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November 13, 2008

2008 Year-End Online Music Lists (K-O)

A - C

D - J

Kaleidoscopes (albums)
Kameron Aloud (favorite albums)
Kata Rokkar (best albums)
Kata Rokkar (favorite albums)
Kata Rokkar (top songs)
Kate Nash (top albums)
katsu-g's coffee break (best albums)
KCMP: Mark Wheat (songs)
KCRW: Aaron Byrd (top albums)
KCRW: Anthony Valadez (top albums)
KCRW: Anne Lit (top albums)
KCRW: Ariana Morgenstern (top albums)
KCRW: Chris Douridas (top albums)
KCRW: Dan Wilcox (top albums0
KCRW: Eric J Lawrence (top albums)
KCRW: Garth Trinidad (top albums)
KCRW: Jason Bentley (top albums)
KCRW: Jason Eldredge (top albums)
KCRW: Jason Kramer (top albums)
KCRW: Jeremy Soles (top albums)
KCRW: Liza Richardson (top albums)
KCRW: Mario Cotto (top albums)
KCRW: Michael Barnes (top albums)
KCRW: Nic Harcourt (top albums)
KCRW: Raul Campos (top albums)
KCRW: Rachel Reynolds (top albums)
KCRW: Tom Schnabel (top albums)
Kelly's Alter Ego (favorite albums)
The Kevlar Beard (top albums)
KEXP (best debut albums)
KEXP (best books about music)
KEXP (staff lists)
Kick a Pigeon (best albums)
Kilkenny Advertiser (albums)
Kindercore (favorite albums)
Kingblind (top albums)
KinoSport (top albums)
The Kitchen Sink (top albums)
Kitsap Sun (best albums)
Kitsune Noir (favorite albums)
Kitsune's Thoughts (best anime music)
Klampert (top albums)
Komar's Views (favorite albums)
The Kosmopolitan Online (albums)
KPLU (best jazz albums)
KRUA: John Kendall (top albums)
Kulturblog (best albums)
KUT (top "smart rock" albums)

L.A. Nouveau: Jose (top albums)
LA Weekly (top Americana albums)
Ladytron (top albums)
LAist (rock books)
LAist Staff (top albums)
laoser (top albums)
Largehearted Boy (favorite albums)
The LARRY Page (top albums)
The LARRY Page (top singles)
Las Vegas Weekly (comedy albums)
Last Blog on Earth (best albums) (best albums) (best artists) (best tracks)
The Late Greats (best albums)
Late Night Wallflower (best albums)
le.tanque (top albums)
Left in East Dakota (best albums)
The Lefty's Blog
The Lemur Blog (favourite songs)
The Lemur Blog (top albums)
Lend Me Your Ears (best albums)
Let's Sexy Fighting (top albums)
Let's Sexy Fighting (top remixes)
a letter for the stars (best albums)
a letter for the stars (best songs)
Letter to Jane (best albums)
Letters Have No Arms (best songs)
Letters Home from Camp: Andrew G (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp: Eric (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp: Mark (top albums)
Letters Home from Camp: Monica (top albums)
The Liar's Guide to Everything (top albums)
Library etc. (best albums)
Lickity List: Daniel Hawks (albums)
life after local (best albums)
Life Is a Sasquatch (top albums, songs)
Life Without Limits (albums)
Life. Ministry. Creativity (top songs)
A Lifetime of Defeats (best albums)
LiffeyMusicEtc (best albums)
Liftingfaces (top cover songs)
The Light Appears (best albums)
Light from the Underground (top albums)
Lightyears (favourite albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (best albums)
LimeWire Music Blog (top live shows)
LimeWire Music Blog (top songs)
The Line of Best Fit (2009 artists to watch)
Liner Notes (top albums)
linesthroughlines (top albums)
linesthroughlines (top songs)
The List (gigs)
The List (songs)
Listen to my Eyes (essential albums)
Listen to the Lion (best albums)
The Listening Room Blog (top songs)
a little bit of sol (best albums)
Little Ms. Bossy (best albums)
Little White Earbuds (top albums)
Little White Earbuds (top breakout artists)
Little White Earbuds (top non-commercial mixes)
Little White Earbuds (top singles)
Little White Earbuds (top overlooked tracks)
Little White Earbuds (top reissues)
Liverpool Echo (best albums)
The Living Room (top albums)
Lizzyville (top albums)
Lockwood & Summit (best albums)
lofitribe (favorite new bands)
Loft965 (best albums)
London Cafe (best singles)
Lonely Reviewer (best albums)
The Lonesome Road Review (best albums) (top albums)
The Look Back (best albums)
LookatLao (favorite albums)
Los Angeles CityBeat (best albums)
Los Angeles Times: Ann Powers (year in pop music)
The Lost Art of Found Sound (top albums)
Lost in the Grooves (best albums)
Lost in Your Inbox (favorite albums)
Lots of Random Words (best albums)
Loud Noise and Pictures (best albums/singles/gig)
Loud Noise and Pictures: Simon (top albums)
Loudersoft (top songs)
Love Is Elusive (underappreciated post-rock albums)
Lovelee Buttons (best albums)
Low Light Mixes (best albums)
Lucas Membrane (favorite albums)
Lucid Culture (top albums)
Lucky Young Matador: Dav (favorite albums)
Lucky Young Matador (favorite songs)
LuckyStripes (best albums)
Luis Is Listening (music)
Lukes Lens (top albums)
Luminescent (top albums)
Lutheran Confessions (favorite albums)
Lycanthropy (top albums)

