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November 15, 2007

2007 Year-End Online Music Lists (K - O)

2007 is winding down, and as "best of" music lists appear online I will post them here. Please feel free to e-mail me links to any lists you find (or leave a comment), I aim to make this list as comprehensive as possible. I will update the list daily, so check back often.

daily updates to this list

A - C

D - J

KA-BLAM! (best songs)
Kansas City Pitch (worst things in music)
kata rokkar... (best albums)
Kathie Smith (best albums)
KCRW - Aaron Byrd (top albums)
KCRW - Chris Douridas (top albums)
KCRW - Dan Wilcox (best albums)
KCRW - Eric J Lawrence (best albums)
KCRW - Garth Trinidad (best albums)
KCRW - Jason Eldredge (best albums)
KCRW - Jason Kramer, Mario Cotto and Michael Barnes (best albums)
KCRW - Jeremy Sole (top albums)
KCRW - Liza Richardson (via LAist) (top albums)
KCRW - Morgan Rhodes (top albums)
KCRW - Tom Schnabel (best albums)
KCRW - Thomas Golubic (best albums)
The Kentucky Kernel (top albums)
Kerrang! (readers poll)
Kevin Eagan (top albums)
KEXP (top musical discoveries)
KEXP - daytime DJs (best albums)
KEXP - Don Yates (favorite albums)
KEXP - specialty show DJs (top albums)
KEXP - weekend afternoon DJs (top albums)
kgb v2.0 (top albums)
Kick a Pigeon (best albums)
Kicking at the Darkness (favorite albums)
Kid Kameleon (music)
Kidtwist (albums) (top albums)
King Matthew the Terribly Good (top albums)
Kingblind (top albums)
kirbypuckett (top albums)
Kitsap Sun (top albums)
Kitsune Noir (favorite albums)
KKFI - Mark Manning (best albums)
Kofi's Hat (top albums & EPs)
Kofi's Hat (top songs)
KOKOMO (best albums & singles) (albums)
kurtmorris (top albums)
KUT (best songs)
KXUA - Cameron (top albums)

L'auberge des Korrigans (top albums)
La Onda Tropical (best albums) (top albums)
LAist (top albums)
LAist - Lindsay (top albums)
Lancaster Sunday News (albums)
Largehearted Boy (favorite albums)
Last Nite... (best albums)
Last Year's Girl (best albums)
The Late Greats (best soundtracks)
The Late Greats (guiltiest pleasures)
The Late Late Rock Show (top albums)
Late Nite Wallflower - Jason (best albums)
Le Fale o Neli... (top irritating pop songs)
le skip (top albums)
Leaky Sparrow (top albums)
Leather Canary (favorite albums)
Left in East Dakota (best albums)
Let There Be Night (top albums)
Let's Make This Last Forever (top albums)
Let's Sexy Fighting (top albums)
A Letter for the Stars (best albums)
A Letter for the Stars (best singles)
A Letter for the Stars (best videos)
Letters Home from Camp (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Evan Rytlewski (best albums)
Letters Home from Camp - Scott Wolfman (top albums)
The Liberator Magazine - Jon Jon (best Twin Cities albums & songs)
Life & Times (best albums)
Life Is Wasted on the Living (great non-mainstream albums)
Life Less Ordinary (albums of the year)
Life's Bathroom (best albums)
Life, Vegas! Style (top songs)
Lift your head and look out the window (favorite albums)
Light in the Attic (artists lists)
LimeWire Music Blog (most bizarre collaborations)
The Line of Best Fit - Rich Hughes (albums)
Line of Best Fit - Rich Thayne (albums)
Liner Notes (best albums)
linesthroughlines (top albums)
linesthroughlines (top songs)
Listen to my Eyes (essential albums)
Listen to My Mix (favorite albums)
Little Boys' Choir (best albums)
Little Boys' Choir (best non-album albums)
Little Glowing Lights (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top albums)
Live from the Russian Compound (top albums)
Live Music Blog (top gig posters)
Ljud (best albums)
LOGOonline (top pop songs)
London Free Press (albums)
londonarab (top albums)
Looking at Them (favorite albums)
Los Angeles Times (top albums)
Los Angeles Times (year in music)
Los Angeles Times Buzz Bands Blog (best albums & local albums)
Lost in the Grooves (best albums)
Lost in Translation (best albums)
Lost In Your Inbox (top albums)
lostateminor (favourite albums)
Love & Squalor (top albums)
A Love Supreme Dreaming... (top hip hop songs)
Love Your Ears (best albums)
Loyola Phoenix (most spun albums)
lucas membrane (top albums)
Lucid Echinopsis Dreams (top albums)
Lullabyes (top live tracks)
Lumino (best albums)
Lunapark6 (top albums)
Lycanthropy (top albums)
Lyndonology (top songs)

