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November 4, 2010

Online "Best of 2010" Book Lists (E-L)

For the third straight year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2010" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online book lists.

A - D

E! Online (top books)
Eagle Awards (comics)
EarlyWord (best books mashups)
EarlyWord (best gift books for kids)
EarlyWord (librarians' favorite books)
East Bay Express (books)
East Bay Express (best books)
Eat Sleep Drink Music (music books)
The Economist (best books)
The Economist (science books)
Ed Champion (most underrated books)
Eleutherophobia (books)
Elizabeth Knowles (books)
Elizabeth Speller (books)
Elliott's Reading (most disappointing books)
Emerging Mummy (favourite books)
English @ KKC (best books for young adults)
The Enlightened Economist (economics books)
Entertainment Realm (best non-fiction books)
Entertainment Weekly (coffee-table books)
Epicurious (best cookbooks)
Eric Haney (top books)
Eskypades (best books)
Esquire (best books you probably didn't read)
Eternity (best books) (best silent film books)
Existential Ennui (books & comics)
Ezra Klein (best books)

Faith, Fiction, Friends (best books)
Fallen Labyrinth (books)
Famous Monsters (favorite books)
Fangoria (best horror comics)
Fantasy Book Critic (top fantasy novels)
The FarmPlate Blog (cookbooks)
Fast Company (best books for business owners)
FEARnet (best books)
Feast! (favorite food books)
Felice in the Kitchen (must-have cookbooks)
Fifteen Days Without a Head (best books)
Fimoculous (year-end books lists)
Financial Times (books)
Financial Times (fashion books)
Financial Times (fiction)
Financial Times (science books)
Find Your Next Good Read (top books)
Fire and Ice (best books)
First Things (notable books)
FiveBooks - Rosie Blau (best debut novels)
Fizzwhizzing Flushbunker (top children's chapter books)
Flaherty-Dunnan First Novel Prize (debut novels)
Flashlight Worthy (best graphic novels)
Flavorwire (best music books)
Flavorwire (books overlooked by the New York Times)
Flavorwire (comics)
Flavorwire (must-read small press titles)
Forbidden Planet (best comics)
Foreign Policy - Marc Lynch (best books on the Middle east)
Foster's Daily Democrat (outdoors books)
Fox News (cookbooks)
Francis Spufford (books)
Frankly Speaking (best books)
Fresh Off the Shelf (best books)
Frytopia (best books)
Funny Little Duck (favorite books)

GalleyCat (best mystery novels)
GalleyCat (best nonfiction books)
GalleyCat (best novels)
GalleyCat (best YA books)
Gardening By the Book (favorite books)
Gary Shteyngart (favorite books)
Gawker (books)
Gemma Burgess (favourite books)
The Ginn's (favorite books)
A Girl, Books and Other Things (favorite books)
Girlfriends Book Club (notable books)
Giving Up on Perfect (favorite books)
Globe and Mail (best science books)
Globe and Mail (Canadian fiction)
Globe and Mail (international fiction)
Globe and Mail (non-fiction)
Globe and Mail (poetry & graphica books)
Globe and Mail (science books)
Globe and Mail - Jim Bartley (top debut novels)
Globe and Mail - Margaret Cannon (mysteries and thrillers)
Gluten Free Girl (best cookbooks)
Goburo (top web books)
God Shuffles His Feet (favorite books)
Good (books)
Good Books for Kids (best picture books)
Good Books for Kids - Pam (books)
Good Comics for Kids (best comics for kids)
Good Golly Miss Holly (best books)
Good Housekeeping (best books)
Goodreads (favorite books)
The Gospel Coalition (best books)
The Gourmand Awards (cookbooks)
Governor's General Literary Awards (Canadian books)
Granta (non-fiction & poetry)
Graphic Novel Reporter (graphic novels)
The Green Apple Core (best books)
A Green Mushroom (favorite books)
Greenbelt Patch (top books)
GregHorrorShow (books)
Grist (favorite food books)
Guardian (authors' books of the year)
Guardian (best photography books)
Guardian (books)
Guardian (celebrity memoirs)
Guardian (chess book of the year)
Guardian (fiction)
Guardian (food books)
Guardian (highest earning authors)
Guardian (nature books)
Guardian (photography books)
Guardian (poetry books)
Guardian (stocking filler books)
Guardian Books Blog (readers' favourite books)
Guilford Road (books)
The Gum Wall (best short stories & collections)

