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October 10, 2008

Shorties (Mountain Goats Tour EP, Cure Covers, and more)

The Mountain Goats have released a 4-song tour EP online, Satanic Messiah, and are releasing the digital version on a "pay-as-you-go" format. There will be 666 double-7" vinyl copies available on the band's tour and in limited numbers at mail-order outlets.

Stream Just Like Heaven: A Tribute to the Cure in its entirety.

The Chicago Tribune's Turn It Up blog lists five essential albums each from Bob Dylan and Lou Reed.

The Nashville City Paper previews the Southern Festival of Books, which starts today.

IGN lists 5 amazing music side projects.

SonicSwap creates personalized video playlists based on your iTunes library.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune interviews Brendad Canning of Broken Social Scene.

Q Are these Broken Social Scene solo albums more like the Kiss solo records or the Wu-Tang Clan's?

A I'd say probably Wu-Tang over Kiss. With Kiss, there was some serious strategizing, because those records all came out at once and the covers matched up. As far as the Wu-Tang goes, their solo acts within the group made better records than those Kiss records. Except Ace's was pretty good.

Guardian readers recommend songs about memory.

The Dallas Observer calls My Morning Jacket "the best live band in the world."

I suppose the cosmic shock of it all stems partially from the notion that it doesn't seem possible for a band like My Morning Jacket to exist anymore. In this fractionalized, indie-skewing world of 2008, rock stars are considered to be dinosaurs. We've had some great music in this decade, sure, but other than maybe Jack White, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone remotely qualified for the appellation "rock star."

KCRW's Bookworm interviews cartoonist Art Spiegelman.

New Hampshire Public Radio interviews Alina Simone about her Yanka Dyagileva covers album, Everyone Is Crying Out to Me, Beware.

The Portland Mercury's Blogtown notes the city's many tattoos based on the webcomic Achewood.

The Montreal Mirror reviews Jonathan Ames & Dean Haspiel's graphic novel,

The Alcoholic is destined to become a classic, and Ames owes a large part of this to the graphic skills of Dean Haspiel. There’s something irresistibly resonant about Haspiel’s style, especially in Jonathan A.’s early years as an ordinary self-loathing teen. Anyone who came of age in the ’80s will feel massive waves of nostalgia for the Marvel aesthetic (which Haspiel cultivated working as an assistant to Bill Sienkiewicz on New Mutants and Elektra: Assassin) and the self-conscious author/poseur persona Ames cultivates. Who doesn’t remember someone who used “fear and loathing” for pretty much every article he wrote in his high school journalism career?

Time Out New York also reviews the book.

Sarah Silverman played DJ at KCRW yesterday.

NPR's All Things Considered profiles author Grace Paley.

Paley was not only one of the best short-story writers alive, she was also an accomplished poet and a political activist. Every Sunday for years during the Vietnam War, one could see her standing in silent protest holding a sign that read, "Not our sons, not your sons, not their sons." Some people, hungry for more stories, accused her of neglecting her art for politics. But her politics and art were one, right up until she died last year at age 84, still writing, still protesting.

The Chicago Tribune lists the 10 best graphic novels for Halloween.

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current features the Melismatics with an in-studio performance and interview.

NPR is streaming last night's Of Montreal Washington performance.

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