corner (best and worst books)
Slate (best audiobooks)
Slate (best book covers)
Slate (best historical coffee table books)
Slate (favorite comics)
Slate - Katy Waldman (favorite books)
Slate - Laura Miller (favorite books)
Slate - Mark O'Connell (best books)
Small Pond (top books)
Small Press Network (most underrated book award)
Smart Football (best books)
The Smart Set (best books)
Smexy Books (favorite books)
Smithsonian (best "art meets science" books)
Smithsonian (best books about food)
Smithsonian (best books about innovation)
Smithsonian (top history books)
Smithsonian (best travel books)
Smorgasbook (top books)
So Many Books So Little Time (best books)
Soap Queen (favorite books)
The Solitary Squad (top books)
Something Else Reviews (best Beatles books)
Somewhere Only We Know (best books)
Sonder (best books)
South China Morning Post (top Asian books)
Southern Living (best southern cookbooks)
Southern Press (favorite books)
Spectator (best and most overrated books)
Spectator (best and worst books)
Spectator (best art books)
Spectator (best gardening books)
The Spinoff (best books for kids)
The Spinoff (best fiction books)
The Spinoff (best non-fiction books)
The Spinoff (best poetry books)
Splice Today (favorite non-fiction books)
Sportsnet (best sports books)
Square-Eyed (best books)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (best books)
St. Louis Public Radio (best St. Louis books)
Stacklist (best books for entrepreneurs)
The Start of a Good Life (favorite books)
Stella Reilly (favourite books)
Stephanie Is Fictional (books)
Stevereads (best books in translation)
Storgy (best books)
Stories & Movement (books)
Straight Shootin' Book Reviews (book and author lists)
Strakul's Thoughts (favorite books)
strategy+business (best business books)
The Strategist (books)
Stray Thoughts (favorite books)
Stuck in a Book (top books)
stuckinfiction (favourite books)
Stuff That Needs Saying (top books)
Suffering the Benz (favorite books)
Style & Shenanigans (favourite books)
Suffolk Libraries (best books)
Sunday Times (best food books)
The Sundress Blog (favorite books)
Superhero Novels (best superhero novels)
Susan Fish (top books)
Suzy's Cozy World (best books)
Sydney Daily Telegraph (best cookbooks)
Symmetry (physics books)

Tablet (best Jewish children's books)
Take Another Book (top books)
Tales of Yesterday (best books)
Tamaraniac (favorite books)
Tampa Bay Times (favorite books)
Tea and a Tantrum (favorite books)
Tea Time with Marce (best books)
The Teaching Factor (notable YA books)
Teaspoon of Nose (best nonfiction)
Telegraph (best biographies)
Telegraph (best books)
Telegraph (best children's books)
Telegraph (best cookbooks)
Telegraph (best crime fiction)
Telegraph (best current affairs books)
Telegraph (best gardening books)
Telegraph (best gardening books)
Telegraph (best history books)
Telegraph (best horror and ghost books)
Telegraph (best novels)
Telegraph (best poetry books)
Telegraph (best rock biographies and music books)
Telegraph (top books)
Ten Thousand Places (best books)
The Terror of Knowing (best books)
TES (best children's books)
That's What B Said (top books)
TheBookBitch (best books)
thebookbrief (favourite books)
TheBookishUnderdog (best book)
thewonderfulworldofbooks (top books)
Thinking Through History (best books)
This Charming Mum (top holiday picture books)
Thought Catalog (books)
Thrillist (best books)
Tim Casteel (top books)
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