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November 13, 2008

2008 Year-End Online Music Lists (D-J)

A - C

Da Wh@t (top hip hop albums)
Daftpop weblog (best albums)
The Daily Californian (top albums)
The Daily Cardinal (best albums)
Daily Daisy O (favorite albums)
The Daily Delios (best albums)
The Daily Growl (top albums)
The Daily Record (top albums)
The Daily Sabbatical (top albums)
Daily Trojan (best albums that rocked)
Dallas Morning News (year in review)
Dallas Observer: DC9 at Night (top Americana albums)
Damaged Goods for Sale: Everything Must Go (best albums)
Dance Music XXX Romance (top albums)
Dance to the Music of Time (albums)
Dane101: Emily (albums)
Dane101 (top local releases)
Danity Donnaly (top albums)
Dante's Infernal Racket (top albums)
Darker My Love (top albums)
A Darker Shade of Pagan (top albums)
Dave Williams' Blog (favorite albums)
David Baron Music (top albums)
Davie St. (favorite albums)
The Days of Lore (albums)
DC9 at Night (best album covers)
DC9 at Night (top reissues)
Deaf Indie Elephants (favorite songs)
Dear Mr. Supercomputer (top albums)
Decibel (best metal albums)
The Decibel Tolls (best albums)
Decider (top Madison albums)
Decomposing Trees (top albums)
The Decree of Freyja (favorite singles)
Dead Clouds (top albums)
Dedicated to Domination (top hip-hop albums)
Deep Thoughts, By Justin Andy (top albums)
DEEPGOA's Electronic Sessions (favourite netlabel albums)
Delicious and Nutritious (favorite albums)
Delusions of Adequacy (best albums)
Denver Post (best albums for the masses)
Denver Post (best pop albums)
Denver Post (classical albums)
Denver Post (jazz albums)
The Denver Syntax Blog (top Denver recordings)
Denver Westword (albums)
Denver Westword (top indie rock albums)
Department of Eagles (top albums)
Deplorable/Beautiful (top albums, tracks)
Describe the Ruckus (best albums)
Detroit Free Press (great albums)
Detroit Free Press (best jazz albums)
Detroit Metro Times (best music books)
devilishdan (top albums)
diablojesus (favorite albums)
Diary of a Young Person (top albums)
Diatribe (top albums)
different is dangerous (best singles)
Different Is Different (best albums)
Digital Aurgasm (top albums)
Digital Metropolis (top songs)
discjunkies (best songs)
Disco Delicious (top albums)
Discovering Musical Landscapes (top albums)
Disquiet (best albums)
Distorte (top albums)
Distractions (best albums)
Ditch Records & CDs (best albums)
A Dive in the Dirt (songs)
Divided By Shiny (albums)
dk presents (best albums)
dmost (best albums)
Do You Know How To Waltz? (top albums)
Doctor of Prog Rock (favourite live albums)
Doctor of Prog Rock (favourite prog albums)
don't be a coconut (best albums)
Don't Just Do Something, Stand There (best albums)
Donacon (top albums)
Donewaiting (favorite albums, songs, concerts)
Donewaiting: Andrew Patton (favorite albums)
Donewaiting: Tankboy (top albums & songs)
Don't Explain (disappointing albums)
Don't Just Do Something, Stand There (best Columbus albums)
The Donnybrook Writing Academy (songs)
Dottie Alexander (Of Montreal) (top albums) (top albums)
Doubtful Sounds (top albums)
the downstairs mix-up (overlooked albums)
Drawer B: Eric Greenwood (top albums)
Drawer B: K (top albums)
Drawer B. Logan K. Young (top albums)
Drawer B: Patrick Wall (top albums)
Drawer B: Robert Howell (top albums)
Dreck Factory (top electronic albums)
Drew Is Cool (top albums)
Drewviews (top albums)
drivebyMEDIA (best albums)
drivebyMEDIA (vinyl)
Droidzone (best albums)
Drowned in Sound (exciting 2009 bands)
Drowned in Sound: Sean Adams (top albums)
Drowned in Sound (albums)
Drowned in Sound (top songs)
Drowned in Sound: Staff (songs)
Dry Humour on the Wet Coast (top albums)
Dryvetyme Onlyne (best albums)
Duluth Budgeteer (best Duluth albums)
The Dumbing of America (best albums)
The Dumbing of America (best live bands)
Dunfermline Press (top singles)
Dusted (best albums)
Dusted: Adam Strohm (albums)
Dusted: Ben Donnelly (albums)
Dusted: Brad LaBonte (albums)
Dusted: Brandon Bussolini (albums)
Dusted: Cole Goins (albums)
Dusted: Daniel Levin Becker (albums)
Dusted: Derek Taylor (albums)
Dusted Emerson Dameron (albums)
Dusted: Ethan Covey (albums)
Dusted: Jennifer Kelly (albums)
Dusted: Matthew Wuethrich (albums)
Dusted: Michael Crumsho (albums)
Dusted: Nathan Hogan (albums)
Dusted: Rob Hatch-Miller (albums)
The Dwarf's Musings (top albums)
The Dying Machine (top albums)
Dylan, Etc. (best albums)

