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October 28, 2009

Best of the Decade (2000-2009) Online Music Lists (Q-Z)

The decade is winding down, and lists of the best albums and songs of the 2000s are increasingly popping up. As these lists appear online, I will daily aggregate the links in this post. If you post or see a link on a blog, newspaper, magazine, or other media site that isn't listed, please feel free to e-mail me the link or leave a comment.

Read the daily updates to this list.




Q (top albums)
The Quietus (music myths)
The Quincy Patriot Ledger (albums)
Quizas Perhaps (best albums)

Radio Free Newport (favorite albums)
Radio Petenyi (favorite albums)
Ragged Words (top albums)
Raging Against the Dying Light aka Cultural Observations of the Lost Generation (bands that defined the decade)
Random Types (top albums)
Rant-a-Bit by Scott Hudson (best albums)
The Rawking Refuses to Stop (top albums)
Reactionary Century (top albums)
ReadWriteWeb (top internet online music trends)
Real Horrorshow Tunes (favourite albums)
Recalled to Life (favorite albums)
Reckless Abandon (favorite albums)
RedEye (overlooked songs)
Relevant 2 My Interests (top musical acts)
Reno Rambler (favorite albums)
The Retrospective Review (top albums)
Reverb (worst song about Seattle)
The Review Revue (top albums)
Richard the Deuce Tells It All (top artists)
Riha Reviews (top songs)
RoberAwards (one-hit wonders)
RoberAwards (veteran artists)
Robot Headphones (best albums)
Rock and Racehorses (top albums)
The Rock and Roll Guru (best emerging artists)
Rock de Luxe (best albums)
rock en las americas (albums)
Rock n' Rolly (top albums)
RockPaperCity (top albums)
Rocks Off (best noise albums)
Rocks Off (worst songs)
Rolling Stone (best albums)
Rolling Stone (best songs)
Rollo & Grady (top albums)
The Root (top hip-hop/R&B songs)
Ross Gianfortune (best albums)
Row Knows (top albums)
A Rubber Door (best albums)
Ryanself's blog (top albums)

Sacred Cowpats (top albums)
Sadly, Cairo (top albums)
Saideman's Semi-Spew (best music)
Salad Days Music (top albums)
San Francisco Chronicle (Bay Area albums)
Sandow (changes in classical music)
Satan Get Thee Behind Me (best albums)
Satin in a Coffin (most underrated albums)
Satin in a Coffin (top albums)
Saturday Night Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees (best oi!/street punk songs)
Save the Robot - Chris Dahlen (best albums)
Scene SC - The Dirty White (top albums)
The Scope of the Scene (best albums)
Scribbles & Dreams (best albums)
Sean Markey (favorite albums)
Sean the Lighthouse Keeper (best albums)
The Search (best albums)
The Secret Sun (best albums)
Send More Paramedics (best albums)
Shamrocks! (Underground) (top albums)
Shanghaiist (China's best musical moments)
Shazamer's Blog (albums)
The Shield (top albums)
Shoot the Singer (best bands)
Shoot the Singer (movie soundtracks)
Shopaholly (top albums)
Shorts and-a Hoodie (favorite albums)
A Shot of Incilin (albums)
shotwithsound (top compilations)
Sidetracked (best music videos)
Silent Cacaphony (top albums)
Single of the Decade (songs)
The Site Formerly Known As (top songs)
The Skinny (Scottish albums)
Skip to the End (best albums)
Skulls and Ice Cubes (top albums)
Slapping Purses (favorite albums)
A Slice of Fried Gold (favorite albums)
smallmusic (albums)
Smile Politely (top Champaign-Urbana albums)
The Smoking Section (notable storytelling rap songs)
Sneakmove (favorite albums)
Snob's Music (best albums)
Snob's Music (best Canadian albums)
Softsynth (top electronic albums)
Solid Bond in Your Heart (best songs)
Somewhere Between Art and Love (favorite albums)
Song of the Day (favorite artists)
Song of the Day (favorite songs)
Songs from the Id (top albums)
Songs to Save (top albums)
Sonic Clash (best albums)
Sonic Terra (best songs)
Sonic Truth (songs)
Sonkihaus (top songs)
Soul Kerfuffle (best albums)
Soulside Funk (favourite albums)
Sound as Language (top albums)
The Sound Room (top albums)
The Sound of the Ladies (top albums)
Sourmash Music Reviews (top albums)
The Spac Hole (top albums)
spacetravelsacrime (best Japanese songs)
Spatula Forum (top albums)
Spinner (best albums)
Spinner (best & worst reunions)
Spinner (best Canadian Albums)
Spinner (best songs)
Spinner (most over-hyped bands)
Spinner (top funny music videos)
Spinner (worst songs)
Spinner - Adam Horne (music)
Spinning Platters (top albums)
The Spirit Farm (favorite albums)
Spiteful Critic (top rappers)
Spreading Tasty Jams (top albums)
SRKBlog Inc. (albums)
Stacking Theory (favorite albums)
Starpulse (greatest albums)
Starpulse (greatest songs)
Stars in Coma (best albums)
State (top albums)
The Steamroller (top albums)
Steve Jang (top albums)
Steve McPherson (Big Trouble) (favorite albums)
Stop, Drop, Rock n Roll (top albums)
Straight Outta Crouch End (albums & songs)
Strange Reaction (top punk albums)
Stuff By Jon Fox (best albums)
Stuff Running 'Round My Head (top albums)
Styletastic (music memories)
Stylus (top albums 2000-2005)
The Stylus Decade (top singles & albums)
Suitcase Orchestra (top albums)
Sunless Suitcase (best albums)
Surfing on Steam (top albums)
Swear I'm not Paul (best albums)
Swear I'm not Paul (Irish music)
Swear I'm not Paul (top EPs)
Swear I'm not Paul (top one-hit wonders)
Swear I'm not Paul (top pop songs)
Swear I'm not Paul (top side projects)
Sweensryche Sez... (top albums)
Sweeping the Nation (songs)
Switchblade Comb (favorite albums)

