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November 15, 2007

2007 Year-End Online Music Lists (P - Z)

2007 is winding down, and as "best of" music lists appear online I will post them here. Please feel free to e-mail me links to any lists you find (or leave a comment), I aim to make this list as comprehensive as possible. I will update the list daily, so check back often.

daily updates to this list

A - C

D - J

K - O

P. Lawrence Hyman (top albums)
pacgnosis (best albums)
the paladisiac (top album disappointments)
Palindrome (top albums)
Palindrome (top albums, great videos)
pampelmoose (best musical discoveries)
Panda Rescue (mixes)
Panda Toes (best albums)
Paper Thin Walls (2007 mixtape)
paper_airliner (favourite albums)
Paperdubs (top albums)
Parasol Records - Staff (top albums)
part smart. part not. all kelly. (favorite albums)
part smart. part not. all kelly. (favorite songs)
Passion of the Weiss (best hip-hop songs)
Passion of the Weiss (best Los Angeles albums)
Passion of the Weiss (top albums)
Paste (best albums)
Paste - Andy Whitman (favorite songs)
Paste - Readers Poll (albums)
Paste - Staff Picks (top albums)
Paste - Writers Picks (top albums)
Pastepunk - Alex (favorite albums)
Pastepunk - Corey (favorite albums)
Pastepunk - Jordan (favorite albums)
Paul Banks - Interpol (best albums)
Pax Arcana (top songs)
PennyDistribution (top albums)
Paul Scheer (best albums)
PDX Pipeline (year in Portland music)
Pensacola News Journal (top albums)
Peterborough Today (albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best boxed sets)
Philadelphia Inquirer (disappointments)
Philadelphia Inquirer (overlooked pop albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (top jazz albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (top local albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (songs)
Philadelphia Inquirer - Nick Cristiano (top country/roots albums) (best albums)
Phillyist - Bill (top albums)
Piccadilly Records (albums)
Piccadilly Records (compilations)
Piccadilly Records (reissues)
picklehammer (top albums)
Pirage's Massive (best death metal albums)
Pirage's Missive (top melodic metal albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin (top albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin (albums with crap covers)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin- The Geek (top albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin- Genusfrog (top albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin- Pantsy (top albums)
Pirates of the Bargain Bin (top truly free albums)
Pitchfork (top albums)
Pitchfork (top music videos)
Pitchfork (top tracks)
Pitchfork (music photography)
Pitchfork (worst album covers)
Pitchfork Guest List (various musicians) (best music)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (top pop albums)
place d'elias (best songs)
Planet of Sound (and Sight) (best albums)
Plastic Surprises (top albums)
Playlouder (top albums)
Playlouder (top albums)
Playlouder (albums & singles)
PLUG (best videos)
The Plugg (favorite album covers)
The Plugg - Rustycat (top albums)
Point It Home (best album)
Point Oh! (best albums)
Pointless Thoughts of a Mexican (best albums)
polandice (favorite albums)
ponyinarope (top albums)
The Poor Ditching Boy (top albums)
The Pop Cop (best songs)
Pop Cultural District (top albums, singles)
Pop Culture Smack Talk (best albums)
Pop Headwound (favorite albums)
Pop Headwound (favorite songs)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top albums)
Popjournalism (best albums)
Popjustice (greatest singles)
Poplicks (top songs)
Popmatters (best and worst shows)
Popmatters (best albums)
Popmatters (best Americana)
Popmatters (best country music)
Popmatters (best pop-country)
Popmatters (best R&B)
Popmatters (best singer-songwriter albums)
Popmatters (best singles)
Popmatters (top hip-hop matters)
Popmatters (top indie pop)
Popmatters (top jazz albums)
Popmatters (best electronic music)
Popmatters (best metal albums)
Popmatters (best net music marketing gimmicks)
Popmatters (best reissues)
Popmatters (hip hop albums)
Popmatters (world music)
Popwatch (best albums, readers' lists)
The Port Sunshine (top albums)
Portland Mercury (top albums)
Post-Modern Drunkard (albums)
Post-Rockist (Amy & Kula)
Post-Rockist - Bryan & Scotter (top albums)
Post-Rockist - Dan & Andrew (top albums)
Post-Rockist - Todd & Kim (top songs, indie pop albums)
Pour Out (favorite albums)
The Poverty Jet Set (favorite albums)
preet (top albums)
Pretending Life Is Like A Song (albums of the year)
Pretty Goes With Pretty (best albums)
pretty to think so (top albums)
PrettyMuchAmazing! (top albums)
Probably Smug (favorite albums)
Probably Smug - Conor (top albums)
Propeller (favourite albums)
Provocatively Evocative: The Destroyer (top albums)
Provocations... (favorite albums)
Puddlegum - Flick (favorite albums)
Pulp Therapy (favorite songs)
Python Eats Alligator for Breakfast (top albums)

