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May 25, 2002

Music News: Good, Bad and Gossip

The good news: Matador Records is streaming the new Guided By Voices album in its entirety, so if you miss it on my radio station, check it out.

The bad news: Hole has officially broken up. I remember being wowed by their first album, checking their tour dates and seeing them in Atlanta in 1992 (and falling madly in love with Courtney Love, ultimate rock chick). A very rock and roll moment: about a year after Kurt Cobain died some friends of mine and I were hanging out in a bar in Minneapolis, and CL walked in. One of my friends (rudely, loudly and fueled by Leinenkugel Red) said,"So that's what a murderer looks like." I winced, waiting for CL to walk over and kick our butts, but she just walked out, and my friend was asked to leave, and I was saved from being beaten up by a rock goddess (which, I admit, would have been a better story).

The gossip: the good guys at Glorious Noise have unearthed the marriage certificate of Jack and Meg White (of the White Stripes), officially putting to rest their insistence that they are brother and sister, causing much discussion (but not nearly as much commotion as the insistence that the band is "selling out" by playing the MTV Movie Awards next Saturday.

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