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November 15, 2007

2007 Year-End Online Music Lists (D - J)

2007 is winding down, and as "best of" music lists appear online I will post them here. Please feel free to e-mail me links to any lists you find (or leave a comment), I aim to make this list as comprehensive as possible. I will update the list daily, so check back often.

daily updates to this list


D3 Powerhouse (top albums)
D3 Powerhouse (top songs)
The Daily Californian (live music highlights)
The Daily Californian (top albums)
The Daily Isthmus (top Madison albums)
The Daily Record (top albums)
The Daily Texan (talentless albums)
Daily Trojan (best albums)
Damaged Goods:Everything Must Go (best albums)
Damaged Goods: Everything Must Go (worst albums)
Dancing About Architecture (top albums)
Dane101 - Jordan Cohen (top albums)
Dane101 - Joshua James (top albums)
Dane101 - Kevin (favorite albums)
Dane101 - Steve (best albums)
Daniel Folmer (top albums)
Danno1227 (top albums)
Dave's Digglings (top albums)
Deaf Indie Elephants (favorite albums)
desh79 (top albums)
Disappear Here (top albums)
Dave Gowans of Mint Records (via Thick Specs) (top albums)
Dave Hill (best albums)
Daytrotter (best albums)
Deaf Indie Elephants (favorite songs)
Dear Mr. Henshaw (top albums)
Decibel (top albums)
Decomposing Trees (top albums)
Decomposing Trees (top Australian/new Zealand bands)
Decomposing Trees (top songs)
Deke Larson (best albums)
The Deli (album of the year)
Delusions of Adequacy (top albums)
Delusions of Adequacy (favorite shows)
Delusions of Adequacy (favorite songs)
Delusions of Adequacy (music)
Delusions of Adequacy (overlooked albums)
Delusions of Adequacy - Matt the Raven (top songs)
Denver Post (albums)
Denver Post (top jazz albums)
Diatribes by Joah (best albums)
Disappointed Eyes and Overcooked Noodles (best albums)
A Disorder of Things (top albums)
Disquiet (best ambient/electronic albums)
Distractions (top albums)
Diversus (top albums)
Dividing By Zero (best songs)
The Dividing Line (favourite albums)
Division Day - Ryan Wilson (best albums)
DJ Kantrip (top albums)
Drivebymedia (comebacks)
Devious Bloggery (favorite songs)
Die Otterdaemmerung (best albums)
Director File (best music videos)
The Dirt Is Temporary (top albums)
Distorte (top albums)
Don't Aim, Just Throw It (favorite albums)
Don’t Quit Your Day Job (top albums)
Donewaiting - Andrew (top albums)
Donewaiting - Ben (top albums)
Donewaiting,com - Doug Elliott (favorite albums) - Kevin J. Elliott (favorite albums)
Donewaiting - Kiesha (top albums)
Donewaiting - Robert Duffy (favorite albums)
Donewaiting - Wes (top albums)
Drinking Liberally in Cincinnati (top albums)
Drip! (favorite albums)
Drivebymedia (favorite albums)
The Drop (best albums)
Drowned in Sound (albums, reader poll)
Drowned in Sound (top albums)
Drowned in Sound (tracks of the year)
Dusted staff (year-end lists)
dylab (best albums)
dyme def (favorite albums)

