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April 3, 2005


The Chicago Tribune examines the internet's increasing impact on the music business, featuring Pitchfork and Fluxblog.

News flash from CNN: college students download music!

Singer-songwriter Andrew Bird talks to the San Francisco Chronicle. "Not to say that with a band I couldn't be expressive or creative, but when there are no longer the eyes of your band on your back when you're playing, and the only thing you have to think about is the audience, you can really lose yourself in what you're playing."

Detroit's WDRQ changes its format to resemble an iPod in shuffle mode.

A directory of songs from The Family Guy

Creative writing programs are flourishing.

The Bondage Jukebox streams your favorite BDSM tunes.

Beck is interviewed by Yahoo! Music. "I never had that thing that maybe other bands have, where they have a real specific idea of what they are and what their sound is, and how they can't do certain things because their fans won't understand it. I didn't have that at all--I had the opposite. But if you have a wide range of taste, you're just going to gravitate in all directions"

Recording to analog tape is getting rarer in the digital age.

The New York Times reviews Fiona Apple's unreleased Extraordinary Machine album.

Tom Hall talks to the Charlotte Observer about his opera, The Sharecropper's Daughter. "We were definitely influenced by the Drive-By Truckers and their ode to Lynyrd Skynyrd. We have some Strom Thurmond in there, racism, the loss of the American farm at the hands of the federal government. The basic story is, you know, the whole Southern thing."

Pop culture illustrates academic concepts in US colleges.

The Boston Globe examines the lasest wave of British rock bands.

np: M. Ward - Duet For Guitars #2

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