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April 3, 2005

Daily Downloads

As I replaced the motherboard in my media server (again) yesterday, I was browsing on my laptop, looking for new music. 3hive featured Benzos and a couple of their tunes, so I followed their link to the band's label, Stinky Records. It's refreshing when a label is secure enough to post full downloadable mp3's of their artists' work. In my hour of browsing and sampling the label's music, I decided to order several releases. Anyway, thanks to 3hive for pointing Stinky Records out, and thanks to Stinky for being progressive. Remember, "If it ain't Stinky, it ain't worth a sniff."

Benzos: several tracks [mp3]
Citizen Bird: several tracks [mp3]
Fuzz Townshend: several tracks [mp3]
Singapore Sling: several tracks [mp3]
J.U.F.: two tracks [mp3]
J.U.F. & Gogol Bordello: several tracks [mp3]
Low Flying Owls: two tracks [mp3]
Gram Rabbit: two tracks [mp3]
Another Blue Door: several tracks [mp3]

Viva K: "Splendour" [mp3]

np: Impossible Shapes - Bless The Headless

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