E! Pullman (top albums)
Each Note Secure (favorite albums)
Each Note Secure (favorite Cincinnati music)
Ear Farm (top albums)
Ear Farm (top bands to emerge)
Ear Farm (top concerts)
Ear Farm (top songs)
Earache (top albums)
Eardrums (best albums)
Eartaste (top albums)
East Bay Express - Eric K. Arnold (best albums)
East Bay Express - Kathleen Richards (best albums)
East Bay Express - Lee Hildebrand (best albums)
East Bay Express - Mark Keresman (best albums)
East Bay Express - Nate Seltenreich (best albums)
East Bay Express - Rachel Swan (best albums)
The Echoes (top albums)
Echoes (best album, readers poll)
Eclectic Grooves (top albums)
Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear (favorite albums)
ederBlog (favorite music)
Edmonton Journal (best concerts)
Edmonton Sun (best albums)
Einstein, Disguised as Robin Hood (top albums)
El Guante (musical bullet points) (top artists) (top tracks) (top videos)
Elastic Heart (favorite albums)
Electric Fetus (local bestselling albums)
Electric Goose (best albums)
The Electric Goose (top tracks)
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (disappointing albums)
Electronic Voice Phenomenon (favorite songs)
Electrorash (top Australia/New Zealand bands)
elyssaapparatus (top songs & albums)
Emily Burnham's 437th Dream (best albums)
eMusic (bestselling albums)
eMusic (overlooked albums)
eMusic (year in alt/pop)
eMusic (year in dance)
eMusic (year in hip-hop)
eMusic (year in metal)
eMusic (year in reissues)
engardemusic (top albums)
Entertainment Commentary by Josh (top albums)
Entertainment Realm (favorite albums)
Entertainment Weekly (best songs)
Erasing the Palimpsest (top albums)
Eric R. Danton (top albums)
Eric F. Savage (unintentionally best albums)
Erik-Nelson (top albums)
erkengel nathanica (top albums)
Eskimo Bliss (top albums)
Eskimo Bliss (best music you didn't hear)
Esquire (best songs you didn't hear)
Estimated Prophet (top albums)
Everett Daily Herald (top songs)
Everything Flows (favorite albums)
Everything That's on My Mind (top albums)
Exclaim! - Aggressive Tendencies (top albums)
Exclaim! - Destination Out (top albums)
Exclaim - Frequencies (best albums)
Exclaim! - Groove (top albums)
Exclaim! - Pop Rocks (top albums)
Exit 421 (top albums)
Exitfare (top albums)
extrawack! (top albums)
Eyewear (top albums)

Fact Magazine (best albums)
Fact Magazine (top tracks)
The Fader (music)
Fallen Through the Cracks (albums, shows)
Faronheit (best reissues/compilations)
Faronheit (top albums)
Faronheit (worst albums)
Fast 'n' Bulbous - Fester (albums)
fastnbulbous (top reissues)
Fat Planet (albums)
FatCat Records staff (top albums)
faux_chateaux (top albums)
faux punk/gentleman dude (top albums)
Fear of Arthropods (favorite songs)
fearlessWeaver (favorite albums)
Fernanda Alcantara (singer-songwriters)
The Fertile Crescent (best albums)
A Few Old Sodas (songs you can get drunk to)
Filter27 (best albums, compilations, singles)
Feedback and Distortion (top albums)
Fingertips (favorite free & legal mp3s)
Fear of Arthropods (best albums)
Feedback and Distortion (top albums)
fifteenpetals (best albums)
Figmento (best albums)
The Figurehead (top albums)
Fimoculous (list of music lists)
Fimoculous (top albums)
Finest Kiss (albums)
Finest Kiss (singles)
Fingertips (best free and legal mp3s)
The Fire Note (2007 releases)
Fits & Starts (best songs)
Flavobean (best albums)
flight of the robberfly (favorite albums)
floodwatchmusic (top albums)
Flowering Toilet (top albums)
Flowering Toilet (favorite albums)
Folk Alley - Ann VanWiebe (top album)
Folk Alley - Chris Boros (top albums)
Folk Alley - Linda Fahey (top albums)
for the 'records' (favourite albums) (top singles) (album that weren't good enough)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (best albums)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (top local albums)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (best pop music shows)
The Fortynightly (best albums)
Forward Ever (top albums)
Foxy Digitalis (music)
Foxymoron Sucks! (best albums)
freakystyle (best albums)
Free Our Music (top albums)
Fresh Cherries from Yakima (favorite Royce 5'9" lines)
Fresh Cherries from Yakima (music)
Fresh Cherries from Yakima (top northwest bands to watch in 2008)
Frieze (music highlights)
frolicking through intuition (favorite albums)
From My Mind To Your Eyes (top albums)
Funeral Pudding (best albums & EPs)
Fuzzy Lion (top albums)
Fuzzy Thoughts (favorite albums)