Each Note Secure (best albums)
Each Note Secure (top albums)
Each Note Secure (best Cincinnati music)
Each Note Secure (favorite concerts)
Ear Budz (favorite albums)
Ear Candy (top albums)
Ear Candy (songs by Seattle artists)
Ear Farm (breakout bands for 08/09)
Ear Farm (top albums)
Ear Farm (best EPs)
Eartaste (albums)
Earvolution (albums)
East Bay Express: Dave Gil de Rubio (top albums)
East Bay Express: Kathleen Richards (top albums)
East Bay Express: Nate Seltenrich (top albums)
East Bay Express: Rachel Swan (top albums)
East Bay Express: Tom Chandler (top albums) (top albums)
Eaten by Monsters (top albums)
Eaten by Monsters (top songs)
The Echoes Blog (essential albums)
The Echoes Blog: John Diliberto (top albums)
The Echoes Blog: John Diliberto (top songs)
Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) (top albums)
Ed Harcourt (top albums)
Edge (top albums)
edit (best albums)
Edmonton Sun (best albums)
egoeccentric: ctrl/alt/del (albums)
egoeccentric: Evil Bob (albums)
egoeccentric: Rob (albums)
Eighty81: J Red (best mixtapes)
Einstein Music Journal (top albums)
Elastic Hrtr (albums)
Eldur og Is (top albums)
Elder og ls (lesser-known best albums)
Electric City/Diamond City (best albums)
The Electric Goose (top albums)
Electrical Jortage (top albums)
electro (top albums)
Electronic Music & Breakbeats Standards’s Weblog (favorite albums)
elephant journal (top albums)
elliott hours (favorite albums)
emilyherr (best albums)
emo, punk, and beyond (best albums)
The Emory Wheel (top albums)
eMusic (best albums on eMusic)
ENJAI-SAYERS (top albums)
Entertainment Reviews with Derrek Bollus (best albums)
Entertainment Weekly: Chris Willman (best albums)
Entertainment Weekly: Leah Greenblatt (best albums)
Entertainment Weekly (entertainers of the year)
The Epoch Times (best albums)
Epuni Months (favourite albums)
Equally Emptied To Equally Shine (best albums)
The Equivalent (albums)
Eric Nuzum (best albums)
Eric Ryan Anderson (albums)
Escaping Suburbia (top albums)
Eschewing Obfuscation (best albums)
Eskimo Bliss (top albums)
Esquire (best rock songs you probably didn't hear)
et electro pour tous (best electronic songs)
Eulogies (top albums)
Everest (top albums)
Everett Herald (albums)
Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands (albums)
Everything At Once (best albums)
Everything Is Chemical (best albums)
Everything Is Pop (best music)
Everything Must Go (favorite albums)
Evolve Happy (top albums)
Exclaim!: Aggressive Tendencies (albums)
Exclaim!: Destination Out (albums)
Exclaim!: Favorite Frequencies (albums)
Exclaim! Frequencies (albums)
Exclaim! Groove (best albums)
Exclaim!: No Future (albums)
Exclaim!: Pop Rocks (albums)
Exclaim!: Wood, Wires & Whiskey (albums)
Executing Order Sixty-Six (favorite albums)
Exit 421 (top albums)
experimental etc (albums)
Experimental Music Love (top singles)
explodingNOW!!! (best albums)
Eyesore (favorite albums)