Q magazine (best album)
Quarterlifeparty (top albums)
Quick Before It Melts (favourite albums)
Quick Before It Melts (top Canadian albums)
Quick Before It Melts (favourite songs)

RA (top albums)
RA (top compilations)
RA (top DJs)
RA (top labels)
RA (top producers)
RA (top remixes)
radio barz (best albums)
Radio Cure (favorite songs)
Radio Free Chicago (music)
Radio Free Silver Lake (favorite albums)
Rags's Soapbox (top albums)
Ramblings on Music, Texas, Etc. (best albums)
Rand () (top albums)
Random Thoughts (top metal albums)
RandomTope (best albums)
Random Types (top albums)
Range Life (top albums)
Rate Your Music (aggregated top albums)
Rate Your Music (aggregated top singles)
Raven Sings the Blues (top albums)
The Rawking Refuses to Stop! (top albums)
The Rawking Refuses to Stop! (top singles)
Ray Bradbury's Love-Camel (best oddball classification albums)
Ray Bradbury's Love-Camel (disappointing albums)
Razing the Bar (top albums)
Re:Generator Magazine (best albums)
Real Time Collage (albums)
The Realests (albums of the year)
Reason (music)
Red Blondehead - Jackson (top albums)
Red Blondehead - Jordan (favorite albums)
Red Blondehead - Leah (favorite albums)
Red Blondehead - Traci (top albums)
Redbeard (top songs and/or albums)
Relevant (top albums)
Relevintage (top albums)
remain_in_light (best songs)
A Reminder (aggregated top Australian/New Zealand artists)
A Reminder (albums)
reversingdarts (top albums)
Rhapsody - Listeners' Favorites (best albums)
Rhapsody (best blues albums)
Rhapsody (best classical albums)
Rhapsody (best comedy albums)
Rhapsody (best electronica/dance albums)
Rhapsody (best folk albums)
Rhapsody (best jazz albums)
Rhapsody (best Latin Music)
Rhapsody (best metal albums)
Rhapsody (best reggae albums)
Rhapsody (best soul/R&B albums)
Rhapsody (best stage & screen albums)
Rhapsody (best world music albums)
Rhythm and Seoul (year in review)
Rhythm in Every Guise (top albums)
The Rice Thresher (best classical albums)
Rick Bowman (best albums)
a ridiculous raw youth (albums)
Riots and Violence (best debut albums)
Riots and Violence (most surprising albums)
Rise (top albums)
The Rising Storm (rediscovered gems)
Roadrunner Records (top albums)d Seoul (music)
Riley Rock Index (best albums)Roanoke Times (best albums, songs, concerts)
The Rob Blog (best albums)
Rob Huebel (best albums)
robmyers (albums)
robot_noise (best live shows)
robot_noise (best soundtracks)
Rock Blog (top albums)
The Rock Blogger (top albums)
Rock Insider (best Los Angeles Albums)
Rock Sellout - Ceci (best albums)
Rock Sellout - Kip (top albums)
Rockland Wonderland (top albums)
The Rockologist (top albums)
Rockouts (top albums)
roffster (top albums)
Rolling Stones (best songs) (top albums)
Roscommon to Imogene (top albums)
rossandroll (top revelatory moments)
Rough Trade (top 10 albums)
Rough Trade (top 100 albums)
Rough Trade staff (top albums)
Rumproast (best albums)
Russ Crandall (top albums)
rvr_below (top albums)
Ryan Capuano Shows You the Way (top albums)
Ryan Solomon (top albums)
Ryan's Smashing Life (best albums)
Ryan's Smashing Life (best albums)