gaz82 (best songs)
GCN (top albums)
Geek Bearing Gifts (favorite albums)
Geek Down (best albums)
Geek Down (songs)
Geek Down (top live shows)
Georgetown Voice (top albums)
The Georgia Straight (music)
Georgie James (favorite albums)
Get Big, Little Kid! (favourite albums)
Get Over Yourself (top records)
The Ghost of Gordon Sumner (top disappointing albums)
Gigwise (top albums)
Gigwise (top albums)
Glam-Racket (albums)
A Glass of Papaya Juice (year in music)
Glide (top albums)
Glide - musicians' lists
The Global Progressive (top albums, readers poll)
The Glorious Hum (favorite albums)
Go Greg Go! (top singles)
Gold Soundz (top albums)
The Good, The Bad And The Plain Old Lazy (top albums)
The Good, The Bad, and The Unknown (best new artists)
Good Rockin' Tonight (top albums)
Goodnight Believer (top albums)
Gorilla vs Bear (best live shows)
Gorillavsbear (favorite albums)
GorillavsBear (favorite songs)
Gracious Days (best western albums)
The Graffiti Table (best albums)
Grand National Championship (best albums and more)
Grand Rapids Press (top albums)
Grant Manship (favorite albums)
Grasshopper World - Sam (top albums)
GraveyardshiftShane (best album covers)
graysky (top albums)
Great Northern (best albums)
Great Perfect Thanks (top albums)
The Great Whatsit (top albums)
Greetings from Utah (favorite albums)
Greg Davis (music)
Groovy Mother (albums)
Guardian music critics (best albums)
Guardian (readers music poll)
Guided By Star Light (top albums)

Half Hour Happy Hour (top albums)
Half of what I say is meaningless... (favorite albums)
The Hamilton Adventures (best albums)
Happy Home (best albums)
Hard Like Algebra (top albums)
The Hardest Button To Button (top songs)
Harp (via Brooklynvegan) (top albums)
Harrison Exists (best songs)
Harrison Exists! (top albums)
Hate Something Beautiful (best albums)
HaterPlayer (albums)
Hazzard County Cricket Club (least essential albums)
headingeast (top & bottom albums)
Hear Where You Are (favorite albums)
Hearmax (best albums)
Hearsay (favorite albums)
Hearsay! (top albums)
Heart on a Stick (top albums)
Heartache with Hard Work (top albums)
Heartache with Hard Work (top songs)
HearYa (best albums)
HearYa (best EPs)
HearYa (top songs)
Heavy Sounds and The Abstract Truth (best jazz albums)
Hecklerspray (albums)
Herald News (overlooked albums)
Here Comes Super! (top album)
Hero Hill (top Canadian albums)
Heroin and Minimalism (top albums)
Hey! Student (top albums)
Hi-Tek (top albums)
Hickory Wind - Sean (favorite songs)
Hickory Wind - Stacy (top albums)
Hidden Track (top albums)
Hidden Track (best music DVDs)
hidemuzikblog (best albums)
Hip-Hop Linguistics (best underground hip-hop albums)
Hip Hoosier (top albums)
Hip-Hop Reflex (albums that changed the face of 2007)
Hip to Be Square (top songs)
hippydave (top albums)
History of Rock Music (best rock albums)
Hits in the Car (top albums, songs, etc.) (Japanese singles)
Holding Richards (favorite albums)
Hollyscoop (top albums)
Holy Bee of Ephesus (top albums)
Honors Zombie (best albums)
housd (top albums)
Houston Chronicle (favorite singles)
Houston Chronicle (Houston albums)
Houston Press (top albums)
Houston Press (worst song lyrics)
How's the Pie? (top songs)
Howard Who? (albums & songs)
hue126 (best albums)
Human Punk Music News (top albums)
The Humpty Dance (top albums)
The Hunter Gracchus (best albums)
Hypeful (best TV music moments)
Hypeful (top albums)