M.A.R.T. (best albums)
M.R. Webb (top albums)
M.T. Bag, Heaux (top albums/mixtapes)
Machine Gun Funk (top albums)
MadeLoud (top indie music videos)
Magnet (top albums)
Mainly Music Meanderings (favorite vocal albums)
Mainstream Melancholy (albums)
Make Me Warm (best albums)
Make-Believe Gospel (albums)
Making Lists (best albums)
Making My Way (top albums)
Malden Observer (albums)
Mammoth Press (albums)
Manuel Variations (top albums) (top albums)
Mapsadaisical (top albums)
Marist Circle (albums)
The Marquee (best live shows)
Married to Lights (top albums)
Marx Marvelous (favorite albums)
Matt Dentler (top albums)
Matt Tauber (top albums)
Matt's Miscellany (favorite albums)
The Matthew R. Perrine Archive Project (best albums)
The Mattitude (favorite albums)
MattRock (top albums)
Max Tundra (top albums)
mcj (top albums)
McNutt Against the Music (top albums)
McNutt Against the Music (songs)
Meaningful Distraction (best albums)
Meanwhile, Someplace Else (favorite albums)
Mediaeater (music)
The Mediasaurus (best albums)
Medio Ruby (top albums)
Medium Fidelity (top albums)
The Mental Defective League (albums)
Merry Swankster (favorite songs)
Metacritic (best albums)
Metadon (top albums)
Metaholic Music: gODGRINDER (best metal albums)
Metal Bastard Goes Soft (top songs)
Metal Excess (top albums)
Metal Martyr (top metal albums)
The Metal Show (top albums)
Metal-Rules (top heavy metal abums)
MetalSucks (best metal books)
MetalSucks (best metal DVDs)
MetalSucks: Anton Oyvey (top albums)
MetalSucks: Axl Rosenberg (albums)
MetalSucks: Christopher Roddy (top albums)
MetalSucks: Mad Dog Wingerschmidt (top albums)
MetalSucks: Sammy O'Hagar (top albums)
MetalSucks: Vince Neilstein (albums)
MetalSucks: Vince Nielstein (best non-metal albums) (albums) (top albums)
Metro Distortion: JK (top albums, EPs, songs)
Metro Distortion: Left Coast (best abums, tracks)
Metro Pulse (best albums) (best music books)
Metromix Baltimore (best albums)
Metromix Chicago (best songs)
Metromix Connecticut (biggest album flops)
Metromix New York (best albums)
Metromix St. Louis (best albums)
Mewzick (top albums)
Miami New-Times (top albums)
Miami New Times (best live music)
Michael Alan Cummings (Dead Trees) (top albums)
Michael Patrick Brady (favorite albums)
Micro- waV [able] (best indie/alternative albums)
Micro- waV [able] (best rap/hip-hop albums)
The Middle 8 (albums)
The Middle Distance Runner (top EPs)
The Middle Distance Runner (top songs)
The Middletown Press (albums)
Midnight Juggernauts (top albums)
Midwest Broadcast (top albums)
Mike Roberto's Blog (top albums)
Mike Went West (top albums)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (top albums)
Mind Inversion (top hip-hop albums) Inversion (top metal albums)
Mind Musings of the Tin Men (top albums)
minimach (top albums)
The Minimum Blues (favorite albums)
Minneapolis City Pages (songs)
Minneapolis City Pages (top reissues)
Minneapolis F**king Rocks (best albums)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (best local albums)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (favorite albums)
minute-music (best hip-hop albums)
The Mire (albums)
Mishka Bloglin (thrash metal)
Mishka Bloglin (top albums)
MiX (best albums)
Mix Me a Molotov (favorite albums)
The Mixtape (best albums)
Mixtape Creations (best albums)
Mixtapes for Hookers (top songs)
MixxBosses (top soul albums)
Mobhunter (favorite albums)
Mobtown Shank (best show posters)
Mobtown Shank (top albums)
Mochipet (music)
Modern Jackassery (best albums)
Modern Music (best albums)
MOJO (best albums) (albums)
Monitor Online (Ugandan songs)
Monmouth Today (top albums)
Moo Pare (best albums)
moonboy (best albums)
More Cowbell (top albums)
More Pop at Row Three (favorite albums)
The Morning News (top albums)
Morning Star (top albums)
Morningtime (top H!P singles)
motel de moka (electronica songs)
motel de moka: Bubbachups (top albums)
motel de moka: Moka (top albums)
Mother Jones: The Riff (best albums)
Motion Select (best albums)
Moustache Salad (top albums)
Move the Crowd (top albums)
The Movie Manifesto (best albums)
Moving in Stereo (albums)
mp3hugger (best songs)
Mr. Mike's Media Madness (favorite albums)
MTV (best songs)
MTV (biggest disappointments)
MTV (biggest news segments)
MTV (most popular videos)
MTV: Bigger Than The Sound (best albums)
MTV UK (top artists)
MTV's Subterranean (best videos) (best videos)
The Mundane Odyssey (top albums)
Muruch (top albums)
The Muse (albums)
The Music Elitist (top albums)
Music Emissions (top albums)
Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good (best music videos)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (favorite albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (favorite songs)
Music from a Lifetime (top albums)
The Music Industry and Me (favorite albums)
Music Is Art (best album cover art)
Music, Law, and Politics (best albums)
music is music (favorite albums)
Music Like Dirt (best albums)
The Music Lobby (top albums)
Music of the Moment (best albums)
The Music Room (top albums)
The Music Slut: Matt (top albums)
Music OMH (best albums)
Music Ramen (top albums)
Music Ruined My Life (top albums)
Music Ruined My Life (under-appreciated albums)
Music Snobbery (top albums)
Music Snobs Anonymous (favorite albums)
Music That I LIke and Will Force Upon You (best albums)
Music Under Fire (top albums)
Musical Family Tree (favorite vinyl)
MusicEdge (top albums)
Musick (top albums)
MusicN3rd (top albums)
MusicRadar (year in review)
Musings (top albums)
Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good (favorite albums)
Musings at the Ploughboy Mansion (top albums)
Musings from Manhattan (top albums)
Muzzle of Bees (best albums)
Muzzle of Bees (best concerts)
Muzzle of Bees (favorite songs)
My Aimz Is True (favorite albums)
My Big Mouth Strikes Again (albums)
My Ecclectic Interest in Music (favorite albums)
My Face Was My Mask (top albums)
My Ghetto (top albums)
My Girlfriend's Jeans (best albums)
My Kind of Country (top albums)
My Old Kentucky Blog (albums)
My Park Life (top albums)
My Poproks (top albums)
My Poproks (top singles)
Mystic Writing Pad (best albums)