t5m (favorite albums)
Taking Barack to the Movies (best songs)
Tales of the Zodiac Lung (best albums)
Talking Loud and Saying Nothing (overlooked albums)
Talking Through the Credits (best albums)
Tangled Up in Wires (best albums)
Tastes Like Caramel (best albums)
The Teenage Head (favorite albums)
The Telegraph (songs that defined the decade)
TGWOOfY (top songs)
That's What Steve Said (top music videos)
That's What Steve Said! (worst music)
the_bastard_son (favorite albums)
Theme for Great Cities (top songs)
themilkfactory (albums)
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (best songs)
There Stands the Glass (best albums & songs)
TheSteinbergPrinciple (top albums)
Things That Go Pop! (singles & albums)
The Things We Do for Life (albums)
This Charming Mancub (favorite albums)
This Space for Rant (favorite albums)
Thomas Nesbit (top pop albums)
The Thomas Society (top albums)
Thomasmj99's Music Blog (best albums)
Thought Grenade (best albums)
Thoughts of a Frustrated Visionary (band of the decade)
Thoughts on Stuff (best songs) (favorite albums)
Tie Ly Guh (best albums)
Time Stamps of maNooshi (best albums)
Times Colonist (music)
Times Like Those (best albums)
Times Online (best classical albums)
Times Online (best jazz albums)
Times Online (best pop albums)
The Times Online (best pop & rock albums)
Times Online (best world music albums)
TLRHB (favorite songs)
...To Eleven (best albums)
Toad's Music Corner (top albums)
Today's Music from ww_adh (best albums)
Todd's Plan B (favorite albums)
Tom Lane's Music Blog (top albums)
Tom Lane's Music Blog (top singles)
Top 100 Songs of the '00s (top songs)
The Top 13 (albums of the decade)
The Top 13 (pop albums)
The Top 13 - Readers (hip-hop albums)
Top 30 or So (top albums)
Top 5 (albums)
Top of the Aughts (top one-hit wonders)
Tower of Song (albums)
Town Full of Losers (best albums)
TRAPPSTR (top songs)
Travis Bos (Chibalo) (favorite albums)
Tripcrazed (top international club bangers)
Tripping Franklins (albums)
True/Slant (best music books)
True/Slant (best overlooked albums)
The Truth About Music (top albums)
The Truth Hurts (favorite albums)
The Tufts Daily (best albums)
Twin Cities Daily Planet (greatest albums)
Twins Killings (best ultra mainstream songs)
The Tyee (best albums)
Tyler's Multiverse (top rock concept albums) (favorite albums)

Ugly Rumor (favorite albums)
The Umbilical Cord (worst songs)
Umm, What (best albums)
Uncut (top albums)
The Unpersons (best albums)
The Urban Daily (top rap albums)
Urban Native Girl Stuff (top albums)

Vague Space (top albums)
Vice (greatest albums)
The View from Yoorp (top albums)
The Villanova Times (albums)
The Villanovan (top songs)
The Volume - Jay Ruttenberg (best albums)
The Volume - Steve Smith (best albums) (essential albums)
Waking the Witch (top albums)
Walrus Comix (top songs)
The War on Pop (best albums)
Warehouse Songs and Stories (best albums)
Washington Post (classical music)
Washington Post (pop music)
We Are the Music Makers (best albums)
We Listen for You (most important musicians)
We Listen for You (top albums)
Weekend (best pop albums)
Weekend (musicians)
Weekly Tape Deck (favorite albums)
Welcome to All That (best albums)
The Wenatchee World (best new songwriters)
The Wesleyan Blargus (underrated albums)
West Coast Sound (top anime themes)
What Is Groove? (best albums)
What Is Groove? (best songs)
What to Wear During an Orange Alert (favorite albums)
Where Is Our Lost Infantry? (albums)
The Whitworthian (best albums)
Why Just One Note (best albums)
Windfarm (favorite albums)
Wired for Music (best albums you've never heard)
The Wizard Belt Project (awesome music)
Wolfie Wolfgang (favourite albums)
Word (best songs)
The Word of Winter (top singles)
The World Is My Block (top albums)
WRBB Music Blog (albums)
WUML (best solo/side projects)
WUML (top compilations and live albums)
WUML (top jazz albums)
WUML - Luke (albums)

Xander Snaz (best albums)
Xfm (most played songs)
XO's Middle Eight (favorite songs)

Y.I.P.C.A.N.J.O. (top albums)
Years for Beards (best albums)
Yes, But However! (top indie rock albums)
Yes! Weekly (music)
Yet Another Hip-Hop Blog (top artists)
The Yorker (music)
You Ain't No Picasso (favorite albums)

Zac Clark, Rocker Tycoon (top albums)
Zamboni (top albums)
Zebra Trucks (music)
ZME Music (top albums) (top songs)
Zoo Animal (favorite albums)

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