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November 13, 2008

2008 Year-End Online Music Lists (P-Z)

A - C

D - J

K - O

P Is for Panda (best albums)
Page 300 (albums of the year)
The Paladisiac (disappointing albums)
Pampelmoose (top albums)
Panglossian Thoughts (best albums)
Panopticon Blog (top albums)
Paper Street Cinema (best albums)
Paper Street Cinema (worst albums)
Paradasos (top albums)
Parasol Records: Staff (top albums)
Passion of the Weiss (best albums)
Passion of the Weiss (best reissues & compilations)
Passion of the Weiss (best hip-hop songs)
Passion of the Weiss (top Los Angeles albums)
Pasta Primavera (favorite albums)
Paste (best music scene)
Paste (criminally slept on albums)
Paste (top albums)
Paste: Andy Whitman (favorite albums)
Paste: Austin L. Ray (top albums)
Paste: Josh Jackson (top albums)
Paste: Nate Douglas (best albums)
Paste: Rachael Maddux (top albums)
A Path To Choose (albums)
The Patriot Ledger (hip-hop)
Patriot Ledger (year in music)
Patrol (best faith-inspired albums)
The Pattons (top albums)
Paul Donahue (Glasvegas) (top albums)
Pax Arcana: The Good Doctor (best albums)
Pax Arcana: Pax Arcana (best albums)
Pax Arcana: Perry Ellis (top albums)
Peachypants (favorite albums)
Pearl Awards (LDS music)
The Peeping Blog (top albums)
Pendulum Online (top albums)
Pepi Ginsberg (top albums)
Perfect Lines (top albums)
The Perfect Prescription (favourite albums)
A Perfectly Cursed Life (top albums)
Personal Listologies (top albums)
A Personal Miscellany (albums)
Peter Holmstrom (Dandy Warhols) (top albums)
Peter Moren (top albums)
Peter Sill's Blog (top albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer (best albums)
Philadelphia Inquirer: Dan DeLuca (top local releases)
Philip Dickey (top albums)
Philip Sherburne (albums)
Phoenix New Times (top Americana albums)
Phoenix New Times (top reissues)
Photocrap (best albums)
Phrequency (best jazz albums)
Picadilly Records (albums)
The Pine Log (best albums)
Pink Is the New Blog (top albums)
Pirates and PBR (top albums)
The Pitch (top Americana albums)
Pitchfork (best albums)
Pitchfork (best tracks)
Pitchfork (grime/dubstep)
Pitchfork (metal albums)
Pitchfork (music news)
Pitchfork (best techno tracks)
Pitchfork (photos)
Pitchfork (top music videos)
Pitchfork's Puritan Blister (music)
Pitchfork (worst music videos)
Pitchfork Readers Poll (best albums)
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (year in review)
Pizza Club (top releases)
Platform on the Ocean (top albums)
Play: Chuck Eddy (best albums)
Playback (best albums)
Playground (top albums)
The Playlist (best soundtracks)
Please Kill Yourself (top albums)
Plug Label (best albums)
The Plugg (top albums)
Plugged In (best albums)
Plugged In (favorite songs)
Point It Home (best albums)
Pointless Banter (top albums)
Poison From A Pen (top songs)
Polaris Music Prize (Canadian album)
Polaroids of Androids (biggest disappointments)
Polaroids of Androids (favourite albums)
Polaroids of Androids (favourite Austrailian/New Zealand bands)
PoliticalAurora (top albums)
Pomp Culture (best albums)
Pomp Culture: staff (top albums)
Poolside Chatter (favorite songs)
Pop & Hiss (memorable musical moments)
Pop Candy (best albums)
The Pop Cop (best albums)
Pop Culture America (top albums)
Pop Headwound (favorite albums)
Pop Headwound (favorite songs)
Pop Life (best albums)
Pop Life: SD (top albums)
Pop Shop (top songs)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top EPs)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top live shows)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top music videos)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top new-ish bands)
Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (top singles)
Pop Trash Addicts (best albums)
Popbytes (favorite albums)
Popeater reader poll (best musician, album)
Popjournalism (top albums)
PopMatters (best albums)
PopMatters (best albums by women over 45)
PopMatters (best Americana)
PopMatters (best bluegrass albums)
PopMatters (best British albums)
PopMatters (best country albums)
PopMatters (best electronic albums)
PopMatters (best hip-hop albums)
PopMatters (best indie pop albums)
PopMatters (best jazz albums)
PopMatters (best metal albums)
PopMatters (best mixtapes)
PopMatters (best music writing)
PopMatters (best R&B albums)
PopMatters (best reissues)
PopMatters (best singer-songwriter albums)
PopMatters (best songs)
PopMatters (best world music albums)
PopMatters Media Center (top music videos)
PopSense (top albums)
Poptracks (top singles)
Popular With Me (favorite albums)
popwreckoning (top albums)
POSAS (best albums)
Positively Celebrity (top albums)
Post Rock (top albums & singles)
The Post-Rockist (favorite Swedish albums)
The Post-Rockist: Dan (favorite albums)
The Post-Rockist: Kim (favorite albums)
The Post-Rockist: Scotter (albums)
The Post-Rockist: Todd (top albums)
Post swim cap ... pre-headband (best albums)
Poughkeepsie Journal (top albums)
Practice Attack! (top albums)
Prefix Readers (best albums)
A Pretty Good Guy (top albums)
Pretty Much Amazing! (best albums)
Pretty Much Amazing! (best songs)
Pretty Much Amazing! (best remixes)
Pretty Much Amazing!: Adam (music)
Pretty Much Amazing!: Ana (music)
The Privilege of Dreaming (top albums)
Protestant Blog Ethic (best albums)
Providence Daily Dose (favorite albums)
Puffin Lovin' (top albums)
The Pulse (top albums)
The Pulse (top reissues)
Punchline (best comedy albums)
Punknews (top albums)
Punktaku (top albums)
Pushing the Towel Away (music)
Put On Your Dancing Shoes (top albums)

