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June 23, 2005

Daily Downloads

I often joke that Robert Duffy (mastermind of is the "midwestern internet media mogul," but like all jokes, there is truth to this statement. Donewaiting has become a pillar in the online and Columbus, Ohio, communities, with its varied affiliates that seem to cover the globe and lively message board. In September, Duffy's record label, Sunken Treasure, will release its first album, Beneath the Pavement, A Beach!, by the Celebrity Pilots.

Celebrity Pilots: two tracks [mp3]
Jason Cox: xoc - SMW (complete soundtrack to Super Mario World cover) [mp3,ogg,flac]
His Name Is Alive: free Summer Bird EP [mp3]
Jetpack: several tracks and covers [mp3]
The Airfields: several tracks [mp3]
Luke Tan: several tracks [mp3]
Various Artists: tracks from Stickfigure Records [mp3,ogg]
Various Artitst: two tracks from Cocoa House Noise Labs (click release) [cd]
Various Artists: tracks from Humblebee Recordings [mp3]
Engineers: "Come In Out of the Rain" [mp3] from Engineers

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