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November 17, 2005


Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene talks about Canadian music to the Winnipeg Sun.

"People are a bit tired of bigger different artists (who) I don't want to name being ambassadors for our country," concurs Broken Social Scene co-founder Brendan Canning. "There's lot of good bands per capita in Canada. We've got the Americans beat for sure."

The Louisville Courier-Journal was more impressed by openers The magic Numbers and Feist than headliner Bright Eyes Tuesday.

Conor Oberst could have tied and re-tied his shoes for 90 minutes Tuesday night at the Brown Theatre and he would still have gotten a standing ovation from the army of 15-year-olds there to adore him and his band, Bright Eyes.

Joan Didion won the National Book Award for her nonfiction work, The Year of Magical Thinking.

The Jerry Garcia collection of Birkenstock sandals???

The Pitch interviews My Morning Jacket bassist Two-tone Tommy.

You guys play "Freebird" in Elizabethtown. How'd you hook that up?

We ran into Cameron about three years ago in L.A., and he was talking about how he was making this film that was going to be in Kentucky, and we figured that we'd stop by the set sometime to see what the movie business was all about. Next thing we know, he's in Louisville, and he's talkin' to us about funerals and wakes and what kind of bourbon you'd drink and what things would be like when you lived in Kentucky — just kind of everyday stuff. And then from there he decided to cast us in the movie, playing a Skynyrd tune.

Romeo and Juliet, presented entirely in emoticons

Jason Isbell of the Drive-By Truckers talks to Charlotte's Creative Loafing.

Luckily for Isbell, the other members of the band accepted him, not just as the new guitar player but also a songwriter alongside Hood and co-founder Mike Cooley. "If I came in with a song that sounded like f*cking Bauhaus, as long as it was a good song, they probably wouldn't mind, though Cooley would probably give me shit," Isbell said.

Tilly and the Wall are keeping a recording diary (aka a blog) as they record their new album.

A Head Full of Wishes has posted its fourth Luna/Galaxie 500/Damon and Naomi/Dean and Britta survey.

Suicide Girls interviews OK Go's Tim Norwind.

DRE: How did the Million Ways to Be Cool video come about?

Nordwind: It wasn’t meant to be a video actually. We usually end our shows with a choreographed dance to one of our own songs. We were learning a new dance and we decided to record it to see what it looked like. We recorded it and passed it around to a couple friends at the show to show them what we had been up to. So it’s just us dancing in a backyard. Pretty soon it was on the internet and then it was the number one most watched video on myspace. Entertainment Weekly was writing about it and all that. So it has become our first single.


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