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November 4, 2010

Online "Best of 2010" Book Lists (M-P)

For the third straight year, I will be aggregating every online "best of 2010" book lists I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to this master list, updating daily.

Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other online media list I have missed.

Read daily updates to this list.

Revisit the 2009, 2008, and 2000-2009 (best of the decade) online book lists.

A - D

E - L

Mac McCaughan (books)
Macomputer, King of All Problems (best books)
Mandy Wrangles (top YA books)
The Map Room (map books)
Marginal Revolution (books of the year)
Marietta Times (comics)
Mary Jo's Red Pencil (favorite books)
Matt Compton (best books)
Matthew Hittinger (favorite books)
Maud Newton (favorite books)
McNally Jackson (bestselling books)
Melanie Photo Blog (best books)
Melody Harriman (top childrens books)
Memoranda (favourite books)
Mere Orthodoxy (books for evangelicals)
Metro - Maris Kreizman (notable books) (music books)
Miami Herald (best books)
Miami Herald (best gift books)
Michael Hyatt (bestselling Christian books)
Michael Patrick Brady (favorite books)
Michael Schaub (favorite books)
Michelle Woodward (best books)
Michigan Notable Books (Michigan books)
Miffyinwonderland's Blog (favourite books)
Milk & Cookies (best books)
The Millions - Year in Reading (favorite books)
Milo's Rumbles (top books)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (fiction & nonfiction)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (best nonfiction books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (best travel books)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (fiction) (best books)
Miscellanies (best books)
Moms at Work (best children books)
Montreal Gazette (best graphic novels)
Moonbeam Children's Book Awards (children's books)
MORE (books)
Morning Edition (indie booksellers' favorite books)
The Morning News (2011 Tournament of Books longlist)
Mosaic Magazine (best books)
Mostly About Music (favourite books)
Mother Nature Network (environmental books)
Mrs. Loudshoes (favorite books)
Muddy Colors (best art books)
Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem (best mystery books)
Muruch (top books)
Muse at Highway Speeds (best books)
Music and More (favorite books)
Musings of a Madwoman (best books)
Mystifying Paranormal Reviews (top books)

NAIBA Book of the Year Awards (books)
The National (best books)
National Book Awards (American books)
National Outdoor Book Awards (outdoor books)
National Post (style books)
National Times (best books on science and scepticism)
Needs More Demons? (favorite books)
The Nervous Breakdown (books)
The New Republic (books Ruth Franklin missed)
New Scientist (best science books)
New Statesman (books)
New West (best Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico books)
New West (best Oregon, Utah, & Wyoming books)
New York Magazine (books)
New York Public Library (children's books)
New York Times (antiques books)
New York Times (art books)
New York Times (best books)
New York Times (best illustrated children's books)
New York Times (coffee table books)
New York Times (cookbooks)
New York Times (gardening books)
New York Times (graphic novels)
New York Times (notable books)
New York Times (notable children's books)
New York Times (notable crime books)
New York Times (theater books)
New York Times (travel books)
New York Times - Dwight Garner (top books)
New York Times - Janet Maslin (top books)
New York Times - Michiko Kakutani (top books)
New Yorker (best poetry books)
New Yorker (favorite books)
New Zealand Post Book Awards (New Zealand books)
Newcomers in Paradise (best books)
Newsday (best books)
The Nibble (best healthy eating books)
No Tells - Anji Reyner (best poetry books)
No Tells - Anne Gorick (best poetry books)
No Tells - Brandon Shimoda (best poetry books)
No Tells - Brian Foley (best poetry books)
No Tells - Charles Jensen (best poetry books)
No Tells - Chris Tonelli (best poetry books)
No Tells - Daniela Olszewska (best poetry books)
No Tells - David Wolach (best poetry books)
No Tells - Deborah Poe (best poetry books)
No Tells - Elizabeth Hildreth (best poetry books)
No Tells - Gary L. McDowell (best poetry books)
No Tells - Grace Cavalieri (best poetry books)
No Tells - John Findura (best poetry books)
No Tells - Joshua Marie Wilkinson (best poetry books)
No Tells - Julie Babcock (best poetry books)
No Tells - Kathleen Rooney (best poetry books)
No Tells - Laynie Brown (best poetry books)
No Tells - Lee Ann Roripaugh (best poetry books)
No Tells - Leigh Stein (best poetry books)
No Tells - Lucy Biederman (best poetry books)
No Tells - Martha Silano (best poetry books)
No Tells - Nathan Logan (best poetry books)
No Tells - Paige Taggart (best poetry books)
No Tells - Ravi Shankar (best poetry books)
No Tells - Rob MacDonald (best poetry books)
No Tells - Steven Karl (best poetry books)
No Tells - Susan Denning (best poetry books)
No Tells - Suzanne Frischkorn (best poetry books)
No Tells - Tiffany Midge (best poetry books)
North Coast Journal (top books)
Northshire Bookstore's Blog (best books)
Not Our Own (top books)
Not Smoke and Bones (top books)
Nothing but the Start (best books)
A Novel Professional (favourite children's books)
Novel Teen (top teen books)
Novel Teens (top books)
NPR (best books lists)
NPR (best book club books)
NPR (best book debuts)
NPR (best cookbooks)
NPR (best gift books)
NPR (best mystery novels)
NPR (best nonfiction for winning family arguments)
NPR (best outsider fiction)
NPR (best poetry books)
NPR (weird and wonderful books)
NPR - Gayle Forman (best young adult fiction)
NPR - Heller McAlpin (favorite books)
NPR - Maureen Corrigan (favorite books)
NPR (fiction for piecing this crazy world together)
NPR - Nancy Pearl (memoirs)
NY1 (top overlooked nonfiction books)

