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October 8, 2007


My Old Kentucky Blog features three in-studio tracks from singer-songwriter John Vanderslice.

Harp points out a documentary, "Couldn't You Wait?," being made about the Chicago band Silkworm.

The Seattle Times examines the end-user agreement to Amazon's DRM-free mp3 downloads.

Amazon's MP3 songs lack digital locks, the software that provides digital-rights management, or DRM. But you're still limited in how you can use the music. The difference is that instead of using software for protection, the restrictions are in the user agreement, a contract you automatically agree to when you buy the songs.

The Louisville Courier-Journal talks to musicians about cover songs.

Singer-songwriter Josh Ritter talks to the Washington Post's Express about the differences between his last two albums.

"My last record had a real motor to it, a real reason for being: the war and religion and how we use one to talk about the other. It was very cerebral," said Ritter describing "The Animal Years." "['The Historical Conquests Of ...'] was about cutting loose and pushing the grandfather clock down the stairs with beer and bb guns and everything."

Ashcan Rantings interviews me.

The A.V. Club lists 16 films "without which Wes Anderson couldn't have happened."

Pitchfork interviews singer-songwriter Jens Lekman, whose Night Falls Over Kortedala is released in the US tomorrow.

Pitchfork: So you're no longer at your pace of writing a song a day?

Jens Lekman: Oh, I write songs all the time. They don't have a color or a face yet. They don't have a direction yet, I think. They're just songs, like, uh-- I was almost gonna say "like babies," but I hate when songwriters refer to their songs as babies. So we'll see how I'll dress them up.

The New Yorker features new short fiction, "Sin Doyle," by T. Coraghessan Boyle.

Harry Potter Fan Fiction now features over 42,000 pieces of short fiction.

Blender interviews Siouxsie Sioux.

Designer Stanley Donwood talks to the Scotsman about the artwork for the "discbox" version of Radiohead's new album, In Rainbows.

For In Rainbows he's been trying a photographic etching technique, putting prints into acid baths with random results. He keeps the finer details close to his chest, and the band refuse to show off the box properly until the release date, but a small picture at has multicoloured blocky text contrasting with scratchy grey abstractions. "The finished product is quite a lush thing. It's the most over-the-top project I've done with [Radiohead]."

The Brooklyn Rail gauges the "Pitchfork effect."

Australia's the Age bemoans that continent;s great out-of-print novels.

That Truncheon Thing's Classic Bootleg Series features a 1979 Ramones New Year's Eve performance.

The October issue of Bookslut is online and filled with literary wonders, including interviews with author Justine Musk, poet Mattea Harvey, and much more.

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