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December 25, 2007

Updates to the Master List of Online "Best of 2007" Music Lists

Highlights of today's updates to the master list of 2007 online "best of" music lists include the results of Billboard's critics poll, a bevy of lists from Rhapsody's blog, and Entertainment Weekly's best songs of the year.

daily updates to the master list

Acoustic Cafe (best in-studio performances)
Beta (best albums)
Beta (best singles)
Beta (worst albums)
Billboard - Critics Poll (albums)
Blar! It's Brad's Blog (top albums)
Blar! It's Brad's Blog (top songs) (best pop & rock albums)
buster (best albums)
The Bygone Bureau (best albums)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster - ako (favorite albums & songs)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster - l.m.s. (best albums, songs, & shows)
Confessions of a Would-Be Hipster - m.a.b. (favorite albums, songs, & shows)
Delusions of Adequacy (top albums)
Delusions of Adequacy (favorite shows)
Delusions of Adequacy (favorite songs)
Delusions of Adequacy (music)
Delusions of Adequacy (overlooked albums)
Delusions of Adequacy - Matt the Raven (top songs)
Entertainment Weekly (best songs)
Great Northern (best albums)
Great Perfect Thanks (top albums)
IFMagazine (best albums & songs)
Kofi's Hat (top albums & EPs)
Le Fale o Neli... (top irritating pop songs)
Leaky Sparrow (top albums)
Let's Sexy Fighting (top albums)
Media Munchers (albums)
Metal Bastard's MP3 Blahg (top albums)
The Most Useless Blog Ever (top albums)
philip sherburne (albums)
The Plugg (favorite album covers)
The Realests (albums of the year)
Rhapsody - Listeners' Favorites (best albums)
Rhapsody (best blues albums)
Rhapsody (best classical albums)
Rhapsody (best comedy albums)
Rhapsody (best electronica/dance albums)
Rhapsody (best folk albums)
Rhapsody (best jazz albums)
Rhapsody (best Latin Music)
Rhapsody (best metal albums)
Rhapsody (best reggae albums)
Rhapsody (best soul/R&B albums)
Rhapsody (best stage & screen albums)
Rhapsody (best world music albums)
Rumproast (best albums)
Sam Valenti IV - Ghostly International (favorite albums)
SF Weekly - John Graham (top albums)
The Silent Ballet (top albums)
stop motion and all cut-out (most disappointing albums)
Strange Glue (top albums)
Syafiq Hussain (top albums)
Tacoma News Tribune (best concerts)
Two Thousand and Seven (top albums)
Urb Editors (albums, singles & shows)
WBGO (best jazz albums)
The Web Pen (albums)

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