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December 25, 2007


The Nexus has comics industry writers and editors give presents to their characters.

The City Pages offers ten streaming and/or downloadable Christmas songs.

The Los Angeles Times reprints an interview with recently departed jazzman Oscar Peterson, where he lists his favorite recordings.

Wikipedia lists award-winning graphic novels.

Wired's Listening Post blog predicts live music webcasting will be big in 2008.

"Imagine sitting at work in the States and flipping around through a couple hundred live concerts going on in Europe that second," said NowHound founder C.C. Lagator in an e-mail interview. "Because artists performing live online are so scattered across the internet, they're essentially preaching to the choir, with only their own fans able to follow them. In order for this space to grow, and for this to become a viable promotional tool for artists, there needs to be a way for live webcasts to be seen by new fans."

The New York Times reviews the film, Persepolis.

In this age of Pixar and “Shrek,” it is good to be reminded that animation is rooted not in any particular technique, but in the impulse to bring static images to life. And “Persepolis,” austere as it may look, is full of warmth and surprise, alive with humor and a fierce independence of spirit. Its flat, stylized depiction of the world — the streets and buildings of Tehran and Vienna in particular — turns geography into poetry.

NPR's All Things Considered has journalists recommend overlooked books of the year.

HMV lists its musical artists to watch in 2008.

BBC Berkshire interviews Joel Potts from Athlete.

The Atlantic ponders "can poetry matter?"

IFC News interviews Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud about their film, Persepolis.

The film is very faithful to the graphic novel, but was there anything omitted from the film because you found it worked in the book but didn't work in the movie?

MS: Absolutely! The first script that we wrote was about twice as big as the final version. There were things that seemed extremely important when we storyboarded it, and we might have even put it into the animatic. But then you watch it and you say, "I'm just repeating the same thing twice and it's destroying the rhythm of the story." I wasn't sitting there going, "Oh, this is my great idea, it goes in!" If it doesn't work, we'd just cut it and throw it out.

VP: The marvelous thing about this work is we have two completely different things that come from this same story. They're very similar, but at the same time, they are so different. It's not a transposition; it really is more like an adaptation. That's why I felt like I had so much freedom in this project, because Marjane was smart enough to know when to put the book down.

Lullabyes is sharing mp3s from a recent Dan Wilson solo performance.

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