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March 17, 2008


Yesterday's additions to the list of 2008 SXSW streaming and downloadable music performances:

MP3 downloads of performances by Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal) solo (including a Grateful Dead cover), Vampire Weekend, and Lightspeed Champion.

Bittorrent download of a performance by Duffy.

The Winnipeg Sun lists its ten best SXSW things.

Some press coverage of our blogger-curated SXSW Hot Freaks day parties:

The New York Times:

Bodies of Water, a group from Highland Park, Calif., with a fetish for strong, bright group harmonies that can resemble an indie-rock take on gospel music — not unlike the Polyphonic Spree, a SXSW breakout success six years ago — was playing an afternoon party called Hot Freaks. It was organized by a consortium of prominent indie music blogs including My Old Kentucky Blog, Gorilla vs. Bear and Largehearted Boy, and while it might not be possible to prove that there were more bloggers than non- in attendance, it’s probably a safe bet.

The New York Press:

I hunkered down at The Mohawk for much of Saturday, beginning with the Hot Freaks! (a music blogger collaborative) party. There I stumbled on The Acorn, a Canadian folk-pop troop I had never heard of whose intricate polyrhythms and instrumentation absorbed me immediately and completely.

Billboard examines independent record labels who are selling digital downloads directly to customers.

Given the wealth of options available to indies that want to peddle their merchandise online, why would a label want to sink the time and money into developing its own store? Merge wouldn't divulge how much it cost to build its online store, but it did say that most of the expenses were upfront. And whatever profits it makes will go directly to the label and bands, Merge publicist Christina Rentz said. "There is no middleman taking fees, so we are the only ones who benefit."

The Wall Street Journal examines the tension between SXSW official organizers and unofficial parties.

The battle between festival organizers and outsiders, which has been heating up in recent years, has given a sharp edge to this year's SXSW. The festival is the music industry's answer to spring break. It is a boozy, five-day affair where fans and industry insiders roam streets closed to traffic and filled with the din of more than 80 nightclubs. It's a place where new bands come to get discovered, stars seek to burnish their indie credentials, and executives come to share ideas.

Harp interviews Kim Deal of the Breeders.

HARP: So —Breed-ing: what made you knock it off as long as you did? I mean you guys made here and there and played some gigs, but?

Well, I didn’t exactly knock it off, though there were some difficulties. I started the Amps and toured that around for awhile. And during that time, everything was changing in studio land. Everything went digital. By 1998, you couldn’t find people to play with. Drummers didn’t like bringing kits to practice. They had ProTools in their basement. The transition was weird. When people stopped using analog gear, it was more than just different technology. People stopped going into the same room together. That hurt.

Josh Spear interviews Ryan Catbird, proprietor af the music blog Catbirdseat and the record label Catbird Records.

JS: The best music blogs that you can recommend, other than your own…

RC: All my boys from back in the day, who are still going strong: Largehearted Boy, Said The Gramophone, and the rarely updated but still-my-favorite Popsheep…

Grovel, home to graphic novel news and reviews, has a new design.

NPR's Morning Edition and New York Times wrap up their SXSW music coverage.

also at Largehearted Boy:

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