Q (best albums)
Quarter-Life What? (top albums)
Queerty (top albums)
Questionable Content (top albums)
Quick Before It Melts (albums)
Quick Before It Melts (songs)
Quickcrit (favorite singles)
Quickcrit (top albums)
The Quietus (albums, tracks)
The Quietus (reissues, comps, mixes)
The Quixotic Engineer (best albums)
quoperative (best albums)

RA (top albums)
RA (top compilations)
RA (top DJs)
RA (top remixes)
RA (top tracks)
Ra Ra Riot (top albums)
The Rabbit I Pulled Out of My Hat (favorite albums)
Rachel Lee (top albums)
The Rad Report (best albums)
Radio Cure (top albums)
Radio Flyer Review (best albums)
Radio Flyer Review (overrated bands)
Radio Flyer Review: Guest Lists (top albums)
Radio Free Americana (best string band albums)
Radio Hannibal (top albums)
RadioFreeCanada (best albums)
Raging Against the Dying Light aka Cultural Observations of the Lost Generation (best albums)
Raging Against the Dying Light aka Cultural Observations of the Lost Generation (best songs)
Raised by Woolves (favorite albums)
Ramblings and Blather (music)
Random Circuits (top labels)
Random Circuits (top underrated tracks)
Range Life (top albums)
Rant n' Rave With John Nagle (top albums)
Rantin' & Ravin' with TTCoe (top albums)
Rapid Transit Radio (best albums)
Raven Sings the Blues (albums)
RE(A)DZEBRA (best albums)
Real Horrorshow Tunes (top albums)
Real Horrorshow Tunes (favourite songs)
Really, Farrah (favorite albums)
Red + Blue = Abearica (top albums)
Red Cortez (top albums)
Reel Around the Fountain (best albums)
Reel Around the Fountain (best songs)
Reel Around the Fountain (guilty pleasures)
Really Rosy (top albums)
Recalled to Life (top albums)
Redmarketer (top albums)
The Reflector (albums)
Reformissionary (best albums)
Reject Musical Trash (best albums)
A Reminder (top albums)
A Reminder (top Australia/New Zealand bands)
Remuse's Blog (top albums)
The Renewed Imagination (favorite albums)
Resident Advisors (top labels)
Revelling in Form (top albums)
Rewinding Music with &rew (top albums)
Rimbosity (best albums)
Risible People (favorite songs)
RobinPlaysChords (top albums)
Rock and Roll Meandering Nonsense (best albums)
The Rock Blogger (top rock albums)
Rock Insider (top)
Rock Music Menu (top albums)
The Rock Report (top albums)
Rock Revival (best albums)
Rock Sellout: D. Cole (best albums)
Rock Sellout: Fiona (best albums)
Rock Sellout: Kip (best albums)
Rock Sellout: Mark (best albums)
Rock Sellout: Sean (best albums)
Rock Sellout: Sophia (best albums)
Rocktimists: UK Pop Critics (albums)
Rollin' & Scratchin' (best albums)
Rolling Stone (best albums)
Rolling Stone (best singles)
Rolling Stone (best videos)
Rollo & Grady (top albums)
Rose Noise (favorite albums)
Rose Quartz (top Australian albums)
Rose Quartz (top songs)
The Roots Music Project (favorite Americana albums)
Rough Trade (albums of the year)
The Round Table (top albums)
A Round World Through Square Glasses (top albums)
Rubin Recommends (best albums)
Ruby Honet (music)
RudiPg MusicManic (top albums)
Ruptured: Marc Codsi (top albums)
Ruptured: Serge Yared (top albums)
The Rusty Robot Blog (top albums)
Ryan Adams (top albums)
Ryan's Smashing Life (albums)
Ryans Reviews (favourite albums)

