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October 27, 2008


The New Yorker features new short fiction by Louise Erdrich.

Five Chapters is serializing new short fiction by Todd Hasak-Lowy.

see also: Hasak-Lowy's Largehearted Boy Book Notes music playlist for his novel, Captives, and his Largehearted Boy Why Obama essay

The Guardian's music blog questions iTunes' censorship of song and album titles, as well as band names.

Pitchfork interviews Randy Newman.

Pitchfork: I just read the Warren Zevon oral history, and your name pops up a couple of times in passing as a sort of elusive gold standard.

RN: That's nice of him to say. He was his own fella. He did just fine with his writing. Writers have always liked my stuff, pretty much. That's what I wanted-- I think my goal wasn't to get rich and famous, necessarily, though I cared about that. I always thought, "Oh, this could be a hit," or "that will sell records." But the first thing I wanted was that people who knew a lot about music, or had taste-making qualities, they would like my stuff. Writers, people like that. And I kind of got it, and realized, I want more! [laughs] It's always gratifying to me when someone like Elvis Costello mentions me, someone whose work I admire.

Kelly Link talks to the Los Angeles Times about her short story collection aimed at young adults, Pretty Monsters.

"I'm assuming I'm not the only writer out there who loves both [H.P.] Lovecraft and Lorrie Moore," Link, 39, said by phone from her office near Northampton, Mass. "But what I get when I write is some Lovecraft, plus some Lorrie Moore, hopefully plus a little of me in there as well. So it's about infinite recombinations."

PopMatters explains the pop culture allure of zombies.

Zombies are alluring because death is. We’re all going to die; we’re all afraid of that; so we can’t help but pay attention to those who go before us, shuffling and grunting their way through shopping malls, parking lots, and big-box stores in a desperate search for something to quench the gnawing emptiness of undeath.

The Louisville Courier-Journal interviews Craig Finn and Tad Kubler of the Hold Steady.

Premiere interviews Neil Gaiman about the film adaptation of Coraline.

John Hodgman shares some of his fake presidential trivia with NPR's All Things Considered.

The Independent excerpts from Sartre's Sink, Mark Crick's book where he imagines great writers tackling home repairs.

Rolling Stone offers excerpts from the new Kurt Cobain book, Cobain Unseen.

Andrew Davidson talks to NPR's All Things Considered about his debut novel, The Gargoyle (the book is also excerpted).

"One of the questions that I always ask myself when developing characters is who do they love, why do they love this person and what happened in that relationship?" says Davidson. "If you know who somebody loves, [then] you know who that person is."

see also: Davidson's Largehearted Boy Book Notes music playlist for the book

The Futurist features mp3s from Gentleman Auction House's recent WOXY Lounge Act session.

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