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April 24, 2002

Raising Alabama

Raising Hell (a parenting webzine) is among the funniest things I've read online in some time. Having children brings challenges, and these are met with humor on this site which professes:

"It's about parenting. It's about bad parenting and good parenting and the grey area between. It's about our kids and your kids and our neighbor's kids. It's about sibling rivalry and gum wads under the kitchen table. It's about video games and school concerts and temper tantrums. It's about being parents or knowing parents or wanting to be parents or not wanting to be parents."

We're on the "not wanting to be parents," side of that equation. Not that we don't love kids, we hold the under-18 population in high regard and enjoy interacting with our nephews, nieces and friends' children, but we remain the childless aunt and uncle who the nephews and nieces love to visit. Here they'll find computer games, a Playstation, board games and too many toys for a respectable couple in their thirties. My twelve-year old niece said it best two weeks ago, when she baby-sat me while the girl was out of town, "This weekend is perfect: making CD's, playing video games, staying up late and eating good food."

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