S A L (top albums)
S.H.A. (top albums)
Sad Songs for Dirt Lovers (best albums)
Said the Gramophone: Dan (favorite albums)
Said the Gramophone: Sean (best songs)
Salacious Sound (best albums)
Salacious Sound (best classic rock electronic remixes)
Salacious Sound (top remixes)
Salad Days Music: Jake (top songs)
Salt Lake Magazine's The Lounge Act (top albums)
Salt Lake Tribune (year in music)
A Salty Salute (best albums)
A Salty Salute (favorite songs)
San Diego Union Tribune (albums)
San Francisco Bay Guardian (music)
San Francisco Sentinel (best songs)
San Jose Mercury News (top albums)
Sand Is Overrated (albums)
Sanders Says (top albums)
Saniel Bonders (best albums)
Saratara Says... (top albums)
Sasha Frere-Jones (best albums, songs)
Satan Get Thee Behind Me (top tracks)
Satin in a Coffin (best albums)
Say Goodbye to Justice (top albums)
The Scenestar (bets albums)
Scent Weakly (top albums)
Schenectady Daily Gazette (top pop albums)
The Scientific Search for John (top albums)
Scott Freeman (best albums)
The Scott Orr Blog (best albums)
Scratched Vinyl (best albums)
Scratchwire (top albums)
Se Djuna Barnes (favoritter songs)
The Search (best albums)
The Search (top songs)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer (top albums)
Seattle Subsonic (best musician beards)
Seattle Subsonic (favorite albums)
Seattle Subsonic (local songs)
Seattle Subsonic (songs)
Seattle Subsonic (top NW albums)
Seattle Times (best jazz and world music albums)
Sebastien Grainger (top albums)
seen.'s non-hippie reggae and dancehall blog (top albums)
Selective Service (best songs you didn't hear)
Selective Service (favorite songs)
Self as Fractal (best albums)
a sense sublime (top songs)
Sentient Developments (best albums)
Seph from Above (albums)
Septenary (top albums)
Seth Lakeman (gigs, albums)
Seth-Meyer (best albums)
Seven Ten Twelve (best albums on vinyl)
Sey Something (best Swedish albums)
SF Station (best albums)
SF Weekly (most pretentious rap songs)
Shakesville (best albums)
SheKnows (top songs)
Sheena Beaston (best albums)
Sheena Beaston (best songs)
Sheena Beaston (most hated artists)
Shotgun Knowledge (top albums)
Shutupayouface! (top albums)
Side Effects (top albums)
Side One Track One (best Austin albums)
Side One Track One (best songs)
Sign O' the Times (best albums)
The Silent Ballet (top albums)
The Silent Ballet (top electronic releases)
The Silent Ballet (top tracks)
silverese (favourite albums)
Simantic (top albums)
Sinnesraub (favorite albums)
The Skinny (best albums)
Slack-a-gogo (top albums)
Slate (best music)
Slate: Fred Kaplan (top jazz albums)
Sleeping Jeremy (albums)
Slimfit's Blog (top albums)
Slowcoustic (best albums)
SmallBox (favorite albums)
The Smell of Pajamas (favorite albums)
Smell the Blog (top albums)
The Smoking Section (exceptional hip-hop albums)
Sneakmove (top songs)
Snob's Music (best albums)
Snob's Music (best Canadian artists)
Snob's Music (best cover songs)
Snob's Music (best EPs)
Snob's Music (best new artists)
Snob's Music (best non-studio albums)
Snob's Music (best Toronto concerts)
So Let Down (best albums)
So Much Silence (favorite albums)
So Much Style That's Wasted (best albums)
So This Is What the Volume Knob's For (top songs)
Social Oil (top albums)
Solid Bond in Your Heart (albums)
Some Kind of Barnacle (favorite albums)
Some Velvet Blog (top albums)
Some Velvet Blog (top songs)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (underrated albums)
Somewhere Between Art and Love (favorite albums)
Song, by Toad (top albums)
Songs in the Key of Life (albums you've probably never heard)