O Audacious Book (best books)
The Observer (best cookbooks)
Observer (best illustrated children's books)
The Observer (writers & public figures' best books)
Obsessed With Film (books & comics)
Of Books and Reading (top books)
Of Modern Proportions (books)
The Oklahoman (best graphic novels)
The Oklahoman (favorite books for cooks)
Olive Reader (top books)
On Leading the Next Generation (favorite books)
On Our Minds (trends in children's books)
On Point Radio (best books)
Oprah Magazine (favorite books)
Oprah Magazine (top books)
Oregonian (best books)
Oregonian (best Northwest and national books)
Ottawa Citizen (best books for travellers)
Our Lady of the Spiral Notebooks (books)
Out of the Ash (best books)
The Oxford Times (best books)

Pages & Pages (books)
Page One Books (books)
Paper Adventures (favorite books)
Paper Fort (favorite books)
Paper Fort - Margaret Malone (favorite books)
Paper Over Board (favorite Harvard/Yale/MIT Press books)
Paranormal Romance Fanatic (favorite books)
Parents (best children's books)
Parents' Choice (children's books)
Paultullius's Blog (wine books)
PDN (bestselling photo books)
PDN (notable photography books)
PEN USA Literary Awards (books)
People's Daily Online (top Chinese books)
Personal Demons (favorite books)
Pet Connection (favorite cat books)
Phi Beta Kappa (outstanding scholarly books)
Philanthrocapitalism (books)
Physics World (top books)
Pileus (favorite books)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (best children's books)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (books)
Planet Mut (top books)
Planetizen (top urban planning books)
Plantin-Moretus Awards (best designed books)
Polite Society (best books)
Politics and Prose (graphic novels)
PopMatters (best fiction books)
PopMatters (best nonfiction books)
Popular Mechanics (top books)
Popular Woodworking (top woodworking books)
Postmedia Network (cookbooks)
Powell's Books (top books)
PR Studies (PR books)
The Prague Post (top poetry collections)
Prime Minister's Literary Awards (Australian children's fiction)
Prime Minister's Literary Awards (Australian young adult fiction)
Published & Profitable (best writing books)
Publishers Weekly (best books)
Publishers Weekly (best children's books)
Publishers Weekly (best comics)
Publishers Weekly (best cookbooks)
Publishers Weekly (best fiction)
Publishers Weekly (best graphic novels)
Publishers Weekly (best lifestyle books)
Publishers Weekly (best nonfiction)
Publishers Weekly (best poetry)
Publishers Weekly (best religion books)
Publishers Weekly (best romance)
Publishers Weekly (best SF/Fantasy/Horror)
Publishers Weekly (manga)
Pure Imagination (favorite books)

Q - Z

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