Fabtastic Music! (best albums)
Faces in the Sand: Duncan (top albums)
FactMagazine (best albums)
FactMagazine (best hardcore albums)
FactMagazine (best reissues/compilations)
FactMagazine (best remixes)
FactMagazine (best tracks)
FactMagazine (best videos)
Facts of Life (best hip hop albums)
The Factual Opinion (best rap albums)
The Factual Opinion (top abrasive albums)
The Factual Opinion (top albums)
The Factual Opinion (top songs)
The Fader (music lists)
Fallen Not Broken (top albums)
Fan-Belt Milwaukee: TJ (top albums)
Faronheit (top concerts)
Faronheit (top EPs)
Faronheit (top songs)
Faronheit (worst albums)
fasterbarnacle (best albums)
Fayetteville Observer (music)
Fear of Arthropods (favorite albums)
fear the ostrich (top albums)
Feb28 (top albums)
Fee's Blog (top albums)
Feed Your Head (best albums)
Feedback Loop (best albums)
Feedback Loop (best comeback albums)
Feedback Loop (best dubstep albums)
Feedback Loop (best minimal techno albums)
(feel my heat) (top genre albums)
The Felstein Review (favorite albums)
FemaleFirst: Ruth (best albums)
Ferguson Reviews (favorite debut albums)
Ferguson Reviews (favorite sophomore albums) (best albums)
A Few Zen (best albums)
Fickle Cycle (best albums)
Fids and Kamily (best kids & family CDs)
Fifty-Two Tuesdays (best albums)
A Fifty Cent Lighter & a Whiskey Buzz (guilty pleasures)
Fig & Mint (top albums)
Film Punk (best albums)
Filter (top albums)
Fimoculous (list of lists)
Fimoculous (top albums)
The Finest Kiss (best albums)
The Finest Kiss (favorite Seattle albums)
Fingerpainted in Blood (favorite albums)
Fingertips (favorite free and legal mp3s)
The Fire and the Rose (best albums)
Fire Drills (top albums)
Fishpork (favorite albums)
The Flashlight (best albums)
The Flashlight (best songs)
Flavorwire (albums)
Flickin Spit (top concerts)
Floating Robot (top albums)
Flop Eared Mule (albums)
Flowering Toilet (favorite albums)
FlowEthics (favorite albums)
Flying Buttresses (top albums, songs)
Fog & Fire (top albums)
Foggy Ruins of Time (top songs)
Folk Alley (best albums)
Folly of Youth (top albums)
Foot Tappin' Tunes (top albums)
For Amusement Only (favorite albums)
For The Captain (albums)
For the Love of It All (best albums)
for the 'records' (favorite concerts)
Forsuksake (overrated albums)
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (favorite local songs)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (top north Texas albums)
Franconia Station (top albums)
Franconia Station (top songs)
Freakystyle (best albums)
The Free Christian Music Blog (top downloads)
Free Jazz (year in review)
FREEwilliamsburg (best albums)
A Fresh Perspective (best albums)
FriedEgg's Journal (best albums)
Fries of Freedom (best albums)
From the Dust Returned (best metal albums)
Frontburner (year in review)
The Frontloader (top mellow songs)
FrontParlour (best albums)
Furrowed Brow Smile (best albums) (best video)
A Future in Noise (best albums)
A Future in Noise: Marilyn Roxie (top albums)
Fuzzy Lion (top albums)
Fuzzy Thoughts (top albums)
Fuzzy Thoughts (top songs)