Said the Gramophone (best albums)
Said the Gramophone (best songs)
Salt Blog (favorite albums)
Salt Lake Tribune (top albums)
A Salty Salute (best albums)
Sam Valenti IV - Ghostly International (favorite albums)
San Diego CityBeat (local musicians)
San Diego State University's Daily Aztec (top albums)
San Francisco Chronicle (best music)
Sand Is Overrated (albums)
sand is overrated (tracks of the year)
The Sandman Chronicles (top albums)
Satan Get Thee Behind Me (best albums)
Saturday Gazette-Mail (albums)
Saturday Gazette-Mail (best albums you might not have heard)
Save the Robot - Chris Dahlen (favorite songs)
scanner_darkly (best albums)
Scene and Heard with Will McGuirk (top albums)
Scenestars (top songs by Memphis musicians)
schwartzbrille (top albums)
Scooter & Hum (top albums)
Scott Freeman (best albums)
Seattleite Satellite (top albums)
Self Loathing Pop Culture Fanatic (top music downloads)
Sell the Kids (best albums)
Semeiotikos (best albums)
SEN Baltimore (top albums)
SEN Baltimore (top Baltimore albums)
Sententia pro Sententia (top albums)
Sentient Developments (best albums)
seven inches (top 7''s)
SevenTenTwelve (top 7" records)
SF Station (best albums)
SF Weekly - John Graham (top albums)
SF Weekly - Michael Leaverton (best albums)
SFist - Spencer (top albums)
Shake Your Fist (EPs & reissues)
Shake Your Fist (best albums)
Shake Your Fist (favorite songs)
Shakopee Valley News (albums)
Sharkbitten (albums you should have heard)
Shizm's Musings (top albums)
Sick Mouthy (albums)
Side One: Track One (best albums)
The Sigla Blog (best albums)
Sign on San Diego (best albums)
The Silent Ballet (top albums)
Silhouettes of Birds and Trees (best albums)
Silly Pipe Dreams (top cover songs)
Simian Think Tank (top albums)
Simon Raymonde (Bella Union)
Sing Me Back Home (top albums)
Sixeyes (album of the year)
Skatterbrain (top albums)
Sketches from Memory (top albums)
SL__72 (top albums)
Slate (best jazz albums)
Slate Music Club (best albums)
slehnhard (top albums/tracks)
Sloth (best albums)
Slowly Going Bald (musical year in review)
Smartarded (top albums)
Smokes Quantity (top singles)
Smooth Jazz Therapy (top albums)
SMU Daily Campus (best albums)
The Smudge of Ashen Fluff (best albums)
snarkyhuckster (top albums)
Snob's Music (best albums)
Snob's Music (best songs)
Snob's Music (disappointing albums)
So This Is What The Volume Knob's For (top albums)
SOHH (shocking moments in R&B)
somedirection (top albums)
Something Apropos (favorite albums)
Sonic Process (albums)
Sopheava de Lumiere (best albums)
Soul Sides (albums)
Sound Bites (best albums)
Sound Bites (best singles & tracks)
Sound Check (albums & concerts)
The Sound of Indie (top albums)
The Sound of Marching Feet (top albums)
Sound on the Sound (best EPs)
Sound on the Sound - Abbey (best national release albums)
Sound on the Sound - Abbey (best songs)
Sound on the Sound - Abbey (live shows)
Sound on the Sound - Becca (top songs, shows, albums)
Sound on the Sound - Josh (best songs)
Sound on the Sound - Josh (live shows)
Sound on the Sound (side projects)
Sound on the Sound (top albums)
Sound Opinions (best albums)
Soundfix Records (top albums)
SoundMojo (top albums)
SoundRoots (favorite world music albums)
Sounds Familiar (best albums)
Soundscapes (best albums)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (standout albums)
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (year in pop music)
Southcoasting (top albums)
Spartak Mixtapes (best albums)
SpartanEdge Music Dude (top albums)
Spatula Forum (top albums)
Speakers Push Air (top albums)
A Special Way of Being Afraid (favorite songs)
Speed of Dark (concerts)
Speed of Dark - Gramma (top albums)
Speed of Dark - Indie.Mom (top albums)
Speed of Dark - Uncle T (best albums)
SPIN (best albums)
Spinner (best songs)
The Spoils of a Liberal Arts Degree (top independent albums)
Spunkybean - Nyx (best albums)
squinty4e (music)
St. Cloud State University Chronicle (albums)
St. Cloud Times (favorite albums)
St. Louis Diner Review (best albums)
Stale Popcorn (top albums)
Standard Chuck's View of Everything Around (best albums)
Staten Island Live (top albums)
Status Ain't Hood (favorite live shows)
Status Ain't Hood (best music videos)
Stay Classy Dallas (top albums)
Stay Classy Dallas (top tracks)
Stephen King (via Idolator via EW) (best albums)
Stereo Sanctity (best albums)
Stereogum (favorite live shows)
Stereogum (music readers poll)
Stereophile (audio products)
Stop Five Records (top albums)
stop motion and all cut-out (most disappointing albums)
stop motion and all cut-out (top albums)
Straight Shillin' (favorite albums)
Stranded in Stereo - S. Ober & J. Montgomery (top albums)
Strange Glue (top albums)
Streak's Blog (top albums)
The Street (best singer-songwriter albums)
Stuck in a Moment (favourite albums)
Student Life (best & worst albums)
Stuff (best albums)
Stylus (top albums)
Stylus (top reissues)
Stylus (top singles)
Subba Cultcha (top albums)
Suburban Ghetto Musick (top albums)
Suburban Jungle (top albums)
The Suite 16 (best albums)
The Sun (top gigs)
Sun Herald (top albums)
Sunless Suitcase (top albums)
Superb Live (best albums)
SuperDee's House (favorite albums)
Surface Noise (best albums)
Surfing on Steam (favorite songs and L.A. albums)
Surviving the Golden Age (top songs)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
A Sweeping Curve of Sound (best albums, ongoing)
Sweeping the Nation (top albums)
Sweeping the Nation - UK Bloggers Poll (albums)
Sweet Oblivion (essential albums)
Syafiq Hussain (top albums)

