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September 7, 2005


LHB favorite singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson is organizing music donations for Hurricane Katrina evacuees, and lists addresses both in the US and Europe to send your extra cds, cassettes, walkmen, portable cd players, boomboxes, and headphones. My box goes out this morning... Please pass on the information if you can.

In a unique benefit for Hurricane Katrina relief, Undertow Music is auctioning the entire Centro-matic/South San Gabriel/Will Johnson CD discography on eBay.

The Christian Science Monitor examines litblogs.

interesting CSM speak: Bookslut = "'book' plus a vulgar term for a woman of loose morals" (I love Bookslut however you spell it)

Antony and the Johnsons won the Mercury Music Prize, just as I had hoped, for I Am a Bird Now.

Congratulations to Elizabeth, who was the first to guess the winner in yesterday's contest, your prize package goes in the mail this morning.

Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett talk to

"[Coldplay] are really good at what they do, which is writing songs that don't really leave your brain after you hear them," Sennett added. "Maybe some of their genius will rub off on us."

(personal editor's note: I hope not)

John Vanderslice offers a user's guide to his latest album, Pixel Revolt.

AccessAtlanta names their top 100 "songs of the south."

Salon examines Hurricane Katrina's effect on the New Orleans' music scene.

The Herald reviews the Drive-By Truckers recent Glasgow show.

It was a wrenching cover of Newman's Louisiana that really stopped the show, and when Jason Isbell, one of the band's three singer/guitarists, sang "Louisiana, Louisiana/They're tryin' to wash us away" in his cracked, heartbroken voice, I am sure the man beside me started crying.

Interpol, Bloc Party and the Arcade Fire are this guy's fashion inspirations (seriously).

Today's Lunar Park reviews:

Minneapolis City Pages: "Intentionally or not, B.E.E., as per usual, perfectly captures the zeitgeist."

The Daily Evergreen: "a very chilling yet highly entertaining novel."


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