The Halls of Dreaming (top books)
Harriet the Blog (best poetry books)
Harvard Book Store (best books)
Heeb (best comics)
Help! I Need a Publisher (writers' recommended books)
The Hill Times (best books)
The Hipster Book Club (top books)
HistoryNet (history books)
Hockey Book Reviews (best hockey coffee table books)
Hollywood Autograph News (most collectible celebrity signed books)
Home Sweet Home (favorite books)
Honolulu Star-Advertiser (books) (Montreal authors)
A House Divided - Brent Glass (best Civil war books)
A House Divided - Frank J. Williams (Civil War books)
A House Divided - Gary Gallagher (best Civil War books)
A House Divided - Lonnie G. Burch (best Civil War books)
A House Divided - Waite Rawls (best Civil War books)
Hudson Booksellers (best books)
Huffington Post (best & worst book videos)
Huffington Post (best celebrity books & book deals)
Huffington Post (best cocktails and spirits books)
Huffington Post (best film books)
Huffington Post (best illustrated children's books)
The Huffington Post (books overlooked by the New York Times)
Huffington Post - Anis Shivani (best books)
Huffington Post - Anis Shivani (best social and political awareness books)
Huffington Post - Anis Shivani (most important poetry books)
Huffington Post - Arielle Ford (top books)
Hyphen (notable Asian American books)

I Adore Books and Film (best books)
I Am the King's Man (favorite books)
I Love Rob Liefeld ("best comics of 2010" lists)
The Iceberg Lounge (top books)
iFanboy (best manga)
IGN (comics)
Imagination Soup (best kids books)
Impressions (favorite LGBT books & authors)
In Between the Lines (top books)
In So Many Words... (top books)
Inc. (best books for business owners)
Inc. (business books)
The Independent (best books)
The Independent (best books)
Independent (biography & memoir)
Independent (children's books)
Independent (cinema books)
Independent (fiction)
Independent (food books)
Independent (literary fiction)
Independent (travel books)
Independent - Katy Guest (best books)
The Independent Book Review (top books)
InDigest (favorite chapbooks)
Info Barrel (best humor books)
Info Barrel (best rock music books)
in{side} out (Christmas books)
Inside Story (best overlooked books)
The Integrated Catholic Life (top Catholic books)
International Bridge Press Association (bridge books)
io9 (best science fiction and fantasy comics)
io9 (best speculative fiction)
io9 (science fiction books)
Irish Book Awards (Irish books)
Irish Independent (books for younger readers)
Irish Times (books)
Irish Times - Eileen Battersby (books)
Istanbul Arts Diary (Istanbul arts books)
It's All About Me (favorite books)

Jack the Scribbler (top books)
Jacket Copy (best "Best of" books)
Jamie Iredell (favorite books)
January Magazine (best books for children and young adults)
January Magazine (best cookbooks)
January Magazine (best crime fiction)
January Magazine (best fiction)
January Magazine (best non-fiction)
Jason Jordan and His Blog (best books)
Jeff Burk (top Eraserhead Press books)
Jervo Is Pensive (books)
Jesus Creed (books)
Jet City Gastrophysics (cookbooks)
Jewcy (top fiction books)
Jihadology (books)
John's Blog (favorite books)
Joining the Mass of Want-to-be Writers (top books)
Joseph Skibell (favorite books)
Josh Tandy (top books)
The Journey (best books)
Julia's Books Corner (favorite books)
Junkyard Wisdom (favorite books)
Just Janga (best "other books")