Gagliarchives (top charting progressive albums)
Gary Lightbody (Smow Patrol) (top albums)
Gathering in Light: Matthew Hoopes (top albums)
gaycondo (best albums)
GB (top albums)
Generation Music Online (top indie/rock/pop albums)
Get Right Music (top mixtapes)
Get the Rooster (best songs)
Ghost Galaxy (top albums)
Ghost Hardware (best albums)
GhostLife Blog (albums)
The Giant Panther (top albums)
Gibberish (best albums)
Gigwise (top albums)
Gigwise (worst album covers)
Gigwise: Paul Adams (top albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (top albums)
Gimme Tinnitus (top downloadable songs)
Gingers Is the Watchword (best albums)
Girl Aloud (top albums)
Gitnerblog (favorite albums)
Give Me Your Handrew (favorite albums)
Glam It Up! (top albums)
Glide (top albums)
Gnomechompski's Blog (top albums)
The God & Culture Blog (best albums)
Going Other Places (best remixes)
Going Other Places (best songs)
Good Rockin' Tonight (top albums)
The Good, the Bad, and the Plain Old Lazy (albums)
The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown (best songs)
Goodnight Believer (top albums)
Goodnight Believer (top singles) (top albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (favorite albums)
Gorilla vs. Bear (favorite songs)
Gospel Music Channel (best albums)
Gotham Acme (best albums)
Gotham Gal (albums)
Gothamist (year in rock)
The Gramophone (most beautiful songs)
Grand Rapids Press (top albums)
Grand Rapids Press: Medium Fidelity (favorite songs)
Grandkids (top albums)
Grant Manship (favorite albums)
Gravitas Kills (best albums)
Great Eclectic (albums)
The Great Southern Brainfart (top albums)
Greencastle Banner-Graphic (top albums)
Gridface (top albums)
The Grizzly Life (best albums)
The Guardian (best mixtape)
The Guardian (rock star feuds)
The Guardian Music Blog (disappointing albums)
Guelph Mercury (top albums)
Guilt Free Pleasures (best debut albums)
Guilt Free Pleasures (best non-debut albums)
The Guitar Channel (favorite albums)
Guitar Lifestyle (blues albums)
Guitars, Cadillacs (top albums)
Gumo Ga (best albums)
Guy With Typewriter (best albums)

