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December 14, 2008

Today's Updates to the Year-End "Best of 2008" Books & Music Lists (December 14th, 2008)

Today's additions to the "best of 2008" books and music lists (keep up with daily additions at the update archive page):

"Best of 2008" Books Lists additions:

5B4 (best books) (best cookbooks)
Autrey (best books)
Cleveland Plain Dealer (best books)
Elliott Crane (books)
Fret Soup (best books)
Louisville Courier-Journal (authors' books of the year)
Lower Hudson Journal (books of the year)
momaroo (best children's books)
momaroo (best non-fiction)
Not a Slave to Vanilla (best books)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (best books)
Project Foodie (top cookbooks)
Speak Up (books)
thinking about poetry (books of the year)
Seattle Mystery Bookshop (best paperbacks)

"Best of 2008" Music Lists additions:

2 U I Bestow (best songs) (best R&B albums)
Andrew Tholl (top albums)
The Associated Press (top rock albums)
The Awkward World (best albums)
AWmusic (top albums)
The Bearded Cephalopod (top songs)
Bob's Bloggery (top albums)
Boston Globe: Christopher Muther (top albums)
Boston Globe: James Reed (top albums)
Boston Globe: Joan Anderman (top albums)
Boston Globe: Jonathan Perry (top albums)
Boston Globe: Sarah Rodman (top albums)
Boston Globe: Siddhartha Mitter (top albums)
The Bringer of Songs (best albums)
Cadell Insight Group (best albums)
Cafe Eclectica (top shows)
Can You See the Sunset (favorite EPs)
Carry Like Mariah (favorite non hip-hop albums)
Cats Are Grey (best albums)
Chicago Tribune: contributing writers (top albums)
Count Me Out (favorite shows)
Dance to the Music of Time (albums)
Distractions (best albums)
Droidzone (best albums) (top albums)
The Factual Opinion (top albums)
Flowering Toilet (favorite albums)
GhostLife Blog (albums)
The Good, the Bad, and the Plain Old Lazy (albums)
happybutt (top songs)
The Hidden Chord (best albums, songs)
Highway 290 Revisited (best songs)
Hop Blog (top albums)
Indie Disco (top songs)
Indie Inquisitor (best albums)
James Petralli (White Denim) (top albums)
John Heckman Wright (best albums)
mcj (top albums)
notes from blueberry fields (best albums)
Kick a Pigeon (best albums)
Kitsune's Thoughts (best anime music)
le.tanque (top albums)
linesthroughlines (top albums)
New York Daily News (best box sets)
Nick Walters' Dominion (albums)
No Words (top albums)
ObviousPop (best albums)
Oh, Warfair & Therapy (favorite songs)
Oregon Public Broadcasting (best Oregon albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer: Dan DeLuca (top local releases)
Put On Your Dancing Shoes (top albums)
Rant n' Rave With John Nagle (top albums)
Risible People (favorite songs)
Salacious Sound (top remixes)
Seth-Meyer (best albums)
Sonic Dice (best albums)
Spooky and Peek-a-boo (best albums)
Stink-finger (favourite albums)
This Blog IsA Typo (favorite albums)
Twiddly Bits (top albums)
Whimsical Musings of a Loon (albums)
YGC (best JPop albums)

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