Kaleidoglide (books)
Kansas City Star (top books)
KanyonKris (favorite books)
Kent Bottles Private Views (favorite books)
KF Writes Books (favorite books)
The Kiddo Awards (children's books)
Kidsmomo (best books)
Kingdom People (favorite books)
Kirkus Reviews (best biographies)
Kirkus Reviews (best books for foodies)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's books about animals)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's books about the arts)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's books that make you think)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's fantasy & science fiction books)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's fiction about boys)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's fiction about girls)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's graphic novels & illustrated chapter books)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's historical fiction books)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's nonfiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best children's picture books)
Kirkus Reviews (best debut fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best environmental doomsday tomes)
Kirkus Reviews (best fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best memoirs)
Kirkus Reviews (best mysteries)
Kirkus Reviews (best nonfiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best realistic fiction for middle graders)
Kirkus Reviews (best science fiction & fantasy)
Kirkus Reviews (best teen contemporary novels)
Kirkus Reviews (best teen fantasy & science fiction)
Kirkus Reviews (best teen graphic novels)
Kirkus Reviews (best teen historical novels)
Kirkus Reviews (best teen nonfiction books)
Kirkus Reviews (best teen series conclusions)
Kirkus Reviews Blog (best teens books)
Kirkus Reviews (best zombie & vampire books)
Kirkus Reviews (notable books by literary lions)
The Kitchn (favorite baking books)
Kristbist Bits (top books)
Kristin Berkey-Abbott (favorite poetry books)

The L Magazine (top books)
La Crosse Tribune (books)
The Ladybug Lounge (favorite books)
The Ladybug Reads (best books)
Lapham's Quarterly (best books)
Lakenheath Old Boys (favorite books)
Largehearted Boy (favorite graphic novels)
Largehearted Boy (favorite nonfiction)
Largehearted Boy (favorite novels)
Larktalk's Blog (best books)
Latin Baby Book Club (best books)
Le Point (books)
Lemon Hound (most engaging books)
Lemuria Bookstore Blog (favorite books)
The Leonard Lopate Show (best books)
The Leonard Lopate Show (best books)
Lessa Librarian (top books) (top books for Libertarians)
Library Alchemy (best books)
Library Journal (best art instruction books)
Library Journal (best audiobooks)
Library Journal (best books)
Library Journal (best Christian fiction)
Library Journal (best consumer health books)
Library Journal (best cooking books)
Library Journal (best crafts books)
Library Journal (best DIY books)
Library Journal (best fiber crafts books)
Library Journal (best genre fiction)
Library Journal (best graphic novels)
Library Journal (best how-to books)
Library Journal (best interior design books)
Library Journal (best memoirs)
Library Journal (best mystery books)
Library Journal (best niche nonfiction books)
Library Journal (best parenting books)
Library Journal (best poetry books)
Library Journal (best romance books)
Library Journal (best sci-tech books)
Library Journal (best self-help books)
Library Journal (best SF & fantasy books)
Library Journal (best spiritual living books)
Library Journal (best street lit books)
Library Journal (best thrillers)
Library Journal (notable books)
Library Journal (notable books)
Library Journal (top books)
Life2gether (top books)
Lincoln Crisler (recommended books)
Ligonier Ministries Blog (great books)
Lit for Kids (favorite kids' books)
The Literary Omnivore (books)
Little Brown Mushroom Blog (top photobooks)
Little Known Gems (best books)
The Little Sleep's Blog (Paul Tremblay) (top books)
A Liverpool Thing (top books)
Liz and Gianna's Adventures in Bookland - Gianna (best books)
Liz and Gianna's Adventures in Bookland - Liz (best books)
London Evening Standard (books)
London Evening Standard (wine books)
Long Island Press (top books)
The Longest Chapter (best books)
Louise Foxcroft (books)
Loves to Read (favorite books)
Luxist (great art books)

M - P

Q - Z

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