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January 28, 2006


The New York Times profiles the connection between former Guided By Voices frontman Bob Pollard and film director Steven Soderbergh.

The two have started working together on another project, "Cleopatra," which is being written by Jim Greer, author of the "Brief History" book. The film is described by Mr. Soderbergh as " 'Tommy' meets 'Viva Las Vegas.' "

The Age reports that as Australian pop fizzles, the country's indie rock offerings surge forward.

Local authors share their winter reading lists with the San Francisco Examiner.

Galleycat reports that the Brooklyn Public Library has changed the clasification of James Frey's memoir A Million Little Pieces to fiction. interviews eMusic's chief operating officer, David Pakman.

MP3: I get the sense that you think iTunes et al don't spend enough time targeting the older demographic that's not into the latest hits.

DP: We've done a bunch of customer research. If you send your typical 36- to 42-year-old person to the iTunes homepage, their reaction tends to be, "This is music for my kids." They don't really know who Kelly Clarkson is and who Ludacris is. So it's not going to help reconnect them to music. These people are eMusic customers.

Bert Jansch talks to the Guardian about his influence on the folk musicians of today.

"I can actually hear myself in the music of people like Devendra Banhart," says Jansch, who is headlining a concert at the Barbican that will also feature Bunyan and members of weird folk's young guard. "They're taking a different approach - I'm brought up in the songwriting tradition and they tend to make fragments of songs with no real beginning and end - but the connection is there."

Art Spiegelman talks to the Arizona Republic about the growth in graphic novels.

"In the past few years, what seemed to be a very obscure, cultlike arena has now become a superhighway, so that comics, under the name graphic novels, are really an important part of what's happening in bookstores all over the place, and get reported on and reviewed as if they were real books, by God."

The Santa Fe New Mexican discovers the wealth of music that is the Live Music Archive.

The American Library Association announced their 2006 Stonewall Award winners for "for literature and one for nonfiction to 'English-language books of exceptional merit relating to the [LGBT] experience'."

Kathryn Yu offers sensible tips for SXSW attendees at It's SXSW Baby!

Last year Astrofish offered festival-goers advice, and David Nunez helped music lovers pack their bags.


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