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December 29, 2007

Updates to the Master List of Online "Best of 2007" Music Lists

Highlights of today's update to the master list of 2007 online "best of" music lists include a selection of free and legal mp3 downloads that accompanies the Bend Bulletin's list of 2007's best songs, Stereogum's favorite live shows, and Pirates of the Bargain Bin's favorite free and legal full album downloads.

daily updates to the master list

a4play (favorite albums)
AllAboutJazz - Budd Koppman (best albums)
Amsterdam News (best albums)
Barcode (albums)
The Bend Bulletin (best songs)
The Big Picture (best music)
Boo Goo Doo Goom (best albums)
brianmaru (top albums)
Bwank! (top albums)
City Pages - Culture To Go (top albums)
classicrockfan1 (top albums)
Dividing By Zero (best songs)
DJ Kantrip (top albums)
Edmonton Sun (best albums)
elyssaapparatus (top songs & albums)
Flowering Toilet (top albums)
Get Big, Little Kid! (favourite albums)
Hickory Wind - Stacy (top albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best hip-hop albums)
imperfect_chaos (top albums)
Indie Laundry (top albums)
Jana Pochop (best albums)
The Jeopardy of Contentment (best albums)
Kathie Smith (best albums)
Kitsune Noir (favorite albums)
L'auberge des Korrigans (top albums)
Life, Vegas! Style (top songs)
Looking at Them (favorite albums)
Love Your Ears (best albums)
Lullabyes (top live tracks)
The Mosh Pit (top metal albums)
Music and Movies (top albums)
Night After Night (top albums)
NLT (rock, pop, R&B, country albums)
Obsolete (most disappointing and worst albums)
Old Is the New Neu (albums)
Orange County Register (top local albums)
Ottawa Citizen (best local rock)
Panda Rescue (mixes)
Parasol Records - Staff (top albums)
Pensacola News Journal (top albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin (albums with crap covers)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin- The Geek (top albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin- Genusfrog (top albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin- Pantsy (top albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin (top truly free albums)
Post-Rockist (Amy & Kula)
Post-Rockist - Bryan & Scotter (top albums)
Post-Rockist - Dan & Andrew (top albums)
PrettyMuchAmazing! (top albums)
Puddlegum - Flick (favorite albums)
Pulp Therapy (favorite songs)
Radio Free Chicago (music)
Redbeard (top songs and/or albums)
robmyers (albums)
Rockouts (top albums)
Sand Is Overrated (albums)
Smooth Jazz Therapy (top albums)
Sound on the Sound - Abbey (live shows)
Sound on the Sound - Josh (live shows)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (year in pop music)
Status Ain't Hood (best music videos)
Stereogum (favorite live shows)
Subba Cultcha (top albums)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
Tales of Victory (favorite albums)
ThaBombShelter (music photos)
Tri-City Herald (top albums)
Washington Post (top albums)
What Goes On - Jared (favorite albums)
Where Worlds Collide (albums of the year)
The Windsor Star (albums)
Wired (most P2P traded songs)
Yahoo! Music Playlist Blog (top albums)

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