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December 10, 2008

Shorties (Philip Pullman, Holiday Albums, and more)

Yesterday's additions to the "best of 2008" online book lists include authors' favorite books of the year at Salon and Children's Corner's best children's books.

Yesterday's additions to the "best of 2008" online music lists include KEXP's debut albums, PopMatters' favorite albums by women over 45, and Culture Bully's best songs of the year.

Pitchfork lists the worst albums covers of the year.

At BBC News, author Philip Pullman answers reader questions.

Do you write with the intention of appealing to a children's audience or did you discover that your books were accessible to children and, of course, us adults?
Vicki Jacob-Aas, Mariestad, Sweden

Well, you hope that your books will appeal to a large audience, but you can never tell. I like a mixed audience - both adults and children - because the adults keep the children serious, and the children keep the adults civilized.

Today only, Amazon is selling the digital version of the Juno soundtrack for $3.99.

The Perceptron recommends music based on similar artists.

Twones is a new social network, currently in beta, based around music.

State interviews Animal Collective's Avey Tare about the recent elak of a track from the band's forthcoming album.

The Guardian reports that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is writing a new novel.

García Márquez's next book will be a love story, though his friend and fellow writer Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza said that the author was struggling to come up with a version that he was happy with.

The Guardian runs some of the year's most popular song lyrics past a literature professor.

The Phoenix interviews Mia Kirshner, the actress who put together one of the year's most ambitious and eye-opening books, I Live Here.

The Boston Globe profiles a local library's chick lit book club.

One could argue that the depth of discussion in Cambridge has more to do with the group's members than the book list, but Linehan says some credit goes to the genre. Narratives about friends in trouble and the quest for love are just as relevant to the lives of middle-class, educated women (and perhaps more so) than the more socially acceptable book club-friendly novels about oppression and foreign wars.

am/fm, the Detroit Metro Times, and the St. Petersburg Times review the year's crop of winter holiday albums.

NPR excerpts from Jonathan Carroll's latest novel, The Ghost in Love.

see also: Carroll's Largehearted Boy Book Notes music playlist for the book

Laundromatinee features a video session with the Oxford Collapse and We Are Scientists.

nyctaper shares mp3s of Love Is All's Sunday evening NYC performance.

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