Songs Without Words (top albums)
Sonic Dice (best albums)
Soul Bounce: Butta (top songs)
Soul-Audio (top disappointments)
Sound as Language: Myers (top albums)
Sound Bites (top albums)
Sound Bites (top singles, tracks, EPs)
Sound Fix (best electronica-ambient albums)
Sound Fix (best electronica-pop albums)
Sound Fix (best electronica-techno-house albums)
Sound Fix (best indie rock albums)
Sound Fix (best psych albums)
The Sound of Indie: Avalanche (top albums)
The Sound of Indie: Kevin (top shows)
The Sound of Marching Feet (top albums)
Sound on the Sound: Kyle Johnson (favorite albums)
Sound on the Sound: Shane Tumarc (top albums)
Sound Opinions (best albums)
Soundroots (top global albums)
Soundscapes (top albums)
Sourdoreille (top albums)
Sourdoreille (flop concerts)
Sourdoreille (top chansons)
Sourdoreille (top concerts)
...Sous... les paves, la plage (top albums)
South Side of the 5 (best albums)
Spacelab Music News (top albums)
Spatula Forum (top albums)
Speakertree (best albums)
The Spectator (world music albums)
The Spectrum (top songs)
Speed of Dark: Gramma (top albums)
SPIN (best albums)
SPIN (best overlooked albums)
SPIN (best songs)
Spooky and Peek-a-boo (best albums)
SpoutBlog (best music videos)
St. Louis - A to Z (top albums)
St. Paul Pioneer Press (best albums)
Stagger Lee: Bynar (top albums)
Stargazing in Winter (top albums)
Staring at the Apocalypse (best albums)
Stark Online: Andrew (top albums)
Stark Online: Lauren (top albums)
Stark Online: Matt (top albums)
Stark Online: Vince (top albums)
State (best albums)
Static Fix (best albums)
Stay Classy Dallas (best albums)
Stella Spice (favorite albums)
Stephen King (best albums)
Stereo Pills (best albums)
Stereo Sanctity (underrated albums)
Stereo Sanctity (best songs)
Stereo Sanctity (top albums)
Stereo Subversion (best albums)
Stereogum (2009 exciting albums)
Stereogum (great concerts)
Stereogum (most popular mp3 downloads)
Stereogum: The Outsiders (best albums)
Stereogum Gummy Awards (best album)
Stereophonic Zoology (top albums)
Steve's Life: Raw and Direct (top albums)
StevePrutz (best songs)
Steve Wynn (top albums)
Stink-finger (favourite albums)
Stir It Up (best albums)
Stoplight Sleep (top albums)
Straight to the...Grindcore (best albums)
Straight to the...Grindcore (top splits and compilations)
Stranded in Stereo (top songs)
Strange Situations (albums)
Strangeglue (top albums)
Stranger Dance (top albums)
strangerelationship (best albums, singles)
Strangers Almanac (best songs)
Street (favorite albums)
StuArt (top albums)
Stuck Inside of Mobile... (best albums)
Stuff Running 'Round My Head (favorite albums)
Stuff That Nobody Cares About (best albums)
Stuff That Nobody Cares About (best songs)
Stuff You Should Listen To (good albums) (top albums)
Subbacultcha (top songs)
The Subprime Primer (best album)
Suburban Robot (albums of the year)
The Submarines (top albums)
The Sudbury Star (best albums)
Suddenly Unexpected (favorite albums)
Suicide Girls (criminally ignored albums)
Sun on the Sand (most anticipated 2009 albums)
Sun on the Sand (top albums)
The Sunday Paper (top albums)
Sundtrak (top albums)
Sune Rose Wagner (Raveonettes) (top albums)
'Sup Magazine (top albums)
Super Collide (best albums)
Surface Noise (top albums)
Surfing on Steam (favorite albums)
Surfing on Steam (favorite songs)
Swan Fungus (top albums)
swanktastic dot org (best albums)
Swear I'm not Paul (best albums)
Sweeping the Nation (albums)
Sweeping the Nation: UK Blogger Poll (best UK albums)
Sweet and Tender Hooligan (albums)
synth.pop (best albums)

