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June 3, 2006


The DePaulia profiles Chicago's five big summer music festivals.

The New York Times reviews recently released music books.

The New York Times lists books on fantasy baseball.

The Futureheads' Ross Miller talks about Kate Bush's reaction to their cover of her song, Hounds of Love."

“Unfortunately no-one answered the phone,” Ross laughs. “She left a voicemail saying 'hello Futureheads. I just wanted to say thanks for doing the cover version, I think it's brilliant and hope you have a nice Christmas.' The message got deleted, though.

“In a small way we might have done a little bit for her - brought her to NME readers. Yeah, we've given her a leg-up!” he jokes.

The New York Times "Comics Chronicle" column reviews two books I highly recommend, C. Tyler's Late Bloomer and Jessica Abel's La Perdida.

The Springfield News-Leader explains the significance of the number, 666 (besides the fact that 6/06/06 is the National Day of Slayer).

The Lower Hudson Journal News lists "summer's sizzling hot books."

In his AP column, Fluxblog's Matthew Perpetua chronicles a listening party for the new Thom Yorke album (after it leaked).

XL vice president of A&R Kris Chen was pleased with the event in spite of the leak. "We were aware that a lot of people wouldn't get to the hear the album very far in advance," he said, referencing the fact that the record itself was kept a secret from the industry until just three weeks ago. Chen explained that for XL, the party was a success if just because they were able to gather their choice of bloggers, writers, and record store owners to hear the fully mastered album, adding that the MP3s in circulation are poorly ripped and not indicative of the finished product's sound quality.

The Chicago Maroon compares this summer's Pitchfork Music Festival and Lollapalooza.

Reuters examines the perils of viral music video sharing.

Viral video sharing would not have been an issue just 18 months ago, when the labels still viewed music videos as a promotional tool for selling albums. But today videos are a rapidly growing money-maker for the music business. The RIAA estimates that sales of music videos topped $3.7 million in three months, after being introduced in October. Meanwhile, the major labels also are sharing in the profits of ad-supported video-on-demand offerings from AOL, Yahoo, Music Choice and others.

McSweeney's lists roller-derby pseudonyms for literature majors.

This site has mini-reviews of all P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves novels and story collections.

Bishop Allen's May EP is available for purchase, grab the track "Butterfly" at the band's website.


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