Nada Mucho (best Seattle albums)
Naive Harmonies: Limocrazy (favorite albums)
Nap Attacks (best albums)
Naples News (top albums)
Nashville City Paper (best albums)
Nashville Cream (top country albums)
Nashville Cream (top metal albums)
Nashville Cream (year in music)
Nashville4u (top albums)
Natalie Aja (top albums)
National Post (albums of the year)
A Natural Deficiency Of Moral Fiber (top albums)
Naturally Sharp's Blog (2009 breakout acts)
NBC Washington (best albums)
The Needle Drop (best albums)
The Needle Drop: Brian Rowe (best albums)
Negative Zen (best music)
the neighborhood kid (significant albums)
Neil Scott (favourite albums)
Neon Lights (best albums)
Neon Limelight (top male vocalists)
The New Boredom (top albums)
New Frontiers (top albums)
New Haven Register (best albums)
New Haven Register (best New Haven albums)
New Haven Register (best songs)
New Soundtrack (top albums)
New University (top albums)
New York Daily News (best box sets)
New York Daily News (musical jewels)
New York Daily News (top albums)
New York Magazine (best hip-hop mixtapes)
New York Magazine (year in pop)
New York Observer (top albums)
New York Post (best albums)
New York Press (most overrated albums)
New York Times (best classical albums)
New York Times (daring classical music)
New York Times (pop and jazz box sets)
New York Times (standouts in rap, jazz & country)
New York Times: Joe Caramanica (albums)
New York Times: Jon Pareles (albums)
The New Yorker: Alex Ross (best classical performances)
New Yorker: Alex Ross (best classical recordings)
New Zealand Herald (top albums)
Newark Star-Ledger (top pop, Latin and world albums)
newcritics (best albums)
Newsday (albums)
Newsday (top rock albums)
newMusicbox (favorite albums)
Niagara Gazette (best albums)
Nialler9 (top albums)
Nialler9 (top compilations/mixes)
Nialler9 (songs)
Nick (best albums)
Nick Gourdeaux (favorite albums)
Nick Lacke (best albums)
Nick Walters' Dominion (albums)
nickjamvendetta: Phillippe (top albums)
Nielsen (bestselling albums, most downloaded songs)
Nikolai Fraiture (Nickel Eye) (top albums) (best albums) (top tracks)
NME (cool musicians)
No Art Without Transformation (best albums)
No Blog Is an Island (favorite albums)
No Definative Division (best albums)
No Music (albums)
No No Culture (top albums)
No Ripcord (top albums)
No Rock And Roll Fun (albums)
No Vegans (top clubbin' blogs)
No Words (top albums)
Noel Is Angry (best albums)
None More Twee (top albums) (best albums)
The Northern Light (top albums)
Northwest Herald (albums)
Not a Blogger (songs)
Not Their Blog (best albums, songs)
Not Unlike the Waves (favorite albums)
Notes from a Different Kitchen (best hip-hop albums, singles, and mixtapes)
notes from blueberry fields (best albums)
Notes from Off Center (top albums)
Notes on Bar Napkins (best albums)
Now We Can Document Failure! (top albums)
nowpublic (top albums)
nowpublic (top annoyingly catchy songs)
NPR (best African music)
NPR (best mixtapes)
NPR (best songs)
NPR All Things Considered (albums)
NPR: All Things Considered Listeners Poll (albums)
NPR: Bob Boilen (besr albums)
NPR: Second Stage (albums by unknowns)
Ny Moral (best albums)
The NY Thruway (best albums)
nyctaper (top concerts)
NYLVI (best vinyl albums)

