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January 14, 2006


The Boston Globe reviews singer-songwriter Laura Cantrell's Thursday night performance.

The Dallas Morning News interviews author (and Colin Meloy inspiration) Myla Goldberg.

Do you consider Bee Season a Jewish book, a spiritual book, both, or neither?

I just consider Bee Season a book. I wrote it hoping that people who like to read good books would like it. I have no problem with people calling it a Jewish book. It's got Jews in it, it's got Jewish mysticism in it, so I can see why people would think of it as a Jewish book. But I personally think of it as literary fiction.

Cat Power's Chan Marshall talks to Australia's The Age about her new album, The Greatest.

The explanation for her recent excursion to Memphis is kept very perfunctory. "I tried to record in different studios, I kept trying to find different friends that could get together and play, and it just wasn't working out," she says. "So (my label) were like, 'If you could have anybody, who would it be?', and I said, 'What about Al Green's band?' And that's how it happened."

The Delaware News Journal collects twelve important online music links (including LHB).

The Guardian printed an extract today from Kurt Vonnegut's memoir, A Man Without a Country.

Wears the Trousers interviews singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas.

You said once that you were planning to do an album of covers. Is that still on the cards for you?

Well here’s the deal. Now it’s changed a bit. Damien [Jurado] keeps touring and we were going to do it together. He’ll be like, “Rose, I’m going to…” and I’m all, “aww, man!” So I think Sufjan Stevens and I are going to do something. We already recorded a few songs together in the summer and then I’m going to go out there at Christmas and spend time with him in New York. And we’re going to record as many songs as we can. And then with Sam Beam from Iron & Wine – I’m going to shuttle over to Texas and we’re going to record some there too. So that might be the cover record, but covers and songs we’ve written together. I’m all about the collaboration lately, just because when I hang out with different people, so much different inspiration comes. The stuff Sufjan and I wrote this summer, I was like, “woah! Did I write that?” and he was like, “no, we wrote that!” covers women who rock.

See You In The Pit, the SXSW mp3 blog, has launched its 2006 edition previewing bands scheduled to appear at the Austin music festival, welcome back!


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