Happy Birthday, Babysh*t! (best albums)
happybutt (top songs)
Hard Like Algebra (top albums)
The Hardest Button to Button (best songs)
Harrison Exists! (top albums)
Hartford Courant (best albums)
Hartford Courant (best concerts)
Hate Something Beautiful (best albums)
Hate Something Beautiful: Akmai Naim (best albums)
Hate Something Beautiful: Andrew Oliveros (best albums)
Hate Something Beautiful: Simone Snaith (best albums)
He Dreams of Freeways (favorite albums)
He Shot Cyrus (top albums)
Headphonaught's Nanolog (top albums)
Headphone Candy (favorite albums)
Headphone Commute (best albums)
Headphone Infatuation (top albums)
Headphones and BBQ (best albums)
hearsay (favorite albums)
Heartache with Hard Work (top albums)
Heartache with Hard Work (top songs)
HearYa (2009 albums)
HearYa (best EPs)
HearYa (top albums)
Heavy Metal Time Machine (worst albums)
Heavy Metal Power (top heavy metal albums)
Hectic But Eclectic (best albums)
heliumballoon (best albums)
Hells Yeah! It's David Jett (top albums) (favourite albums)
Herohill (best Canadian albums)
Herohill (best Canadian EPs)
HeyHeyYouSay (top albums)
Hidden Track (best concert DVDs)
Higher Plain Music (top albums)
Highway 290 Revisited (best songs)
Highway to the Danger Zone (top albums)
Hip2besquare (favorite albums)
The Hidden Chord (best albums, songs)
Hidden Track (best archival releases)
Hidden Track (best live albums)
hideouslywrinkled (best albums)
higher ed marketing (best albums)
Hipster Collective (best albums)
Hipsters United (favorite lists of music lists)
HOLDyourTONGUE OPENyourEARS (best albums)
holeytonal (top albums)
Honky Deluxe (albums)
Hooves on the Turf (favorite songs)
Hop Blog (top albums)
Hope.Coffee.Melody (albums)
the horrible and the miserable (best albums)
The House We Flew Into (top albums)
Houston Press (Texas albums)
Houston Press (vinyl)
Houston Press: Rocks Off (albums)
Houston Press: Rocks Off (top hip-hop albums)
Houston Press: Rocks Off (top reissues)
Houstonist (best albums)
How Lonely......, Sits the City (albums)
HowWasTheShow (Minnesota albums)
The Huddle Formation (top albums)
hue126 (favorite albums)
Hummin Cummins (top songs)
HuMobisten (top albums)
Hunting for Witches (favorite albums)
The Hurst Review (best EPs and compilations)
The Hurst Review (favorite albums)
The Hurst Review (pleasant surprises)
Hype Machine (top albums)
Hype Machine (top artists)
Hype Machine (top songs)
Hypeful (best cover songs)
Hypeful (top albums)
Hyperbole (songs)
Hyperbolium (favorite albums)

i (heart) music (best songs)
i (heart) music (hottest Canadian bands)
i am a Story (albums, songs)
I Am Fuel, You Are Friends (albums)
I Am Not Me (best albums)
I Ate My DVD Collection (top albums)
I Correct Myself, I Mean All the Time (top albums)
I Could Be the Walrus (best albums)
I Don't Think I'm Ever Going To Figure It Out (best albums)
I Guess I'm Floating (best albums)
I Have Grave News (best albums)
I Have Grave News (worst albums)
I Hope, I Think, I Know (top albums)
I Hope Your Ears Bleed: Brady (top albums)
I Hope Your Ears Bleed: Nathan (top albums)
I Hope Your Ears Bleed (top remixes)
I Loves You Porgy! (best albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top albums)
I Rock Cleveland (top tracks)
i rock i roll (favorite albums)
I Taught Myself How To Grow Old (best albums not released in 2008)
I Threw a Brick through a Window (top albums)
I Threw a Brick Through a Window (top songs)
I'd Kill a Man For Arbys (top albums)
I'll Sleep Off My Hangover (best albums)
I'm Just a Mixtape Junkie With Too Many Toys (best albums)
i'm waking up to... (albums)
IAmJoshBrown (best albums)
Icy Demons (top albums)
The Idiot Chronicles (albums)
Idolator (music)
If the Music's Loud Enough (best albums)
iFMagazine (best pop/rock albums)
iFMagazine (best pop/rock singles)
IGN (great punk EPs)
IGN (top blues albums)
IGN (music)
IGN (worst albums)
IGN (year in review)
Ihatechildren's Blog (top albums)
Illegal Tender (favourite albums)
Image of a Contradiction (best albums)
Image of a Contradiction (best songs)
Impact 89FM (top albums)
In My Life (best albums)
In Search of Arcadia (best British and other albums)
In Search Of... The Big Sky Groove (top albums)
In the Garden of Earthly Delight (top albums)
In the Wake of Poseidon (best albums)
In the Wake of Poseidon (top tracks)
Inaudible Whisper (top albums)
Inconsistently Updated (best albums)
The Independent (best gigs)
The Indepenent (musicians' albums of the year)
The Independent (music websites)
The Independent (top indie acts)
The Independent (year in review) (best Bollywood soundtracks)
The Independent (year in pop)
The Independent Weekly (best Triangle songs)
Indie Boy (best albums)
Indie Disco (top albums)
Indie Disco (top songs)
Indie for Bunnies (best albums)
Indie Inquisitor (best albums)
Indie Limerick (top albums)
Indie Music Filter (best albums)
Indie Review (favorite albums)
Indie Surfer Blog (best indie albums)
IndieLondon (best albums)
indiemuse (top albums)
indiemuse: Nick (top albums)
Indy CD & Vinyl (top albums)
Inessentials (favorite albums)
Information Leafblower (favorite albums)
INreview (best tracks)
An Inside Out Sock (overrated albums)
InsideTimsHead (top albums)
Insound (top selling CDs)
Insound (top selling vinyl releases)
The Intellectual Thicket (albums)
Interference (best albums)
Internal Rhyme of the Restless Mind (top albums) (best albums)
Into The Hill (best albums)
Invisible Thoughts (top albums) (best albums)
Invoking Improv (best classical albums)
ipickmynose (best albums, EPs)
ipickmynose (top song obsessions)
Isaac Ashe's Sound Advice (albums of the year)
Island Packet (best albums)
ISO50 (top albums)
isthisbiblical (albums)
The Isthmus Daily Page (top Madison songs)
It All Started with Carbon Monoxide (top songs)
It Started With A Mixx (top albums)
It's a Trap (albums)
It's as Bad as Can (best albums)
It's Not The Band I Hate, It's Their Fans (albums)
It's Pop (favourite albums)
Ithaca Journal (top albums)
iVoryTowerz (top albums)
iVoryTowerz: Rick (best albums)
iVoryTowerz: Vincent (best albums)
Ivy League (best albums, gigs)

