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January 4, 2019

"Best Books of 2018" Lists Update - January 4th

For the eleventh straight year, I am aggregating every online year-end book list I find in this post. As the lists appear online, I will add them to the master list, updating daily.

Previous updates to the master list of online "best books of 2018" lists.

See also: Largehearted Boy's list of essential and interesting 2018 music lists.

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Today's Updates to the Online "Best of 2018" Book Lists:

Across the Bookiverse (best books)
AK Reads + Writes (best books)
The American Conservative (best books)
Ashleigh Online (top books)
Aun Abdi (top books)
Austenprose (favorite books)
Banner (favorite books)
Beauty Is a Sleeping Cat (best books)
The Book Pilgrim (favorite books)
Bookshelves & Paperbacks (top books)
Brandon Colbert (best books)
The Calico Books (top books)
Canton Public Library (best kids' books)
Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian (best queer books)
Children's Book Review (best board books)
Christian Chick's Thoughts (best books)
Clash (best music books)
Corey Breier (best books)
The Courage It Takes (best young adult books)
Crazy for YA (best books)
Deedi Reads (favorite books)
Desperate Reader (favorite books)
Downwind of Grace (best books)
The Edge of the Precipice (favorite books)
Fantasy Cafe (favorite books)
Feyi Fawehinmi (books)
The Fictionfox (favorite books)
From Fat to...Fabulous (favorite books)
From Our Bookshelf (favorite books)
Grace in Our Moments (top books)
Graphic Policy (favorite books)
Gridmark Dad (top books)
Halcyon Realms (favorite art books)
Hope Is the Word (favorite books)
Hungry for Good Books? (favorite books)
Inside My Library Mind (best books)
It's Either Sadness or Euphoria (best books)
Jo's Writing Corner (favorite books)
JustWind Coaching (favorite books)
Kerry's Blog (memorable books)
Kindle Afresh (favorite Christian books)
KMUW (best music books)
Legal Theory Blog (favorite books)
Lindy Reads and Reviews (top books)
Love Books and Reading (favorite books)
Love Hope Peace (favourite books)
The Mary Sue (favorite books)
Matt Dunn (favorite books)
Mitel (favorite books to inspire)
Montreal Times (top books)
Morgan Gayle (top books)
My Book Reviews (favorite books)
Neal Lemery (favorite books)
NerdMuch? (best sci-fi and fantasy books)
Novel Knight (favorite books)
Observe & Rapport (favorite books)
Odyssey (best books)
Padfoots Library (best books)
Pixelated Geek (favorite books)
Press Pass LA (best books)
Prof KRG (best fiction books)
Progressive Geographies (favourite academic books)
Randy Gage (favorite books)
Read It and Review (top books)
Rosiefrecklereads (top underrated books)
The Securities Edge (best books)
Seeking Alpha (top books)
SheKnows (most game-changing kids books)
Sherie Barnes (favorite books)
Some the Wiser (best books)
Somewhere, Lately (best books)
Spectrum (Adventist books)
Stephen Sargent (top books)
Study with Nina (top books)
This Sporadic Life (top books)
Thought Catalog (best books)
Toferet's Empty Bobbin (books)
Tomorrow's Reflection (books)
A Touch of Teal (best chick lit books)
Tracey Dyck (books)
Undeniably Book Nerdy (best books)
United By Pop (best books)
Visible Suns (top books)
Wansderlustyle (top books)
Writing Follies (favorite books)

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