T-Sides (albums)
T-Sides (songs)
Tacoma News Tribune (top albums)
Take Five (top jazz albums)
A Talent for Idleness (favorite albums)
talking a lot without ever really saying anything (top albums)
Talking Stripes (best albums)
Tallahassee Democrat (best albums)
Tampa Bay Times: Sean Daly (top albums)
Tampa Calling (best music)
Tampa Calling (top songs)
Tampa Calling: Bombardier Manifesto (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Eric Snider (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Gabe (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Leilani (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Tatangelo (top albums)
Tampa Calling: Wade (top albums)
The Tape: Asher (top albums)
The Tape: Gabo (top albums)
The Tape: Henry (top albums)
The Tape: Tristan (top albums)
The Tape: Willie (favorite songs)
Tapes on the Floor (favorite albums)
Tapeworm (top songs)
Teenage Ramblings (top albums)
Telegraph (overlooked albums)
Telegraph (top facial hair)
Telegraph (top music trends)
Telegraph (top pop disappointments)
The Telegraph (top pop stories and scandals)
The Telegraph: Lucy Jones (best albums)
Tempus Fugit, Amor Manet (top albums)
Tenacious Hand Stamp (top artists)
A Tender Praise (favorite albums)
The Tennessean (year in review) (best songs)
Textura (favourite labels)
textura (top albums, EPs, singles)
ThaBombShelter (top albums)
That High Lonesome Sound (best albums)
That's So Fetch (top albums)
Theft Liable to Prosecution (albums)
Theme Park Experience (albums)
THEPOPFIX (best albums)
Thepunkguy (best albums)
there it is (best albums)
There Stands Glass (albums,songs,performances)
Thieves by Tuesday (best remix tracks) Things I Don't Care About and Some That I Do) (greatest albums)
Things I Found (at the Thrft Store) (best albums)
Things So Impossible (albums)
The Think Tank (top albums)
*think*believe*move (best albums)
This Blog IsA Typo (favorite albums)
This Bunny Ain't No Rider (favorite albums)
This Fine Social Scene (top albums)
This Girl Called Automatic Win (weirdos)
This Is Fake DIY: Stephen Ackroyd (albums)
This Is Getting Old (top albums)
Thisisgis Another Blog (best albums)
This Is How It Ends (top albums)
This Is Matt (favorite albums)
This Is One Ten (top albums)
This Is PR Public Speaking (top songs)
This Is What We Do Now (top albums)
This Mornin' I Am Born Again (top albums)
This Mornin' I Am Born Again (top songs)
This Recording (top albums)
This Tampa Life (top albums)
This Twilight Garden (top albums)
This Winki's (best albums)
This Winki's (worst albums)
thloop (disappointing artists & albums)
The Thorny Path (top albums)
Those Walls, Your Ears: Ro (albums)
Thoughts from Mars (top rock albums)
Thoughts on Music (indispensable albums)
Thoughts on Music (top pop singles)
Thrashinstein (top albums)
Threadtrend (best albums)
Three B (best albums)
Three Chord Myke (top albums)
Three Colours (best albums)
Three Imaginary Girls (albums)
Three Monkeys Online (top songs) (top albums)
threevue (top found sounds)
throughsilver (albums of the year)
Thurrock Gazette (best and worst albums)
Thus Spake Drake (best albums)
Thus Spake Drake (top soundtracks)
Thus Spake Drake (top TV music moments)
TIME (top albums)
TIME (top songs)
Time Out New York (best & worst classical albums)
Time Out New York (best & worst rock albums)
Time Well Wasted (top albums)
Times Online (best albums)
Times Online (best music books)
Times Online (best pop and rock albums)
Times Online (best songs)
The Timmins Daily Press (best albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (favorite albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (songs)
Tiny Mix Tapes: Contributor Lists (albums)
Tiny Mix Tapes (top album covers)
to and from the source (favorite albums)
To My Friends, With love…Sincerely, Toddy English (favorite albums) (top albums)
Toe Taps and Spastic Claps (best albums)
Toledo Blade (favorite albums)
Tom Hall (top albums)
Tommy Gunn (top albums)
The Tommy Show (best albums)
Tone Marrow Reviews (favorite albums)
tongue-tied lightning (music)
Too Many Sebastians (music)
Top 13 Albums Project (albums)
Top 10 Songs (weekly singles charts)
Toronto Star (albums)
Torr (top albums)
Totally Twitterpated (best albums)
Totally Wired (top singles)
Trace Invader (favorite albums)
Tragedy of the Age (top albums)
Trailblazin Ministries Blog (top albums)
Travelers Diagram (best albums)
The Travelers Restinian (favorite albums)
TRAVELS AND TRAVAILS of somnambulist (top albums)
Treble (top albums)
Treble (top songs)
tried to live forever every day of the year (top albums)
Trinity Stardust and the Blog from Mars (favorite albums)
The Tripwire (music)
Trixt Me on This (year in music)
Trouble in the Heartland (top albums, songs)
Truth Comes in Blows (best albums)
Tuddd's Muddd (best albums)
Tuddd's Muddd (best songs)
Tulsa World (year in music)
Tuned In (best albums)
Tupelo Honey (best albums)
Turbo Croutons Unite! (best songs)
Turbo Croutons Unite! (best albums)
Turn My Head into Sound (favorite albums)
TVs on the Stage (top albums)
Twangville: Mayer (best albums)
Twangville: Mayer (best songs)
Twangville: Tom (best albums)
TWAS 510 (albums)
Twiddly Bits (top albums)
The Two Hour Hiatus (top albums)
Two Wheels on My Wagon (albums)
Tyler Craft (top albums)
Tyler's Oddities (top albums)

