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March 4, 2006


Singer-songwriter Neko Case is interviewed by the Washington Post.

You've gone from having a cult audience to a much wider audience. And around here, you've moved from headlining shows at small clubs like Iota and mid-sized clubs like the Black Cat to your next show here where you'll headline at the 9:30.

Well, I don't mind the slow climb. That's okay with me because I'm not going to a fat farm and I'm not going to be on reality TV. I need to tour. [Laughs.] I gotta be blue collar about this or otherwise no one's going to know that I'm playing music.

When Waxy gets hit with a cease and desist letter for hosting the satirical "House of Cosby" animations, it's a good time to remember that the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is continually fighting for online (and bloggers') rights.

IndieHQ is a "forum for bands, record labels and everyone else who is interested in independent music."

Harp reviews Robert Pollard's January North Carolina performance.

The night pointed to an evolution of Pollard's live show. Whereas Guided By Voices placed a premium on mischievous merrymaking and relished the spontaneity of the drunken moment, Keene and company dismissed any onstage antics for technical proficiency.

"Is it OK if we mellow out?" Pollard asked the crowd. "See Guided By Voices didn't mellow out. We kept hammering (the music) down your throats like a bunch of amateurs."

Both the Pitchfork and Noise Pop music festivals have announced preliminary lineups.

Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lekman talks to Australia's Xpress magazine.

"Jonathan Richman is one of my all time favourite artists and I would like to be him if I could, but obviously I can't. The last time I was supposed to see him live I was playing with this rock band in Europe - this psychedelic rock band. We played in Hamburg and he was going to be playing the next day. The promoter said to me that I should stick around because I had the day off, but this rock band that I was playing with wanted to go to Amsterdam and buy drugs. We ended up going to Amsterdam to buy drugs instead of watching Jonathan Richman and I just remember I was sitting in a hotel room while everyone else was stoned and I was sitting there listening to I'm Straight, being ever so bitterly disappointed, and deciding that I would never have anything to do with drugs at all in my whole life."

The Guardian examines "Google's literary land grab."

Torontoist interviews author Jonathan Ames.

Can you describe Oedipussy, the play that you'll be performing here?

I'll be doing a version of "Oedipussy," which is a series of linked monologues from my life, stories of my childhood and early fatherhood. They are tales of odd calamities, physical problems, puberty, smoking crack, making love, the agony and the ecstasy.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs talk to the Los Angeles Times about their new album, Show Your Bones.

"This time, we were a little more insecure," Zinner said. "We knew we didn't want the same sound or musical paradigm. And we all had intense bouts of self-pressure and self-doubt."

Said the Gramophone had artist Keith Andrew Shore visually interpret two classic tracks.

The Mystery Jets are interviewed by Drowned in Sound.

You’ve had mostly good press from all aspects of the media. Would it bother you if they turned against you at some point?

Henry: Personally I’ve been bowled over by the quality of the press we’ve had., because I really didn’t expect to be understood or appreciated in this lifetime! As for the coins turning, of course they’ll turn as what’s popular today is not necessarily popular tomorrow so it wouldn’t surprise me if one day people turn around and say “The Mystery Jets? They’re so self-indulgent!” although none of that would be real. It’s just how we are.

Shejay lists the top 100 female DJs.

CitizenPod offers its SXSW 2006 clickguide, a schedule of the festival for your iPod.

Shadows members recommend 2006 SXSW bands.


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