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July 7, 2004

Spilling Toward Alpha

"I am totally in favor of tape trading, and file sharing never did anything wrong by me. People got into The Mountain Goats after downloading my stuff. The only people who are afraid of file sharing are the people whose albums are so dull presentation-wise that nobody cares about owning the actual finished product, and the people who have so little connection to their listeners that said listeners have no reason to care whether the artists they like are getting reimbursed for their efforts." With these inspired words of John Darnielle (that echo my own feelings on the subject), the Mountain Goats will now be available at the Internet Live Music Archive. There are no shows currently available, but check back often.

What does this mean? Live Mountain Goats shows will soon be made available to download, and a deserving musician will hopefully gain adoring fans. An advantage to the Live Music Archive is the availability of individual tracks versus entire shows (like Sharing the Groove), so you can sample a show or artist before committing to a show download. Browse the archive, grab some live tunes from your favorite bands or discover something new. There are even lossy (mp3/ogg) shows available for the bandwidth-challenged.

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