maccydlife (top albums)
Madness & Games (favorite albums)
magnolia77 (favorite albums)
Make-Believe Gospel (albums)
The Man of Steel (best albums)
Manchester Evening News (top gigs) (top albums)
Mapsadaisical (top albums)
Marathonpacks (albums)
Margaret Cho (beautiful albums)
Mark Ronson (best albums)
Markland Starkie (favorite albums)
Marusin (songs)
masculin (albums)
Mashable (music stories) - Jeff Hobbs (best albums)
Matt Dentler's Blog (top albums)
Matt's Miscellany (top albums)
mattchews1919 (top albums)
Matthew (top albums)
Matthew Hong (top albums)
Matthew Hong (top songs)
Matthews the Younger (top albums)
Max Silvestri (best albums)
Maxim (top albums)
The Meathead Diaries (indie gold hits)
Media Munchers (albums)
Mediaeater (best albums, songs, EPs, etc.)
Medium Fidelity (best lyrics)
Melt Your Face Off (best albums)
Memphis Commercial Appeal (best albums)
Merry Swankster (top songs)
Merry Swankster - David Klein (best albums)
Merry Swankster - Jeff Klingman (best albums)
Merry Swankster - Keith O'Brien (best albums)
Merry Swankster - Randall Monty (best albums)
meshmdz (top albums, songs)
Metacritic (best albums)
Metal Bastard's MP3 Blahg (top albums)
The Metal Minute (top albums)
Metaleater - Staff (metal albums)
MetalSucks - Vince Nielsten (top metal albums)
MetalSucks - Axl Rosenberg (top albums)
Metro Distortion (top albums)
Metro Distortion (top albums)
Metro Times Detroit (albums) (best albums) (top singles) (top music books)
Metromix New York (best albums & shows)
MFR readers poll (albums)
MFR - Staff (top albums)
Miami New Times (best Miami albums)
Miami New Times (year in review)
The Michigan Daily (best albums)
The Middle of Yesterday (albums of the year)
Midland Migrant (favorite albums)
The Midnight Cafe (top albums)
Migrating Taste (albums)
Mike Went West (top albums)
Mike Went West (top albums)
Mike Went West (top songs)
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (top albums)
Milwaukee Shepherd Express (best albums)
Minimill in Minihattan (labels, mix CDs/compilations, albums)
Minnesota Public Radio - Steve Steel (best albums)
Minnesota Public Radio -staff picks (top albums)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (top local albums)
Minor Rock Star (favorite albums)
Mishka Bloglin - My Pal the Crook (top albums)
Mission Freak (favorite albums)
The Mixed Up Files of... (top songs)
Mixtapes for Hookers (top songs)
Mix Me a Molotov (top albums)
Mix Me a Molotov (top songs)
Mixtapes for Hookers (top songs) - Acoustic Cafe (best albums)
The Moakle (top albums)
Moaning Is Music (top albums)
modest_mod (top albums)
modsuperstar (fave albums)
MOJO (best albums)
Montreal Gazette (albums)
The Morning News (top albums)
Morning Paper (top albums)
The Mosh Pit (top metal albums)
The Moss Pit (best songs)
The Most Useless Blog Ever (top albums)
Motel de Moka (interesting electronica albums)
Motel de Moka (top albums)
Motel de Moka - Bubbachups (top albums)
Mother Jones - Party Ben (best albums)
Movies of Myself (top albums)
MP3 Wox News! (best albums)
mp3hugger (top songs)
mr_dictionary (best albums)
MTV - Bigger than the Sound (best albums)
MTV - Bigger Than the Sound (best songs)
Multi_Functional_Artisan (best albums)
Muruch (top albums)
Music and All That Implies (top albums)
Music and Movies (top albums)
The Music Box (best albums, box sets, reissues, live albums, documentaries)
The Music Box (top studio albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (awesomest songs)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (favorite albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (top live shows)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (top music videos)
Music Like Dirt (top tracks)
Music Nation (various esoteric lists)
Music of the Moment (favourite albums)
Music Snobbery (top reissues)
Music Snobbery (top new artists)
Music Staff - The Ears of the Capstone (greatest albums)
Music Sucks (best albums)
Music Sucks (best local/unsigned bands, hip hop albums, EPs)
Music Sucks (most overlooked, overrated and best finds and video)
Music Sucks (top shows)
Music Up Above (favourite songs)
Musical Constructivism (best albums)
Musical Kaleidescope (best albums and concerts)
musick in the head (top albums)
MusicWarship (favorite albums)
MusicWarship - Jewlie (top albums)
MusicWarship - PointBlank (best albums)
MusicWarship - RubberSoul (best albums)
Musings, Nits, and Praises (top albums)
Musings of a Meteorologist (albums you haven't heard)
Muzak for Cybernetics (top albums)
Muzzle of Bees (best albums)
Muzzle of Bees (best concerts)
Muzzle of Bees - Friends (favorite albums)
My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion (favorite albums)
my dreams gave me away (best albums)
My Lonesome River Songs (top albums)
My Old Kentucky Blog - Dee (best songs)
My Old Kentucky Blog - Dodge (favorite albums)
My Old Kentucky Blog - Greg (top albums)
My Old Kentucky Blog - Luftmensch (best albums)
My Poproks (best songs)
My So-Blogged Life (favorite albums)
mybigmouthstrikesagain (best albums)
Myles Listens Myles Watches (top albums)

