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January 10, 2007


Yesterday, I posted my weekly music release list at Brooklynvegan as well as LHB. Rumors of an imminent merger (Largehearted Vegan? Brooklyn Hearted Boy?) are unfortunately unfounded (although as a commenter noted, we do make a cute couple). Undoubtedly swayed by the dog (Lily) we took home at a local animal shelter yesterday and the two cats we have rescued, I decided to share the list at BV and donate whatever affiliate earnings it generates to humane societies and animal rights groups, causes both BV and I both support wholeheartedly.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian interviews Matt & Kim.

"We're totally a summertime band," says Johnson, a onetime political punk fan who worked in film production.

"We like fun songs and fun things related to summer. I guess people get a little grumpier in winter, so as far as writing fast and up-spirited songs goes, it's much better for it."

IGN lists the top ten songs about trains.

Author Francisca Solar talks to the BBC News.

"All the things I know about literature, about writing, I learned in the fan fiction world," Solar told BBC World Service's The Word programme.

"I owe it everything."

Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk speaks to Boston's Phoenix.

“People can call me whatever they want and I’m cool with that,” he says over the phone from his home town of Pittsburgh. “I feel like I’m blurring lines right now with what’s original music and what’s just a mix. I’m just making songs out of pop samples.”

Cracked lists the five biggest mismatches in movie fight history.

CD Reviews lists their ten worst album covers of 2006.

The Comic Book Bin reviews Brian K. Vaughan's graphic novel, Pride of Baghdad.

The A.V. Club interviews DJ, producer and label head Peanut Butter Wolf.

AVC: What's the first hip-hop album that made a real impact on you?

PBW: There was never an album that I was really excited about. There was always just a few tracks. The early, early stuff. It was always about the single. Kurtis Blow, or Sugarhill Gang, or Grandmaster Flash, or any of those.

The Rock Hill Herald interviews comic artist and scholar Scott McCloud.

"Comics in 2006 are capable of many different things," he said. "They can be children's stories; they can have deep complexity and be multilayered, challenging with moral ambiguity. They are stories that merit reading."

World Famous Comics interviews author Alan Moore.

Page Six reveals that Simon Cowell thinks Bob Dylan, "just bores me to tears."

rbally continues its string of amazing live show downloads with Cat Power's November Berlin performance.

Singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith talks to NPR's Day to Day.

"In America... everything for quite some time now has been kind of groove-based and R&B and hip-hop and all that stuff," Sexsmith says. "I've always felt a bit square."

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