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June 22, 2005


Is John Darnielle the sexiest male vegetarian? The singing vegetarian's latest album, The Sunset Tree, is reviewed by the Minneapolis City Pages.

Will Oldham sings "Puff The Magic Dragon" on a Lucky Dog Records 7" due in July (listen to a Quicktime sample on the site).

Thunderegg is recording and making available a song every week in 2005.

The Torontoist keeps an archive of their mixtapes made from free and legal tunes.

Frank Black is looking to release his second Nashville-based album in early 2006.

"I wasn't really thinking in terms of, 'this is the follow-up album' [to 'Honeycomb']," Black continues. "It was sort of like, let's do another session and see what happens. Most of it was recorded in one night, like a midnight to 6 p.m. the next day all-nighter kind of thing."

New Pornographer Carl Newman talks to Rolling Stone about the band's new album, Twin Cinema, and upcoming tour.

Suicide Girls interviews Tom Bissell, author of God Lives in St. Petersburg (and LHB "Book Notes" contributor).

DRE: Why does the short story format work for you?

TB: I love short stories and I read a lot of them. No one really understands writing. I’ve been teaching writing lately and that has really been driven home very profoundly. I really have no idea why something works and something else doesn’t. I just know it when I see it. I feel like short stories is something I’ve begun to understand.

The MP3 Blog Project survey results are in, complete with a blog.

Prospect profiles Jean-Paul Sartre.

Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart talks to Vue Weekly and the Ottawa Sun.

"In the late ’90s, music became a little bit guarded and a little bit more ironic and cool and cute. I was far more influenced by the music of the early ’80s," Stewart continues, revealing an affection for the work of Joy Division.

The Minneapolis City Pages wonders why they are enjoying Christian rock.

Flagpole previews this year's Athfest.


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