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December 27, 2005


Indie Wire lists "insider ten best lists" of 2005 films.

Wired News names 2005's sexiest geeks, including LHB favorite Jessa Crispin from Bookslut (though I think Michael Schaub at the Bookslut blog is just as hot).

Get a subscription to all Jay Ryan's 2006 show posters for only $600 (get on the waiting list, at least, for a spot). Some of Jay's previous work is available, and be sure to also check out the creations of Diana Sudyka and Mat Daly also at The Bird Machine.

Blogpulse lists their 2005 year in review, including top blogs, blog posts, and more.

The New York Times examines the internet's positive effect on indie record labels.

But no factor is more significant than the Internet, which has shaken up industry sales patterns and, perhaps more important, upended the traditional hierarchy of outlets that can promote music. Buzz about an underground act can spread like a virus, allowing a band to capture national acclaim before it even has a recording contract, as was the case this year with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, an indie rock band.

Emerald City lists "literary fiction for people who hate literary fiction."

Today's 2005 music lists:

Culturebully (top mashups)
Daily Mirror (best album)
Des Moines Register (albums)
Indieworkshop (albums)
the Independent's critics' poll (albums)
JustAddNoise (albums)
Listen Missy (albums & songs)
USA Today (albums)
Washington Examiner (worst albums)
WOXY (albums)


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