J. Eric Smith (best albums)
IGN (worst albums)">J's Notes (top albums)
J's Place (top albums)
j-Blog (favorite albums)
j1m0ne's blog (best anime theme songs)
Jae Laffer (The Panics) (top albums)
The Jakarta Post (memorable musical moments)
JAM (top albums)
James Petralli (White Denim) (top albums)
James Walsh (Starsailor) (top albums)
JamsBio (2009 breakout artists)
JANiE (favorite albums)
Jason Molina (Longwave) (top albums)
Jay Margs Thirteen (top albums)
Jazz & Blues Music Reviews (best albums)
Jazz Beyond Jazz (best albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: Bill Milkowski (top jazz albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: Bob Putignano (top jazz albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: David R. Adler (top jazz albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: Geoffrey Himes (top jazz albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: Hank Shteamer (top jazz albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: James Hale (top jazz albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: Lyn Horton (top jazz albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: Nancy Barrell (top jazz albums)
Jazz Journalists Association: W. Royal Stokes (top jazz albums) (best jazz albums)
Jazzwise (albums)
Jealous Girlfriends (top albums)
Jeff Cenna (best albums)
JeffreyGeoffreyBlog (top albums)
JeffreyGeoffreyBlog (top songs)
Jerk (top hard rock/heavy metal albums)
The Jewel Case (best albums)
Jim's Music and Sports Blog (favorite albums)
The JO-TEL: Shark (top albums)
Joe's Blog (best albums)
Joe.Blog (top Australian/New Zealand bands)
John Baldwin Gourley (Portugal. The Man) (best albums)
John Heckman Wright (best albums)
Johns Blog (best albums)
The Joker and the Thief (best albums)
Joli's Lavatory (greatest albums)
Jonk Music (best songs)
Jordan Butcher's Blog (top albums)
Josephine Damian (best non-fiction books)
Josh Grabelle (Trustkill) (top albums)
Josh Solar Photo Blog (top albums)
Joshua Marc Levy (top albums)
JP's Music Blog (favorite albums)
Jukebox Junior (top singles)
Jump the Turnstyle (best albums)
Junkmedia (favorite albums)
Just Press Play (albums)
Just Press Play (tracks/singles)

K - O

P - Z

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