I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS (favorite albums)
I Am Spartacus (favorite albums)
I Don't Even Know What the Name Means (best album)
I Guess I'm Floating (best hip-hop albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best albums)
I Hate Congress (top albums)
I Have a Message... (top albums)
i (heart) music (top Canadian bands)
I Love You, Blue Van Meer! (top albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top albums)
I Think You Look Nice Today (albums)
I'll Go Mine (top albums)
I'm Just a Mixtape Junkie with Too Many Toys (best albums)
I'm Losing My Edge (top albums)
I'm Losing My Edge (top recommendations from top album lists)
I'm Losing My Edge (top b-sides, remixes, remakes)
I Never Win (top albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top tracks)
I Think You're Wrong (top albums)
I Was Told There Would Be Bacon (top albums)
I'm Just Saying Is All... (albums) (top albums)
ickmusic (music)
ickmusic (songs, albums)
Idaho Statesman (overlooked CDs)
Idaho Statesman (top albums)
The Idiot Chronicles (top albums)
Idolator (top singles)
Idolator (worst album cover)
Idolator - Pop Critics Poll (albums)
Idolator - Pop Critics Poll (artists)
Idolator - Pop Critics Poll (reissues)
Idolator - Pop Critics Poll (tracks)
IFMagazine (best albums & songs)
IGN (year in music)
iJamming (top albums)
imperfect_chaos (top albums)
IMPOSE (top cartoon bands)
In League with Paton (albums of the year)
In League with Paton (favorite tracks)
Inconsistently Updated (best albums)
The Indie Credential (top albums)
indiechristoph (music)
Indiehitlist (best albums)
Indie Music Filter - Chris (top albums)
Independent Weekly (the Triangle's best songs)
Indie Laundry (top albums)
Indie MP3 (finest albums)
Indie Surfer Blog (top albums & more)
Indieblogheaven (best Americana albums)
IndieLondon (best albums)
Indie Waves (top albums)
Information Leafblower (albums of the year)
Information Leafblower (gigs of the year)
inhisgrace (top albums)
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (top albums)
Inside Joke Theatre (best albums)
Inspired dedication to Futility (favourite albums)
Instrumental Analysis - Chris (favorite albums & EPs)
Instrumental Analysis - Mike (albums)
Intellectual Props (favorite albums)
intransigently (top albums)
ipickmynose (best albums, EPs, box sets)
ireallylovemusic (albums)
It Covers the Hillsides (best albums)
It Covers the Hilsides (top songs)
It Doesn't Have To Be Right... (albums)
It Is Preferable Not To Travel With A Dead Man (top albums)
It's a Trap staff (best albums)
It's Too Sunny Out Here (top albums)
It's Too Sunny Out Here (top concerts)
iTunes (bestselling songs)
iVoryTowerz - Lauren (top albums)
iVoryTowerz - Vincent (best albums)

j_bot (top albums)
j-bot (top songs)
Jack Noodle Journal (albums)
Jack Roy (best albums) (top albums)
Jacksonville State University Chanticleer (best albums)
Jacob's Jiberish (top albums)
Jambase - Artist Lists (music)
Jana Pochop (best albums)
Jared Followill - Kings of Leon (best albums)
Jazz & Blues Music Reviews (top albums)
Jazz News (top albums)
JazzWax (top albums)
jdn (favorite albums)
Jeffrey Geoffrey (top albums)
Jeffrey Geoffrey (top songs)
Jena Malone (top albums)
The Jeopardy of Contentment (most disappointing albums)
The Jeopardy of Contentment (best albums)
Jet Set de ruelle (top albums)
Jimmy Eat World (best albums)
Jody Rosen (songs & albums)
joe of parma kills you (top albums)
John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats (top albums)
Jonk Music (top songs)
Josh Solar Photo Blog (top albums)
Josh Spilker (interesting albums of you may or may not have heard)
journalestaloco (top albums)
Juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands (top albums)
Junkmedia (top albums & songs)
Just Gimme Indie Rock (top songs)
Just Float - Pam (best albums)
jWiltshire (favorite albums)
jwz (favorite albums)

K - O

P - Z

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