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November 12, 2005


The Des Moines Register reviews Thursday night's Bright Eyes show.

Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier talks to the Houston Chronicle.

"I wouldn't consider our music to be avant garde or pop or rock necessarily," Saunier says. "We don't really think about genres. There's some improvisation, but we do have songs, we do have some idea what we're going to play. We like to keep it where the possibilities for surprising ourselves are always there."

Isaac Asimov's Super Quiz has a music theme this week.

Jewish hipsters meld their faith with irony.

The Globe and Mail talks to Yegor Sak, founder of

Save a couple of dollars, and support the Drive-By Truckers by buying tickets to their holiday shows from the band.

Singer-songwriter Steve Earle talks to New Zealand's Stuff.

The Guardian goes on tour with the Arctic Monkeys.

The Memphis Flyer lists ten "A-list" shows in the city's history. A decent list, but I'd rather see Scenestar's take on the subject.

Slate reviews albums by "New York's new avant garde."

Does anyone have a Lifehacker commenter invitation to share? If so, I would appreciate one.

Feminista!s list "100 Great 20th Century Works of Fiction by Women."

Happy belated birthday to author Kurt Vonnegut, who turned 83 yesterday.

Seattle indie record label has started a blog.

gorilla vs. bear offers an indie holiday mixtape.

Nude As The News is sponsoring a review-writing contest, with the winner getting two copies (one of each cover) of the Guided By Voices Propellor vinyl reissue.

Trouser Mouse creates a bedtime story from indie rock song titles.

T-shirt of the day: Mario - Che Guevera.


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