UAB Kaleidoscope (top albums)
UGO (best albums)
UGO (best metal albums)
Ultimate Addict (best albums & songs)
Ultra8201 (best albums)
The Umbilical Chord (most underwhelming albums)
Unchartered. Unweathered, Unbroken (top albums)
Uncle E's Musical Nightmares (top albums)
Uncut (album of the year)
Uncut (top albums)
Uncut: Wild Mercury Sound (top albums)
Under the Rotunda (best albums)
Under the Rotunda (best concerts)
Under the Rotunda (best concert photography)
Under the Rotunda (best albums)
Under the Rotunda (best EPs)
Undertheradar (top albums)
The Underworld (top albums)
undomundo (best albums)
University of Idaho Argonaut (best albums, songs)
Unrescuable Schizo (top albums)
Unspecified Island (best albums)
Untitled Records (favorite albums)
upside down again (top albums)
Urlaubsh*ts (top albums)
Urlaubsh*ts (top singles)
USA Today (albums)
USA Today (memorable music moments)
USA WEEKEND (top albums)
Useless Film Snob Reviews (best albums)
Utility Fog (music)

VAGUE SPACE (favorite songs)
Vail Daily (best songs)
vallejonocturno (music)
Van Gogh's Ear for Music (best albums)
Variety (albums)
Ventura County Star (top albums)
Ventvox (failed musical comebacks)
Veritas Lux Mea (best albums)
The Vibe Source (best albums)
Village Voice (worst lyrics)
The Vine (top albums)
Vinyl Press: Adam Sherwood (best albums)
The Vinyl Press: Kathleen Sharpe (best albums)
Vinyl Press: Matt Poindexter (music)
Viva Indie (favorite songs)
Viva La Mainstream (best music bloggers)
The Vulture (best hip-hop mixtapes)

