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September 11, 2006


A music critic for East Tennessee State's college newspaper recounts his experience in the audience at MTV's TRL.

The New York Times profiles the metal band, Mastodon.

Mastodon has progressive-rock tendencies — members of the band worship records like Pink Floyd’s “Animals” and Genesis’s “Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” — but manage to exercise them without playing coldly; when the songs shift metrically from four to three to seven, or from a medium groove into hyperspeed, they’re nice, greasy segues, recorded without studio edits.

Author David Sedaris has a new piece in the New Yorker, "In the Waiting Room," about the advantages of speaking French.

Newsday lists interesting fall book releases.

Time magazine asks actor/author/radio host Al Franken ten questions.

You might run for the Senate in Minnesota in 2008. Why have celebrities--Reagan, Schwarzenegger, even Fred Grandy, the guy who played Gopher on The Love Boat--been so successful as politicians?

Yeah, but how successful was Gopher, really?

And your campaign slogan?

"I'm Serious."

Uncle LD's High Bias provides a "comfort music" mix.

The Catbirdseat is now making its monthly mix available as an enhanced podcast.

The New York Times shares entries from author Susan Sontag's journals.

Said the Gramophone had Johnnie Cluney (the artist behind those marvelous Daytrotter illustrations) illustrate two songs in a "Said the Guests" feature last week.

rbally shares three acoustic tracks from John Roderick of the Long Winters.

Harp interviews Peaches.

Apparently, conservatives enjoy better, wilder sex lives than Liberals. What the hell is that all about?

Well, they’re repressed, they hold it in longer and then they explode!!

Do you really think it’s big or clever to fling your perverted filth at America’s clean-cut, wholesome young breeders? Well do you??!!

Ready. Aim. Fire!


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