Napierville Sun (best albums)
narrowcast (top singles)
Nathan.Hoffman (top albums)
National Public Viking (top albums)
NBC4 (best albums)
The NDNU Argonaut (best albums)
Nedry Is Born (definitive top albums)
Neon Guide (top albums)
Nerd Litter (top albums)
Nerd Litter (favorite songs)
Never Learned to Swim (top albums)
The New Black (best songs)
New Dad Balancing Act (top albums)
New Music Nation (top albums)
New York Daily News - Jim Farber (albums)
New York magazine (year in pop)
New York Times (music)
New York Times (top albums, songs)
The New Yorker - Russell Platt (best classical albums)
New Yorker (top cd boxed sets)
Newark Star-Ledger (top albums)
Newsday (New York albums)
Newsday (top albums)
Newsday (year in Latin music)
nialler9 (top albums)
nialler9 (favorite songs)
Nic Harcourt (via LAist) [top albums)
Night After Night (top albums)
NLT (rock, pop, R&B, country albums)
NME (albums & songs)
NME - Mark Beaumont (top songs)
No Dessert for You (top offbeat lists)
No Red Shoes (top albums)
No Ripcord (top albums)
Noel's Reviews (top albums)
Noise (favorite reissues)
Non est ad astra mollis e terres via (top albums)
Northwest Music Blog (best albums)
Not a Blogger (best hip hop songs & albums)
Not on the Guest List (albums)
Not Their Blog (best albums)
Notes in the Carpet (top albums)
Nothing But Green Lights (music)
Nothing to See Here (top albums)
The Notorious T.D.P. Phlog (top albums)
The Notre Dame Observer (best albums)
NPO until AMA (favorite albums)
NPR (best world music)
NPR (year in holiday CDs)
NPR's All Songs Considered Listeners Poll (best albums)
NPR's All Things Considered (top world albums)
Null Device (music)
Nutshell Kingdom (albums)
NVinNYC (top albums)
nyctaper (top concerts)

Obscure Sound (best albums)
Observer Music Monthly (top albums)
Obsolete (most disappointing and worst albums)
Obtusity (top videos)
Oceans Never Listen (top Australian artists)
Oceans Never Listen (best albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best songs)
Of Figs & Mint (favorite albums)
Off the Record - Grace (top albums)
Off the Record - James (top albums)
Off the Record (top artists)
Off the Record - Sandra (best albums)
Oh, Warfair & Therapy (top songs)
Ohmpark (top albums)
Ohmpark (best EPs)
Ohmpark (favorite shows)
Old Is the New Neu (albums)
Olivia Gray (top albums)
Omahype (top albums)
On the Town (top albums)
Once I Took the Universe to Dinner (top albums)
One Of God's Own Prototypes (top albums)
Opus (songs)
Orange Blossom Special (top albums)
Orange County Register (best albums)
Orange County Register (top local albums)
orbis quintus (favorite songs)
Oregon Public Broadcasting - Guest Lists (albums)
Oregon Public Broadcasting - In House (top albums)
Oregon Public Broadcasting - Listeners Poll (top albums)
Oregonian - Pop Music podcast (best songs)
The Oregonian (top albums)
Otchster (top albums)
Other Music (top albums)
Ottawa Citizen (best local rock)
Out the Other (favorite songs)
Outsiders (top albums)
The Owl & the Bear (top albums)
Owlspotting (top albums)

P - Z

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