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June 13, 2005

Tomorrow's Shopping Bag (This Week's Interesting CD & DVD Releases)

My music pre-orders were no-brainers this week, with Caitlin Cary's Begonias (with Thad Cockrell), the Pernice Brothers' Discover a Lovelier You, Brian Eno's Another Day on Earth, and Dressy Bessy's Electrified being on my radar for months. Eno's album is especially tempting, being his first vocal album in fifteen years. These discs and the John Waters DVD box set (see below) just about eat up my budget for media purchases this week, though I could be talked into another CD or two.

John Waters' "Very Crudely Yours" set of seven films (plus a bonus disc of extras) makes up the majority of my DVD purchases this week. Since I have only in the past couple of years picked up a DVD player, this box set is a great way to acquire a majority of one of my favorite filmmaker's work. The tenth anniversary edition of Casino is a real possibility once I get to the meglo-mart and pick through my list based on sale prices.

The 101'ers: Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited [cd]
Aesop Rock: Fast Car, Danger, Fire and Knives (with bonus track) [cd]
Bear vs Shark: Terrorhawk [cd]
Brian Eno: Another Day on Earth [cd]
Caitlin Cary, Thad Cockrell: Begonias [cd]
Circus Devils: Five [cd]
Decahedron: 2005 [cd]
The Doleful Lions: Shaded Lodge and Mausoleum [cd]
Dressy Bessy: Electrified [cd]
Dwight Yoakam: Blame the Vain [cd]
Fantomas: Suspended Animation [cd]
Fat Joe: All or Nothing [cd]
Foo Fighters: In Your Honor [cd]
Grey DeLisle: Iron Flowers [cd]
Group Sounds: EP [cd]
Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard: Batman Begins (soundtrack) [cd]
Hanne Hukkelberg: Little Things [cd]
Hopewell: Birds of Appetite [cd]
Howard Fishman: Look At All This! [cd]
Indigo Girls: Rarities (remastered limited edition) [cd]
Innaway: Innaway [cd]
Jason Forrest: Lady Fantasy EP [cd]
Kevin Blechdom: Eat My Heart Out [cd]
Lungfish: Feral Hymns [cd]
Mercy Creek: Bonfire of Vanities [cd]
Miles Davis: 'Round About Midnight (remastered with bonus disc) [cd]
No Use for a Name: Keep Them Confused [cd]
Odd Nosdam: Burner [cd]
Orange Peels: Circling the Sun [cd]
The Oranges Band: The World and Everything in It [cd]
Pernice Brothers: Discover a Lovelier You [cd]
Phil Kellogg: Gravity Can Bring You Down [cd]
Ry Cooder: Chavez Ravine [cd]
Velvet Underground: Gold (remastered) [cd]
Wayne Shorter: Beyond the Sound Barrier (live) [cd]

The Arthur Dong Collection - Stories from the War on Homosexuality (Coming Out Under Fire / Licensed to Kill / Family Fundamentals) [dvd]
Au Hasard Balthazar (Criterion Collection) [dvd]
Brother to Brother [cd]
Casino (Widescreen 10th Anniversary Edition) [dvd]
The City [dvd]
Cracker - The Complete US Series [dvd]
Dark Victory (Restored and Remastered Edition) [dvd]
A Dirty Shame (NC-17 Theatrical Version) [dvd]
Duke Ellington - Copenhagen Parts One and Two [dvd]
The Eagles - Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne [dvd]
Fairly OddParents - School's Out! The Musical [dvd]
Good Neighbors - The Complete Series 1-3 [dvd]
Gun - The Complete Six Film Anthology [dvd]
Heaven Can Wait (Criterion Collection) [dvd]
Hello Kitty's Animation Theatre [dvd]
Hitch (Widescreen Edition) [dvd]
Jaws (Widescreen 30th Anniversary Edition) [dvd]
JibJab - Early Years 1999-2004 [dvd]
The Joan Crawford Collection (Humoresque / Possessed (1947) / The Damned Don't Cry / The Women / Mildred Pierce) [dvd]
John Waters Collection (A Dirty Shame NC-17 Version / Desperate Living / Female Trouble / Hairspray / Pecker / Pink Flamingos / Polyester) [dvd]
The King of Queens - The Complete Fourth Season [dvd]
Kwik Stop [dvd]
The League of Gentlemen - Christmas Special [dvd]
The League of Gentlemen - The Collection [dvd]
The League of Gentlemen - The Complete Series 2 [dvd]
The League of Gentlemen - The Complete Series 3 [dvd]
Little House on the Prairie - The Complete Season 8 [dvd]
The Nomi Song - The Klaus Nomi Odyssey [dvd]
Northern Exposure - The Complete Third Season [dvd]
Northern Exposure - Seasons 1-3 Bundle [dvd]
Paul McCartney - Live in Red Square [dvd]
Reno 911 - The Complete Second Season (Uncensored) [dvd]
Rosemary & Thyme [dvd]
Rory O'Shea Was Here [dvd]
Tilt - Season One [dvd]
Visions of England [dvd]

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