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July 7, 2004


Let's all do the Morrissey Dance (thanks to Drew).

"We donít really have time to deal with either one of being even slightly iffy about anything so with this it is pretty easy for us to both be happy with the music at all times." Benjamin Weikel of the Helio Sequence talks about the benefits of being a two-piece band with Suicide Girls.

Jeff Tweedy = Best Songwriter of Our Generation? (discussion from the Sonic Youth message board)

"Suddenly I remember two things: 1) that I'm curled up in a vehicle that's backing up at high speed on a major Manhattan expressway, and 2) that I'm on tour with a rock band." Melissa Maerz chronicles ten days on tour with Friends Like These.

"I havenít changed fundamentally. For me, the idea of growing up is this idiot idea, because I was more grown up when I was thirteen than I am now. I had aspirations and an absolute idea of the world, as Iím sure that all thirteen year olds have. I've kept my life absurd." Robert Smith of the Cure is interviewed by Spin.

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