Wait..I've Got Something To Say (best artists)
wake me up when it's all over (albums)
Walt Martin (Walkmen) (top albums)
War on Radio (albums)
War on Radio (songs)
Warped Reality (best albums)
Washington City Paper: Black Plastic Bag (top albums)
Wassup Rockers (favorite songs)
The Waste Land Chronicle (top albums)
The Waste Land Chronicle (top reissues)
Watarimono (best albums, singles)
Watarimono (year in dubstep)
The Watchmaker Project (top albums)
The Wave Club (top albums)
Waves and Wires (best albums)
The Way I See It (albums)
The Wayward Blog (top reissues)
WBGO (best jazz albums)
WDPK (top electro albums)
WDPK (top remixes)
WDUQ (best jazz albums)
We All Live Under the Same Roof: Adam (top albums)
We All Live Under the same Roof: Jourdan (top albums)
We Listen for You (best music blogs)
We Listen For You: Blood Red Shoes (albums)
We Listen For You: Hank (top albums)
We Listen For You: Phil (top albums)
We Listen For You: Pierce (top albums)
We Listen For You: Zach (top albums)
we see through a glass darkly (favorite songs)
Web Gum (top albums)
Web in Front (favorite California albums)
Weekdays and Weakends (top albums)
Weekly Dig (top albums)
Welcome to the Danger Dome (best albums)
West Staines Massive (albums)
West Staines Massive: Will Kryder (top albums)
WFMU: Acapulco Rodriquez (music)
WFMU: Brian Turner (top albums)
WFMU: Michael Shelley (top albums)
WFMU: Scott McDowell (top albums)
WFMU: Terre T (top albums)
WFUV (top vinyl albums)
WGBH (best classical albums)
WGUC (new artists in classical music)
Whale in a Cubicle (top albums)
Whammo Blammo! (top albums)
What America Was... (best albums)
What Else Can I Write (top albums)
What Else Can I Write (top songs)
What We Need Is Music (best albums)
What We Talk About When We Talk About Blogging (year in music)
What Would David Do (top country albums)
What's Next (best albums)
The Wheel's Still in Spin (best albums)
When the Lights Go Out (top albums)
Where Worlds Collide (top albums)
Whimsical Musings of a Loon (albums)
Wish You Were Here (favorite albums)
WhiskeyEchoNovember (best albums)
White Folks Get Crunk (top mashups)
White Hinterland (top albums)
White Lies (top albums)
White Noise of Everyday Life (albums)
who reads this? (best albums)
WHYY (top pop albums)
Wikipedia (notable events)
Wikipeteria (best albums)
Wildfiring (top albums)
Wilmington Star News (best albums)
Winnie Cooper (best albums)
Winston's Zen (top videos)
The WIRE (best albums)
Wisconsin State Journal (Madison albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Ben Munson (best albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Dan Shafer (best albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Jay Spanbauer (best albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Phil Martinez (best albums)
Wisconsin-Oshkosh Advance-Titan: Will Amacher (best albums)
The Wisdom of the Matty (top albums)
The Witch Fire (favorite albums)
With This I Think Im Officially A Yuppie (top albums)
wittymoron (top albums)
WMNF (most played albums)
WNYC (best classical albums)
WNYC (best jazz albums)
WNYC (top albums)
The Wolf (albums)
Wolves, Hawks, and Kites (favourite Canadian albums)
Wolves, Hawks, and Kites (favourite EPs)
Womanfolk (top albums)
Wonderland (best albums)
The Wood Between the Worlds (top albums)
the Word on the street (albums)
The Words of Tall Pants (favorite albums)
WordsToSell (best albums)
Words Won't Save Your Life (albums of the year)
The World According to Garff (favorite albums)
The World as I See It (greatest albums)
The World Forgot (best albums)
The World in a Paper Cup (best albums)
Worship and Tribute (top albums)
The Worst Taste in Music (best albums)
WOXY (modern rock tracks)
WOXY (listeners top albums)
WOXY: DJs (best albums)
WOXY (most played albums)
wrestling.with.truth (top albums)
The Writer's Journey (top albums)
Writing Blog! (best albums)
Writing Is Fighting (top albums)
WXPN hosts (top albums & songs)
WXPN: Kathy O'Connell (best children's albums)
WXPN World Cafe (top albums)
WXPN: Y-Rock Staff (albums)

XLR8TR (top albums)
XO's Middle Eight (top albums)
XO's Middle Eight (top songs)
.xom (top albums) (best gay albums)
XXL (top rap albums)
XXL (top rap songs)

Yawning in Tune (top album)
Ye Olde Blog o' Kevin (best albums)
The Yellow Stereo (albums)
Yellow Stereo (songs)
The Yellowbird Project (best albums)
Yer Mam! (top songs)
Yes! Weekly (best albums)
yesfm (best albums)
YGC (best JPop albums)
yoontunes: Mitch (best albums)
You Heard It Here First (top albums)
You Set the Scene (top LA albums)
You Set the Scene (top live shows)
You Set the Scene: Sinking with Sylvia (top albums)
You Will Move (best albums)
Yung Drew's Hip-Hop Music (top hip-hop/rap albums)
your head's not right (top tracks)
Your Mix(Tape) (best albums)
Ypulse (best and worst hip-hop moments)
Ypulse (best and worst music)

Zach Horner (best music)
Zeitgeist (top albums)
Zeke Sayer Blog (top albums)
ZME Music (top albums)
Zombie's Voice (top metal/rock albums)
zombierock (best albums)

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