T-Sides (best concerts)
T-Sides (top songs)
T-Sides (top albums)
Tacoma News Tribune (best concerts)
Tales of Victory (favorite albums)
Tales of Victory (best songs)
Tampa Calling (top albums)
Tanner McCuin (music)
TAPE (top 12" records)
Team Love - Staff (best albums)
Teenage Kicks (albums)
Teh Reel Me (best albums)
tekende (top albums)
Telegraph (top gigs)
Teletext (top albums)
Ten Million Pounds of Sludge (top albums)
The Tennessean (top Nashville albums)
Textura (artist picks)
Textura (top albums, compilations)
Textura (favorite labels)
ThaBombShelter (music photos)
ThaBombShelter (top albums)
ThaBombShelter (top songs)
This is the story of my life (best albums)
That Truncheon Thing (top albums)
That Truncheon Thing - Frank (best albums)
Theena Kumaragurunathan (top albums)
Thepunkguy (top albums)
Therapy (top albums)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (favorite albums)
Theme Park Experience (musical favorites)
There is a Place in Hell for Me and My Friends (top albums)
There Stands the Glass (favorite albums)
There Stands the Glass (top songs)
There Stands the Glass (best live shows)
There's Nothing Quite Like the Blinding Light... (music)
therocksphere (albums)
Thick Specs (top Toronto albums)
thieflikeme (best albums)
Things I Think About Music And Stuff Like That (albums, etc.)
Things I'd Rather Be Doing (best albums)
Things So Impossible (album of the year)
This Ain't a Scene (top concerts)
This Is a Portal (best albums)
This Is a Portal (best songs)
This Is London (music)
This Is What I Know About Being Awesome (biggest musical disappointments)
This Is What I Know About Being Awesome (top albums)
This Is What We Do Now (top albums)
This One Bird Didn't leave You (top albums)
This Twilight Garden (best albums)
This Was European (top albums)
This Winki's (worst albums)
Thompson's Bank of Communicable Desire (albums)
Thoughts on Music (top albums)
Three Minute Record (top albums)
Throughsilver (albums)
Thus Spake Drake (best albums)
Thus Spake Drake (best albums of 2007 that were really from 2006)
Tiger Weekly - Matthew (top albums)
TIME (best albums)
TIME (best live performances)
TIME (best songs)
Time Out New York (best albums)
Times Online (albums of the year)
Times Online (best music)
Times Online (best music books)
Times Online (top songs) (album of the year)
Tiny Mix Tapes (favorite albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (songs)
To Die By Your Side (best albums)
To Die By Your Side (essential albums)
To The Tune Of 5,000 Screaming Children (top albums)
toastercookie (top albums)
Todd Is God (albums)
Tom the Viking (best albums)
Too Much Awesome (albums of the year)
Tornado Slide (music)
Torr (favorite albums)
The Torture Garden (favourite songs)
track_three (top albums)
Transatlanticism (top albums)
Travelers Diagram (best albums, songs, concerts)
Traxsource (top house singles)
Treble (top albums)
Tri-City Herald (top albums)
trip over life (greatest albums)
The Tripwire (best albums)
Trog a Roo (top albums by old favorites)
Treble (top songs )
Trumpet Army Opposite (albums)
The Truth Hurts (music lists)
Tsururadio (albums)
Tuddd's Muddd (best albums)
Turn Your Ears Off (top albums)
Twelve Major Chords (favourite albums)
Twin Cities Critics Poll (music)
TwinTiersMoms (music)
Two Thousand and Seven (top albums)
Two Way Monologues (top albums)
Two Way Monologues (top instrumental albums)
Two Way Monologues (top Toronto records)
tylerburnham (top albums)