O.C. Weekly (best local music)
Oakland Tribune (top albums)
Obohemia (top albums)
Obscure Sound (best albums)
The Observer (best albums lists by musicians)
Observer Music Monthly (best albums)
Observer Music Monthly (best songs)
Observer Music Monthly (music trends)
ObviousPop (best albums)
Oceanographer's Choice (top songs)
Oceans Never Listen (best Australian artists)
Oceans Never Listen (best live shows)
Oceans Never Listen (best albums)
Oceans Never Listen (best songs)
The OCMD (best albums)
Ocular Harmony (top albums)
...Of the Day (best albums)
Off Her Rocker (top albums)
Off Season Commish (top albums)
Off the Radar (best albums)
Off the Record (top albums)
Off the Record (year in review)
offBeat (albums)
oh, how silly! (top albums)
Oh, Warfair & Therapy (favorite songs)
Ohh! Crap... (top remixes)
Ohh! Crap... (top tracks)
Ohmpark (top EPs & short albums)
Ohmpark (favourite concerts)
Ohmpark (top albums)
Ohmpark (top Atlanta albums)
ohtaffeta (favorite albums)
The Old Town Rag (favorite albums)
Omahype (top albums)
On Deaf Ears: Gordon Winslow (best albums)
On Deaf Ears: Jason (top albums)
On Deaf Ears: Normalnorman (best albums)
On the Trail of the Great (best albums)
On the Tundra of the North (top albums)
...on whatever crosses my mind (best albums)
One Half Amazing! (best albums)
One More Drop in the Ocean (albums)
One of God's Own Prototypes (top albums)
One Stop Schop (top tracks)
onethirtybpm (favorite albums)
The Only Proof (favorite songs)
The Only Thing I Know for Sure (top albums)
Open Your Eyes (top Australian artists)
Opinionhated (albums)
Opus (songs)
Oregon Public Broadcasting (best Oregon albums)
The Oregonian (year in queer music)
The Orfield Chronicles (favorite albums)
The Orion (music)
The Other Keath Moon (best albums)
Other Music (albums)
The Other Paper (best albums)
Other Side of the Game (alternative albums)
otrops (favorite albums)
Ottawa Citizen (albums)
Our Little Corner of the World (best albums)
Out the Other (favorite songs)
Out Walking (favorite albums)
Owl and Bear (top albums)
Owl Pellets (best videos)

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