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June 13, 2005


Pink Floyd to reunite for London's Live 8.

Gonzo Imperial Porter is a tribute beer to author Hunter S. Thompson, with a percentage of each sale going toward the Gonzo Memorial Fist in Aspen.

T-shirt of the day: a kitten in a Devo-like hat.

The Hollywood reporter reviews Sleater-Kinney's Thursday night performance (which included a Danzig cover).

The New York Times covers Bonnaroo.

Maisonneuve isn't very impressed with Beck's latest album, Guero.

Beck’s heart is in the right place, but Guero feels too aloof, as though there are too many things he’s incapable of shedding, like the ennui that influenced Sea Change, the record-label parasites that force him to do this or that, or the smoke blown up his ass by music critics because they’re too afraid to say that his latest album is mind-barf.

I'm selling an unopened, brand new Sony PSP on eBay if anyone's in the market for one. Also at auction: the copy of City Lights Books' 1960 Beatitude Anthology I picked up at the thrift store yesterday. After I got home, I realized i already had a copy when I shelved it...

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