UCLAradio - Staff (best albums)
ultra8201 (best albums)
ultra8201 (best live performances)
unclemurdles (top albums)
Uncommon Chords (best albums)
Unconventionalitismnessity (top albums)
Under the Rotunda (best albums)
Underground Bee (best albums)
Underrated (top albums)
The Underwire (best albums)
undisturbedgirl (bestest tracks)
undomondo (best albums)
Undomondo (top albums)
Understanding Salesman (top albums)
University of Buffalo Spectrum (top off the radar albums)
The University of Calgary Gauntlet (best albums)
University of Calgary Gauntlet (overlooked albums)
University of Nebraska-Omaha Gateway (best albums)
University of Wisconsin Daily Cardinal (top albums)
(un)social-commentary (albums)
Untitled Records (favorite albums)
Urb Editors (albums, singles & shows)
USA Today Pop Candy (favorite songs, albums)
Useless Film Snob Reviews (best albums)
UWIRE (college newspaper music critics' best albums)

Vail Daily (most important albums)
Vallejo Nocturno (music)
Vancouver Sun (best albums)
Various Ecstasies (top albums)
Vermont Cynic (best albums)
Viae Ferae (top non-metal albums)
The View from Nowhere (top albums)
VH1 Blog (top albums)
VH1 Blog (top singles)
Vibe (top singles)
Village Voice - Interval Poll (jazz albums)
Violence Against Art (favorite albums)
The Villanovan (top albums you've never heard)

W. Doug Bolden (top albums)
Wall Street Journal (year in music)
The Walrus (top albums)
Warped Reality (top albums)
Washington Post (best reissues/compilations)
Washington Post (top albums)
Washington Post's Going Out Gurus (local songs)
WBGO (best jazz albums)
We All Sell Our Souls Sooner or Later (albums)
We Apologize for the Inconvenience (top albums)
We Are Made of Sound (top albums)
We Listen for You (top albums)
We Saw a Chicken (best albums)
We Shot J.R. (favorite albums)
The Web Pen (albums)
West Chester University Quad (best albums)
Western Carolina University Gazette (best albums)
WFMU's Beware of the Blog - Joe Belock (top albums)
WFMU's Beware of the Blog - Liz Berg (music)
WFMU's Beware of the Blog (favorite albums)
WFMU's Beware of the Blog - Scott McDowell (top albums)
WFMU's Beware of the Blog - Trent (favorite albums)
WFUV (best albums)
WFUV - staff picks (best albums)
Wharman (favorite albums)
What Goes On - Jared (favorite albums)
What Would Jesus Blog? (best albums)
The Wheel's Still In Spin (best albums)
The Wheel's Still in Spin (top Cincinnati albums)
When I Said I Wanted To be Your Blog (great songs on not-so-great albums)
Where Worlds Collide (albums of the year)
Who Killed the Mixtape? (best albums)
Who Reads This? (best albums)
wildworks (best Canadian indie or mainstream albums)
Willamette Week (best local albums)
The Windsor Star (albums)
Winnipeg Sun (top music stories)
Winter Academy (best albums)
With This I Think I'm Officially A Yuppie (top albums)
The Wire (top albums)
Wired (most P2P traded songs)
A Wizard Arrives Precisely When He Means To (top albums)
WNYC (top genre-busting albums)
WNYC (albums)
Wolves, Hawks and Kites (best Canadian albums)
Wolves, Kites, and Hawks (top unsung Canadian albums)
Wonderbug (best albums)
Worcester Telegram & Gazette (top albums)
The Word (best albums)
The Word on the Street (best albums)
The World Forgot (best albums)
WOXY (most played songs)
WOXY - DJ choices (top albums)
writenoise (not cool musicians)
WXPN (top blues albums)
WXPN (top debut albums)
WXPN (top kids' albums)

XLR8TR (best artists)
XRay World (albums)
Xtra (top albums)

Yahoo! Music Playlist Blog (top albums)
Year of Glad (albums)
Yeasayer (top albums)
Yelling About Music (top songs)
Yellow Stereo (favorite albums)
The Yellow Stereo (favorite songs)
Yellowhammering Afghanistan (albums)
Yer Mam! (top remixes and edits)
Yer Mam! (top songs)
Yes I Can (albums)
Yes! Weekly (favorite albums)
YoRapper (top mix-tapes & rap albums)
You Are So Relevant (music)
You Be the Mouse (great albums, amazing shows)
You Can Take The Boy Outta Brooklyn (albums & EPs)
You Set the Scene (top albums)
You Set the Scene (top Los Angeles albums)
you're a city on a hillside in a country far from here (top albums)
your heart swells and rains blood (favorite albums)

Zentronix (music)
ZME (top albums)
Zoilus (albums)
Zooglobble (best kids and family albums)
Zwammer (favourite songs)

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